Can’t Carry Harder in World of Tanks…

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Source: QuickyBaby

Sometimes you just can’t carry harder in World of Tanks!


World of Tanks a 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, vents and a toolbox.


  1. Quickys upload does point out another thing…and that’s how OP the lights are getting, in a tier 10 game, by almost double or triple the average damage and it was the lights on both teams that carried the game

    • Its the kind of players lights attract. Those who play for the team and find flanking spots to take down tanks. Statistically they are no better than most mediums.

  2. British LTs:
    Tier VII: UpSetter
    Tier VIII: Lol Hey My Team can’t Victory
    Tier VIII Premium: Senlacking
    Tier IX: GeeSORe ARSE
    Tier X: Mediocre

  3. E-75 needs to uninstall and go back to his Pokeman cards.

  4. I quit WoT cz of intentional imbeciles like that E75 comprising the majority of players.
    When you have green stats which is designated ‘good’ and your up in the top 10% of ALL players, then something is fucking wrong with this game.

  5. Funnily enough. AMX ELC is probably the smallest proper light tank in the game, yet it can still carry more 90mm rounds than these abominations.

  6. Anyone asking why you would grind this?
    1. Hope that it will get a Mega Buff in a couple months (I’m 100% sure it will since they always do)
    2. Owning it for the sake of owning all the tanks

  7. Stupid player on e75

  8. So what I learned about the GSOR is the
    ups: the small size
    The downs: well the whole tank?


  10. lol useless tank with useless team

  11. god damnnit tomato

  12. This game is perfect example of wargamings fails. EVERYONE said buff the shells and they again refused. As we all agree wargaming is killing there own game. So sick of wargaming not listening to even there CC s.

  13. More and more points to wargaming not caring about wot. Festival Shop STILL no bond shop.

  14. That guy in the E75 is the reason I quit this game, stupid cunt players…

  15. what is with mm lately?? why am i in a t 8 70% going against t 10??

  16. spamming doesn’t do anything with tomatoes and carrots

  17. British Lights are plain broken. I’ve uninstalled until they fix them.

  18. This game shows how QuickyBaby is good !! Really impressive.

  19. Can’t care less about this stupid game anymore

  20. that guy with the e75…such a noob..

  21. no carry here guys

  22. We get it QB! You don’t like the new British lights… *THEN DON’T FUCKING PLAY THEM!*

  23. Wargamings balance department should do everyone a favour and resign.

  24. E75 plz uninstal the game

  25. im done with this shit . bye

  26. “Rate of fire not great not terrible” maybe would you rate it 3,6 / 10?

  27. Server is potatoes. You will never find an almost empty base in Asia server for Assault mode. Come play Asia QB hahaha

  28. Damm that e75 is dumb…

  29. so the brit lights are best at passive at the start and clean up at the end. I think I would rather win a game of chess against a wookie

  30. QB forgot team damage is off

  31. Prime example of NO CAP KILL ALL bad idea

  32. The E75 is the proud representative for 85% of WOT players quality.

  33. Hi QB! I have GSOR too and fully research and it feels actually way better than I thought… however, it doesn’t feel like a true scout and I play it more like a support vehicle.

  34. He is bad, he is so bad… so bad

  35. When you will do 4k video?

  36. Forbes Forbes Forbes

    Don’t shoot gold

  37. almost every QB video here on YT with British lights.. he ends up without ammo 😛

  38. cancer making machine

  39. That E 75 was so retarded

  40. E75 know how to speak english, E75 chatted “DAMN”, E75 is stupid

  41. Wouldnt it been better to save the last shell for decap and play for draw?

  42. Not scouting in a scout tank! SMH! That’s all I saw in this video! He didn’t even try to spot! He was more concerned with getting kills and increasing his WN8 score! This is why players won’t scout in their scout tanks anymore and Wargaming needs to remove WN8/XVM! Which they promised they are going to remove this year!!

  43. Why are you even playing the tank? That doesn’t give wargaming the impression that they’ve made a mistake.

  44. this British lights…. Trash….

  45. Lol alpha T. rex in e 100

  46. Pure demented insanity I can't take it anymore

    World of Tanks, the only game that tries to make you as frustrated as possible.

  47. I feel like that’s what every light in a battle tries to accomplish first ‘kill the arty’ Quickbaby acts like this is not normal lol

  48. 3 reasons why i dont play WoT anymore. Dumb-ass players, crap new tank designs, poor player ability meaning that you can’t carry even if you’re Quickybaby.

  49. Why did the E75 even say DAMN DAMN at the end? He doesn’t have any rights to talk or blame. He is the reason why people like me quit world of tanks. Annoying piece of shit.

  50. noob teammates let u lose

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