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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks has always had a hard time balancing autoloaders especially tank destroyers like 50 Foch B – here’s why it’s in a bit of a state!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. It’s one of those tanks that I call gold spitters. Only gold works.

  2. They could, but

  3. I love the Foch B, its my favourite tier 10 TD.
    But I would not mind:
    1. keep the Alpha
    2. Increase pen
    3. Give it 3/4 round mags
    4. Better dynamics/mobility.

  4. first time ive ever seen an f4005 firing standard HE rounds

  5. Day 2 of asking QB to try World of Tanks Blitz

  6. May not be as good, but i much prefer to play the foch 155

  7. The tech tree has a handful of stinkers, that’s also a reason not to foch.

  8. One trick pony. Frustrating in many case. Might be that I just could not make it work. Sold it quite soon.

  9. Hunter Biden is a pedo

    It’s worth it for grinding that line.

  10. I think they balanced the Foch B “good” considering it has the weakest pen of ANY T10 TD.

  11. Please Rewiew the IS M

  12. As always, great video. However, I have to dissagre with you in this one. I love Foch B the most of any tanks. I don’t use it on public (or rarely), because I have changed bino for better aiming (purple one), and I use it for tier X company battles and clanwars. In company battles this vehicle is just enough for the pressure to break. You can create enough burst damage within 10 seconds to break enemy defenses and help your meds (yes, meds) faster. It has decent mobility, decent armor (well, lucky one at least) and great gun. In company battles, no fight ends in 30 seconds so you have time to reload again and boom, another 2.4k dmg from ONE tank. I use it as tactical pressure. And I like it that way. Not every vehicle has to be balanced. I like how TDs are supposed to be all about the gun. With the balanced attitude, we would have 100 types of obj 140,907 etc, and it would be even more boring. And there is one thing that can stop you from playing this vehicle: Arty. This vehicle is large, flat target and everytime I get hit by arty, I am prety much incapable to move on.

  13. If wt e100 was russian or french tank , they didn’t ban that tank. But foch with this armor and auto loading gun is still in the game.

  14. Grand Admiral Raeder

    BOBJECT needs 10% reload nerf

  15. WTE100 clips every tank, FV4005 oneshots everytank kinda see no diffrence

  16. @quickybaby what is in your opinion the most fun tier 8 techtree, without being op and you really need to work for it?

  17. WoT needs to limit premium ammo on 3 rounds per game. WoT is pay to win game right now

  18. seeing the title and felt relived you said the foch b and not the 155. Something i can actually obtain lel

  19. Years later and I’ll still never forgive them for removing the WT E100, I will never.

  20. make it a russian reloader

  21. You’re forgetting that the WT auf E100
    – didn’t had armor
    – had a huge profile, so you couldn’t missed it
    – arty dealt 2000 dmg hits.
    And you forgot that the Foch tanks (tier 8 to 10):
    – have a buffed side armor from 30 mm to 55, 70, 80 respectively.
    I think that the tank was quite balanced, you couldn’t rush any medium tank with that thing. The only thing that made the WT auf E100 notorious was the stupidity of the players that played on the enemy team which were caught on replays.

  22. This is one of the most situational tanks ever in this game. It has big dmg and some mobility and thats it. 6 out of 10 games you are basically next to useless, you empty a clip and then you die…

  23. a 3 man platoon of these is hilarious fun!

  24. What is diferrence between AMX Foch 50 B and AMX Foch 50 (155)? They are both tier 10, but what is diferrence?

  25. hi Quicky Baby. can you make a video about how to use the free camera? please.

  26. Never Gonna Give you up Never gonna let you down

    Ahh yes the best light tank

  27. It’s underwhelming compared to other tanks (and TDs), like the russian ones.


  29. this is called variety. some tanks are all round and average, some are ultimate spotters with useless gun, some have huge alpha while being easy to spot and slow… this one has a clip.
    dunno why qb is crying this time.
    I meet this tank time to time and/or play it myself. It has it’s place in the game and with that huge weakspot it’s balanced pretty well period.
    But youtubers must weep and rant about something to attract an audience. This was rather cheap of qb.
    Try to address real problems of this game if you are not scared to poke into WG.

  30. Why mess with it? You want a “shorter” mag, play the Foch 155, hard to get your hands on I know, but I suspect a black market is coming up relatively soon. This is one of the few non-russian tanks that can actually deal with the hull down monsters, as it can “all-in” them. So less nerfing of this type of tank, they are sorely needed in game due to the other “design decisions” made by WG.

  31. Guys,is it possible that i get 700 dmg from any Foch? Cause i got hit yesterday and the marker said 700 DMG in One Shot,what i actually cant believe…

  32. Hello quicky baby, may i ask, when you will make a review for Progetto CC55 mod. 54 and Progetto C50 mod. 66 ?

  33. I think the AMX 50B and the Foch B are a lot more alike than their classes say. The 50B with the same gun (but a smaller drum and slightly longer inter clip reload), behaves like a flexible Tank Destroyer rather than a heavy tank, whereas the Foch B has “better” armor and the fast firing 6 shot drum.

  34. Man it hurts looking at this game when I think about what they have done to the console-version. Many players have left the game on console. The good ok times are gone. The hud, the grafix, the feeling…you complain about WG removing tanks? They removed the whole game for us in console🤷Think about that🤷It now looks and feels like a mobile game for casuals. It’s so sad!

  35. Nice gold spamming fb,udes and conq

  36. the WZ is just a bad version of the Obj 268 so why should u play it

  37. Close-quarter combat-baby at it’s finest.
    You shoot my weakspots ? Ok – i will hurt you…ALOT.

  38. Tank is weak enough. You showed great bravery – that’s why you were rewarded…One can also camp with it, but then….whatever…sure is a weird one.

  39. @1:50: how is that different from eg Jagdpanzer E100. its damn slow, its huge, its got shittier armor profile and its only perk is its massive alpha combined with a reload that is insanely slow compared to this FOCH magazine unload in same time……

  40. please dont do what rb6 does. this tanks is the most fun how it is now pls no nerf

  41. I can deal 2k damage with one shot in fv4005 tho

  42. I just faced that tank yesterday it was pretty managed to kill it though!!!!!!

  43. Let’s make the sides and the rear paper

  44. Please remove this video until WG doesnt see it 😁. I have some feeling that you all contributors actually made many tanks got nerfed, for example like Progetto 65, everybody talked how amazing that thank was and beautiful, OP, just great tank, and it was, that was my favorite one tank, and then they fucked up that one

  45. What took you so long to place a new video?🙂

  46. I’d vote that the STRV-103B is significantly more threatening to sit in front of than a Foch B.

  47. Well the last time you will see it like the WTE100 gone like all good tanks WOT nerf off the line with it never seen again, like in next up grade, thanks for telling them

  48. I think that the TDs were the Apex predators during the times of WT E100. Then they got nerfed or plain removed and so dawned the era of the lights especially with the bloody EBRs. Then they got nerfed and now it’s definitely all about heavy tanks. Wondering what will come later – meds? Arty? 😀 would love to know your thoughts about this QB, as well as the players.

  49. Hates the tank but does 8k in damage. Hmmmm…..yeah, I would hate that as well.

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