Can’t beat an All American Classic – M1 Abrams – War Thunder

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Source: JustinPlays

With the recent changes the BR’s, moving the now top tier enviornment to 11.3, is seeing a refreshed style of gameplay that has not been seen in quite some time!

00:00 – What is this Classic?
03:19 – High Speed FREEDOM
11:12 – Close and Personal..
13:53 – Flank’n Spank Plays
1:51 – Why does this exist?
21:29 – is the Meta!

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  1. I have question, why is so hard to block enemy AA missile in groud battles even tho you are deploying so much counter meassures? I noticed it when i play around 10.0 that even tho i dont have the afterburners and im droiping counter (both verions) i still in 90% of time took a missile hit… why is that? thanks for answer

    • Depends on the plane you are flying and the missile itself, some missiles are really flare resistant and you have to watch how hot your plane is, the SU25 for example is a really hot plane so most of the time your flares won’t work, if your plane is hot cut your engine when a missile is coming towards you and shoot flares, unless it’s an IRST vehicle then you are just dead

    • @Alex Barboni thanks for answer! One more, irst stands for what please?

    • @Winters Infraed search and track, a passive system for finding heat signatures. He more likely meant IRCCM: Infrared counter-counter measures which are built into missiles so they aren’t affected by flares, around 10.0 there are quite a bit of those running around with things like the ocelot,Lav ad, strella, and the gepard a2 with how irccm is misled in game the missiles are just unflareable and you just have to physically dodge them

    • @Dingle The top SAMs tend to lock planes using either radar which triggers RWR, or IRST which doesn’t, and both are more reliable than the Stinger and its counterparts. IRCCM missiles can be avoided if you have a high flare count, from what I remember they disable the seeker while more than one heat signature is in the FoV and switch to inertial guidance instead, so by spamming flares and changing course you should be able to get away

  2. Somebody please tell me why the T-64A has its side panels constantly open while playing?

  3. Bro I can’t stand playing America anymore. The teams are just hot piss these days.

    Apaches using rockets, A10s going guns, M1s driving around like Iraqi tankers. The M1s are piss easy to kill, like look and point levels of easy.

    But hey more power to you, good video

  4. Can’t beat a broken PC either 😞

  5. If you wanna enjoy the 9.7-10.7 bracket for real, play the Type 90 that thing is such a monster right now

  6. Can you please do a challenger mk.2 I really want to see that

  7. yayyy, Susan stepped down!

    Let’s hope the next CEO will change things for the better, but tbh I don’t really think so since he was Susan’s right hand for 9 years..

  8. hey justin just wondering if you could do a revisit on the originial ztz96? the last video you did was 2 years ago and id love to see you play it again since not many ztz96 videos and its at 9.3

  9. The M68A1 cannon on M1 Abrams is technically longer than the M68 cannon on M60 tanks. Which I believe translate into the M774 rouns fired by M1 Abrams should be a little bit more powerful than on M60A3 (which is not implemented in the game yet, they have exactly the same penetration). If given the M774 on M1 Abrams like around 383mm ~ 390mm penetration, I think it is already a good point in balance.

  10. High br is just Russian Bias

  11. that A10 hit was some Ukraine sh*t bro

  12. The issue with the Abrams’s is this. I am Bud and coworkers with an ex Abrams’s gunner. That’s where he served. The man who spent years in the tank says it reloads in 4 secs easily. 3 if your loaders real good. He actually says his tank had a loader that could reload in 3 but he had to remove the safeties to do it. He also says the same guy lost his forearm doing that. I’m not claiming this as fact, just saying if he’s telling the truth and I trust him, the reload should be 4.

  13. IT needs the m833, it round is really weak for it br.

    • And everything else is really strong for it’s BR. Tradeoffs should exist, you know ?

    • @Ay Fr The only strong thing it has is reload. Mobility is what at most 5 to 10 percent better then the Leopard 2a4. Post penetrating damage is weak for it a 105. Armor is weak against Russia tanks at it BR. Even if it gets the m833 the round is still weaker then the rest of the round at 10.0. 3bm42 or dm33. Any range map and you aren’t doing nothing.

  14. Me who has been playing the T-72M2 cause 10.0 is so much better nowadays (I really like it’s sabot, very good against basically any armor you’ll find at 10.0)

  15. Funny how with the top tier decompression most of the T80s moved up
    Except the swedish one and T80UM2, and those two get constant 9.7 down tiers and wipe the floor

    • Swedish 80U has 3BM42 and at 11.0 and 11.3 it’s not great. As for UM2 I’d imagine they just haven’t accumulated enough data yet.

  16. Germany 10.0 is fun too!

  17. there is something messed up with that turms there, I have insane trouble against it

  18. I would love to grind US but high repair costs and an underpowered 8.0 tier(for me) I just can’t find the will to push through.

    • 8.0 is a great BR for the US. I’d Recommend the M2A2 Bradley, and the M-60AOS, and the M60A2. Those are the best vehicles at 8.0 for the US.

  19. Last time I played it alongside the AGS (before the recent decompression) it was a very pleasant experience, I’m not sure if they did something but this thing was an absolute butt kicker and I’m looking forward to playing it again, I would also like to see it get M833 at some point but it’s not necessary and would likely not make a big difference anyways, also, if it does get that round I hope it maintains its 10.0 spot.

  20. I’ve been playing WT longer than justin and I only have 1 of the 10.0 vehicles, the CCVL. I’m really disappointed that I basically have to hand over the same amount of money that I could otherwise spend on buying 4-5 new AAA games for full price, just to get some of the best US rank 6-7 vehicles vehicles, like the merkava, m60AMBT, AGS, xm-8, and XM-1. :

  21. Justin, everyone knows if they give the 10.0 abrams a new better round it’ll go up in BR. USA already doesn’t even have much a of 9.7 or 10.3 lineup any more, it would be only 10.7s if they moved this up too.

  22. I want to see the M60 AMBt out please

  23. can u do some swedish Strf 90series gameplay?

  24. My favorite thing to do is put the 2s38 on a line up with the T-80UM2 and I consistent down tiers

  25. at 17:52, did his shot just went down the barrel of the Lvkv?

  26. Maybe you should revisit the M60A3 TTS or its brother RISE P. Now the 10 BR is more enjoyable. How about the 9.3 ~ 9.7 of each nation ? New victim to replace the position of the old 10.0 ?

  27. Andrew Fitzsimmons-Evans

    It needs M833

  28. The (I believe) chieftain mk5 got a sight upgrade from 8x to 3x-10x which is really amazing. You should check it out

  29. damn what kinda earphones you have?

  30. Cover the Chally mk3 it’s L26 and 5 second reload at 10.0 is actually pretty good

  31. I’d be a millionaire if I got a coin every single time Justin says something about spawn camping

  32. m1a2 or leopard or t80 better ?

    • Leopard, has the best armor and round, only downside is that it has gen 1 thermals, but for me personally I’m all about that freebrams.

  33. It kind of defeats the point of taking out 10.0 stuff, but how about the 10.0 UK lineup with the Stormer and Jag GR.1A?

  34. US bias is not real

  35. dang at 12:18 an m50 killed a leopard 2a4 lol

  36. should i buy xm1 if i have 7.7 usa already? is it worth to push top tier fast?

  37. grinding through to my abrams lineup now, cant wait to have a full fleet of abrams, the bradley, and the adats to bring into everygame 🤣

  38. That smoke battle you just went through with that leopard 123, same thing happened to me last night on that map but in warehouse by A flag🤣 But is was me in my turms against cv90105, i took his barrel and rushed in and he smoked the whole area out and ran and i chased him into the next warehouse and shot him through his ass as he was trying to find a spot to repair

  39. german leopard noises

  40. Abrams is the best 10.0 in the game.

  41. Tried playing 10.0 way too many 2s38s bmp2ms and pumas, it’s just kinda annoying

  42. Hey, i’m pretty new in the game so i got a few questions.
    1. How to collect all those special currencys?
    2. Shoudl I join any group? Clan or however it is called (if it even exist in the game)
    3. What tech tree shoudl i invest my time the most? I started with Germany but short after switched to Sweden, got bored and went into Soviet army.

    • 1. Special currency(Golden Eagles) is money only (buy yourself premium account during the sales)
      2. Recommended but not required, I recommend TBWT (allows you to research squadron vehicles)
      3. Whatever you like with the execption of Japan ,France and Israel

      Sweden is jacked at higher tiers and favors a sniping and flanky playstyle.
      Russia is just great all around but you’re limited to brawling with limited execptions.
      Germany has shite teams but is well rounded but does whiplash with playstyles all around the tree.

      My recommendation is get yourself a premium tier 5 tank and a years worth of premium and go ham, all trees are good with execption of France, Japan, Israel

    • @_Solaris _ thank you 🙂

  43. M833 would uptier it which would ruin the fact that it is 10.0 now

  44. I’m useing your 3 percent discount right now

  45. Useing your 3 percent discount right now

  46. Camo m1 with m833 premium.🤔

  47. Germany has also a very strong 10.0 techtree line up

  48. I now research M1 Abrams 170k/270k

  49. i may be blind but i cant see the silhouette of the tanks through smoke

  50. 10.0 Abrams are really good, no need for M833, the reload rate of 5 seconds is really powerful, I got several nukes playing 10.0. The easiest way for me to get a nuke is play 10.0 Abrams, superior mobility + fast reload speed + decent APFSDS = easy nuke

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