CANNOT STOP KRUPPSTAHL | WW2 Tank VS. Modern M1 Abrams (War Thunder Tanks)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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CANNOT STOP KRUPPSTAHL | WW2 Tank VS. Modern M1 (War Thunder )



  2. 1990 alternate history
    A russian KV-2 has dropped in on the gulf war and decided to help out the Terrorists against the Americans,show the M1 Abrams it’s maker!
    (Attempt #1)

  3. PZ 3 J with added frontal armour and full crew and shoot n scoot snipering

  4. It’s not bias. It’s the pinnacle of German engineering prowess.

  5. Gwyn's Last Knight

    Accurate weapon>>>>>Armor penetration

  6. remember when ho-ro used to derp high tiers? ;u;

  7. Lol Tantor killed you in the opening! I think that guy is really French and still active on the forum! He even has a frog avatar!

    OBJECT 120
    ISU 152

    How small of a bomb can you use to get a kill vs top tier?

  10. I got killed in my leo while typing hello to you while you were recording this the other day I assume, was on abandoned factory. Anyways great video as always!

  11. > grind 7 years for the abrama
    > get nuked by superior german shitboxes

  12. Strumpanzer: any tank there dead already im still op

  13. Have some baguette!

  14. Now every cunt wants to use this thing in all my matches being worthless…..

  15. Why was the map censored in the Normandy clip?

  16. can you please phly the SBD-3 with its new MGs? It’s awesome, u get at least 2-3 kills each match. I did a head on with yak 9 and I won.

  17. Кристиан Павлов

    Phly isu 152

  18. Hey Phly , Why You doesnt Play Bomber Crew Continuing The Campaign ?

  19. And people say WoT is unrealistic

  20. Well that’s a stealthpanzer!

  21. Phly… I respect you but the whole “trolling” you do really pisses me off, because people wanna be like you and then they waste valuable top tier player spot. Like I said I respect you but this needs to stop

  22. Why not? It`s real )

  23. Finally sturmpanzer; it is only tank in 4.7 that can deal with a jumbo or even cobra quite well as long as you hit them before they hit you


  25. *K R U P P S T A H L*

  26. im so drunk i should not watch this i might wanna do this in my home town

  27. put the dick where is mouth is

  28. You know what you must do my comrade, give them the Big Da. KV-2

  29. I realy enjoy the humor in your vids, made my day!

    Have a nice weekend.

  30. Phly sir, what is that map is that you’re using for your demonstration of total destruction?

  31. Proof that M1 players are idiots.

  32. Gilder von Schattenkreuz

    Well. Its Fairly Realistic. Stupa is 150mm 40kg HE Shell out of which 8kg are Explosives. Its a Bomb

  33. Some times I just love this Fkin game.

  34. Ston3bridg3 Viking

    Hahah great video. I love the Stürmpanzer so much.
    Didn’t take long until they nerfed the Leo 2K..

  35. I really enjoy the “America, F*** BOOM” on the second map. Doing stuff like that makes me just crack up laughing. Keep up the good work.

  36. I’m not sure if anyone realized this yet, but the Chi-Ri II Semi-Auto loader system has been fixed with a 3.3 sec reload speed for the 1st order rack, rest are 4 to 5 seconds each shot. Unless the 1st order rack is refilled then it will shoot 3.3 sec again. All this with the crew maxed and aced. NOTE: There are no more clips being used on the Chi-Ri II, its all continuous fire with 15 to 18 shots per minute.

  37. @PhlyDaily Challenge kill Tier VI players with Panzer 2 With Pzgr 40

  38. Vive la France…

  39. whats that user mission called daddy

  40. Canadian Alchemist

    I honestly just want the name of the test range

  41. that shit was hilarious

  42. The power of german engineering

  43. “we’re gonna shoot first *aim later* “

  44. Альберт Домошаев

    Жаль что тебя на Русский не переводят(

  45. Did you know the Kpz-70 has a really good weakspot? That optic near the barrel. When you stand in front of a Kpz that optic is left and a bit up. You can penetrate that. I tried it out with a Panzer IV F2. It works.

  46. Speaking of Flakpanzer killing an Abrams. I challenge you to do it!
    Attempt #1

  47. The story of how one German phlee fucked the entirety of America’s modern army. This should have been the title of this video. Love the content Keep it up a fan from India.

  48. America, fuck yeah!!

  49. Yeah feel the power of nazi germay

  50. whats up tankdaily?

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