Captain FALCON to the RESCUE | Let My Tankers Tank Pt.3 (War Thunder Tanks)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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Captain to the RESCUE | Let My Tank Pt.3 (War Thunder Tanks)


  1. *WarDaddy Challenge!*
    Get other youtuber friends into a 4 man game and form a realistic SHERMAN SQUAD! People like BaronVonGamez, TheMightyJingles, BoTimeGaming or OrangeFan!
    Each one of you has only 1 ground spawn, you all need to choose 1 tank from this list and one tank cannot be chosen by more than 1 person:
    1. Cobra King
    2. Calliope
    3. Sherman Firefly IC <>
    4. russian M4A2 76W OR Sherman VC Firefly

    Other vehicles worth considering (choose only 1):
    1. B-25J-20 for bombs
    2. PBJ-1H for cannons
    3. Stirling B Mk III for bombs
    4. Pe-2-110 for rockets OR Mosquito FB Mk VI for rockets

    Other vehicles:
    choose 1 of any fighter plane but no additional tanks

    – You Phly paint your cannon barrel to have the word Phly on it like “Fury”!
    – Go 3 matches at least, and this is an opportunity for all 4 of you to record and post the same point of view on your respective channels!
    – Prioritize survival!
    – Stick together! Always!
    – Find narrow corridors and dominate them!
    – Keep the Calliope rockets out of harms way until firing!
    – Use Cobra King as the shield for the squad!
    – Kill as many German T-34s as possible!
    – Try to find and kill a command Panzer IV!
    – Kill at least 1 Tiger H1, 1 Tiger E, and 1 Heavy Tank no 6!
    – Kill at least 1 Japanese Sherman, and 1 German Sherman!
    – After the match, create an epic screenshot of the 4 tanks facing the camera on a custom map, just when many artillery shells hit the ground behind you!

    Attempt #88

  2. *Madman Challenge!*
    Take out the Ho-Ni III and the Ki-45 tei Toryu and get kills with daredevil realistic gameplay!

    Other vehicles worth considering:
    H6K4 for bombs
    Ki-61-I otsu Hien

    – Use the Ho-Ni III in very crazy ways, like frontline flanking and driving off ledges!
    – Use the Ki-45 tei Toryu upside down to get ground target kills with the Schrage Musik!
    – Use the proposed bomber for precise bombing and try to stay alive with your large size!
    – Try to find and kill a Cromwell RP-3
    – Kill as many Valentine Mk. I tanks as possible!
    – Kill as many T-126 tanks as possible!
    – Kill as many T-50 tanks as possible!
    – Kill as many M8 Scott tanks as possible and each time say “Sorry Mate” in a Jason Statham accent!
    – Kill enemy planes with the Schrage Musik
    – When the match ends, drive or phly towards the sunrise/sunset with the HUD turned off!

    Attempt #88

  3. *Cuckoo Challenge!*
    Take the russian captured Panther T-V into SIMULATOR and be sneaky!

    Other vehicles worth considering:
    TU-2S for bombs

    – Cover up your soviet visual identification features with decals, decorations, and bushes! Effectively!!! Trying to paint the green turret yellow under bushes!
    – Inform your team!
    – Convince the axis your are part of them by sneaking within their boundaries, and shoot many tanks when an opportunity arises to do so. Do this 2-3 times at least in 2 games!
    – Kill as many Chi-Ri II tanks as possible!
    – Kill as many KV-1B 756(r) tanks as possible!
    – Kill as many Sturer Emils as possible!
    – Try to survive!
    – Create a very badass screenshot of the T-V!
    – Commemorate “Cuckoo” the British captured Panther G by the Coldstream Guards with a short story!
    – Reflect on how fun it is to use captured panzers in SIMULATOR!

    Attempt #88

  4. *Deception Challenge!*
    Take out the HO-RI PROTOTYPE together with the HO-RI PRODUCTION into SIMULATOR and scare enemies by tanking with the Production enough, so that when you die they think you are the Production and run from you even if you are the Prototype!

    Other vehicles worth considering for backup:
    N1K2-Ja with rockets
    Ki-83 or Ki-87 with cannons
    Kikka with both cannons and bombs

    – Fool others with the Production and intimidate them, so when you have to die and be the Prototype they are afraid of you!
    – Kill as many IS-6 tanks as possible!
    – Kill as many Object 120 Tarans as possible!
    – Kill as many T114 tanks as possible!
    – Kill as many T28 tanks as possible!
    – Bounce shots like a badass!
    – Create a cool comparison screenshot with a friend in the highest quality downloadable from your video description, one of you Prototype, the other Production!

    Attempt #88

  5. *The edge of your seat challenge!*
    Take out the ARCHER in SIMULATOR! Get decent amount of kills each game!

    Other vehicles worth considering for backup: Both 2.3 Hurricane planes, one with torpedoes and one with bombs,
    Cromwell RP-3,
    Churchill Mk I.

    – First game drive backwards as normal, second game drive forwards backwards as unintended with resulting reversed controls!
    – Try to kill as many Leoncellos as possible
    – Try to kill as many german T-34 tanks as possible
    – Try to kill as many Chi-Nu II tanks as possible
    – Use camouflage to great effect
    – Turn the Archer into a meme!

    Attempt #88

  6. Anderson Oliveira da Silva

    For the Loving the Unloved, Play the PE 3 /20 MM!
    Attempt #9

  7. Hey phly love the unloved and fly out the A-36 Apache (attempt 26)

  8. I think he didn’t killed dat plane in that intro

  9. Challenge: Land a bomber on the ground and taxi around shooting tanks with your turrets. Alternatively: Land a fighter on the ground and shoot tanks. Attempt #29

  10. I have a challenge. You have to kill a ground unit in realistic battles with the musik on that do 217

  11. During the very early days of the Korean war, the U.S. used many Fighter planes for defense. Planes ranging anywhere from the F-9F Panther to the F-86 Sabre. but before these planes were developed and deployed in large numbers. The U.S. was still dependent on using the P-51 Mustang as a front line fighter. The Mustangs, along with most other propeller aircraft, were displaced by jets, but a large number served in the Korean War, mainly in ground support missions. The re-designated F-51 was out-performed by the newer jet aircraft, but in 1951, two Mustang pilots shot down the first MiG-15 downed over South Korea.

    You will now do the same Phly, You are allowed to bring along a wingman to assist you, but you must score a Mig kill in a P51 Mustang and live to tell the tale by successfully returning to base and landing your bird afterwords.

    Attempt #11

  12. That bomb in the intro though ;-;

  13. “Jokes on you! I have a back up!!!” -Immediately starts spraying-

  14. 기다렸습니다!!!

  15. What was that and where did he go? 5:40

  16. Loving the unloved: KV-220 (aka shitty IS-2)

    Attempt #1

  17. I want more let my tankers tank

  18. Phyllis play the drug 3 a and the ju87 b-2

  19. Sherman 105, HE only

  20. RIP M4RCOS, lost but never forgotten 6:30

  21. its nice that Fulda is a part of War Thunder. I live about 25km away from it 🙂

  22. Any chance we can see you play the M26 or the T26e1 and prove to the allies they’re not shit? :3

  23. good play phly, well done mate


  25. play the t44-122 in Rb pls :^)

  26. Next on let my tankers tank, the 40mm crusader Aa

  27. Adelin Ciprian Georgescu

    You want to make quickscope like in some COD’s?
    You want to be so MLG that even Our Lord and Savior would fear You?
    Then I have a challenge for you
    Play the Pakwagen and the 7.5cm duck

    Attempt #1

  28. When Phly calls in artillery and says, “We’ll call in some antiair,” while playing as antiair.

  29. Would love to see you take out the doom turtle again

  30. Somebody take war thunder away from phly

  31. مهدي الهلالي

    “Jokes on you I have a backup”

    That was his famous last words

  32. Hey man can you please do a video on the M26 Italy tank everybody keeps telling me it’s crap I only have so much money to spend I was wondering if you could do review so it helped me change my mind

  33. #Lovingtheunloved fly out the firefly f mk i and dogfight at least 3 times

  34. All that work you did and look at the measly RP you received, and with premium no less. Bloody ridiculous WT.

  35. all that work for 1933 rp… oh boy

  36. T29/T34 are more annoying than the IS-6. IS-6 got some limits.

  37. idea for new series possibly or maybe just a single vid. but i try to play SPAA but seem to have an issue with getting on target mainly because there are little to no suggestions on how to be a good SPPA player or being accurate.
    would you be able to do a tutorial on how to AA and maybe some small tutorials on basics of the game?

  38. Loving the unloved f7f tigercat

  39. XcrEativEx XcrEativEx

    Play the F4U 4B, the Corsair with the insane 20mm cannons!

  40. Best start of a video ever!!! Made my morning ,thank you Phly!

  41. Blaze_The_Timberwolf : Tanki Online

    Phly, play The Land Battleships Of War Thunder!

    Attempt #12 (?)


  43. Loving the unloved; Sherman (105) HVSS.

    It is actually not that bad now with the HEAT buff.
    Attempt #9001 (it’s legit I swear)

  44. 8:39
    Anti Air???

  45. Loving the unloved:

    Nashorn. It’s got the same gun as the tiger 2, except at BR 5.3 and I rarely see it in battle.

    Attempt #1

  46. Jokes on you, the Falcon may have a stabilizer but the Type 87 SPAAG (Japan T5 SPAA) has Hydropneumatic Suspension just like the Type 74, STB and MBT/KPz 70

  47. ★ ww2sniper555 ★

    Please someone make a mod that replaces the turret rotating sound with PhlyDaily’s Voice

    11:19 to 11:23

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