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  1. Who remembers is-4m vs tiger 2 105?

    • Good old times

    • I was playing the IS-4M a few weeks ago and I got a down tier to 6.7 and I had MAJOR nostalgia when I was battling with 2 tiger 2s at range. It went on for 5 whole minutes just lobbing shells at one another and bouncing each one until I got a couple well aimed shots to the roof of one and the turret cheek on the other. It was glorious, I bounced probably 20 shells in that time.

    • i do aswell but was researching the tiger 2 H when they removed them

    • They want temoved Is-4M?

    • I think they need an era based battle selection where nothing post WW2 can be used.

  2. WTF is that turret rotation speed and general speed of that tank, talk about German bias.

  3. No, it’s a Tiger I WISH I unlocked 8 years ago. Fuck I was wasting so much time I could’ve gotten my maus gdi

  4. Great tank but i really think the regular Tiger 2 would have gotten you the nuke faster

  5. I remember when the maus got added and people got the T-34-57 to try to shoot the round down the barrell. Im pretty sure I rember either you or baron trying it. I also remember shooting KV2 rounds under the back neck of the turret on the Maus because volumetric didnt exist.

  6. Day 7 of asking you to play M22 in top tier

  7. Gameplay> historical accuracy

    Why not change keep it historical just for simulator mode

  8. 21:14 is the most satisfying part of this video. You killed the funny tank for the most talented individuals.

  9. ah I love bringing out the Tiger 105 and the panther II. It would be fun to find some other people with the E-100 and bring 5 or so into a match Lol

  10. Totally agree with PhlyDaily… my war thunder hero!!

  11. When u freak out from your own tank lol

  12. Founder of the Empire

    I won the 10.5 and its certainly a god tier tank

  13. Is that Philip Glass in a Phly video?

  14. I’ve never played a tiger II in WT, I have them unlocked but I think I’m allergic to them.

  15. Well Bring back all the removed paper tanks, it will be more fun battles the USA T34 155/105mm

  16. Bring em back still GRINDABLE Okey gaijin

  17. 4to_ia_tyt_delaiy

    i seen this tank when he was researchable

  18. Day 13 requesting the first video with the Ju-188!

  19. The guy she tells you not to worry about

  20. New combo, T32, M56, and the B-29 with the 4K lbs bombs

  21. 9:16 remember what??

  22. the guy your girlfriend told you not to worry about

  23. attempt #13 use the M134 turrets on the huey and role play as a gunship


  25. My fav 6.7 tank. I have the Panther II as well and they are just so amazing

  26. attempt number 6 please play battleship duilio

  27. Since you are using the Glorifica Music from Battlefield V, you should play The Last Tiger campaign mission. Day 1

  28. Petition for him to play this mission

  29. Half the Russian tree is paper “objects”. The removed German vehicles neatly filled roles at their brs which still haven’t been filled.

  30. I love the tiger 2 and the one with 105mm ist awesome. Great Video thx phly. A few videos ago u talked about 3% less for GE or sth. do u also get support when I buy the 25% off for GE?

  31. Be careful what you wish for, as far as I know, about 1/3 vehicles in World of Tanks are 100% fictional, some so batsh*t crazy you can only ask what the designers smoked to come up with them. Like twin-barrelled IS tanks and tanks with rocket boosters… Some modern MBT looking heavy tank with BS strong frontal armor and a completely overpowered 160mm cannon (just checked, it also has rocket boosters xD), slugging it out with IS4 and Maus as peers, while some have some Fortnite-looking camoy like crashtest cars or purple leo print… I much prefer the current state of WT compared to that xD

  32. Coming from WoT I’ve had about enough of fake/paper tanks.

  33. T-114 sometime?

  34. I once thought the ELC was just on paper.

  35. Can you play the su 22 m3 : day 2

  36. But why aren’t you full white you missed the chance to be the ghost tiger

  37. Can you try Brit tree with the APDS. Most times now it just shatters and is useless. I was wondering if it was just me

  38. There were plans with E75 (“improved Tiger II” project) and carrying 105mm guns on a turret with that chassis.
    “Paper vehicles” aren’t un-historical. The fact that the Kpz 70 is in-game while VK3001H isn’t doesn’t make sense.
    Mid-low tier of a few trees can see more variety across different BRs.
    MK IV heavy tanks (and Renault FT) should also be a thing, consider the game have tanks of similar date.

  39. Matthew Stockhall

    Been using the Churchill vii all week with no issues until today where i seem to be unable to penetrate anything no matter what the enemy is using

  40. Flipped Over Productions

    Man I’m so sick of not being able to get this or the p2

  41. Domino tower dude

    Thumbnail clickbait

  42. I would love just a ww2 vehicle game like war thunder, just like you said until Korean war vehicles, and just have all the crazy ideas every country had about armored warfare

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