CARE PACKAGE BRAVO in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

and Twitch Prime are teaming up again with “Care Package Bravo” – giving you more epic World of Tanks loot!



is a Free 2 Play online game published by and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. I like how us console peasants got a free T-34 for Drop Alpha, along with a Valintine II and Churchill III.


  3. Tomarrow is the romanian national day and it would be nice if you could upload a replay played by a romanian player either on 1 of december or the second

  4. I already have the FV4202, will i still get the 100% crew for it though?

  5. I’d love to see some other gameplays from you. Like the sanitarium for example.

  6. Too bad that I cannot get this package because I’m in a country that doesn’t support prime

  7. Bought it, not worth it. Too bad that WG gives you silver if you already have a premium in garage.

  8. Man wargaming really wants to know your Amazon shop history xD

  9. would be cool if this actually worked. just wasted 2 hours of my time because twitch don’t want me to get account linked…

  10. Hard sell qb, should work at a used car lot

    • Maybe the guy just likes Amazon Prime? Next day shipping in the UK? That would be bloody amazing especially during the holidays.

  11. emoji move is 10/10

    How do you get the rental tanks

  12. This game needs lots of improvements.  The only people WG listens to is the Unicoms.  You and me may spend money on this game be we don’t count.  Maybe WG needs to be thought a lesson everyone should go play something else and forget about WG.  😛

  13. So already have Aplha Pack. Unlinked Twitch and relinked with Bravo – so now I have both – lol – get it before they realise and stop it

  14. Quickybaby VBAddict got hacked and the hackers want the guy running it to pay 5000 euros. He can’t afford to pay it, but he is updating it so that it doesn’t happen again. It’s not dead, but off until it’s fixed by next year.

  15. QB, have you ever done a review of the T14?

  16. That’s why I waited until the 26th of November with the Alpha so now I have Prime for 2 more days to claim the Beta as well 😉

  17. if you start your 30 day free trail not in the first week of the month. you can get the loot from next month to. and then you can cancel the free trail before the 30 days trail ends.

  18. It would have been good to match the previous offer with a crew you can select which tank and position to place into. Maybe next time. Thanks for the freebies.

  19. I went on twitch, take my package, but nothing on my wot account when i go on it…

  20. I cant get it to work either. i live in New Zealand.

  21. And i still dont know what this prime is…

  22. Only care about the camo

  23. Imagine being a medal designer and getting rekt by quickybaby on the daily

  24. I’m getting fed up with these informative videos … I can read about all this on the WoT website as well as everyone else! They look like videos to the illiterate! The only reason that made me follow this channel was to try to learn a little more about how to play better, which is no longer happening. To continue like this, I have to look for better solutions … are you trying to reduce the base of followers? If so, you’re on the right path Quickybaby!

  25. I have amazon prime but in twitch it says “start with your free trial” and says that it costs 8€ per month after 30 days. What am I doing wrong??

    • SOLUTION: Just click that trial button. It forwards you to the page where you can link both your accounts. Afterwards you have to link that twitch-account with wargaming

  26. QB thanks for this BUT your modpack needs updating – your loyal fans are struggling to complete current missions without it

  27. Wargaming code does not work

  28. The Satifactory Meat Stick Of Your Very Doom And While You Were Reading This I Stole Your Meats

    I’ve always had Amazon prime for faster delivery times and other bonuses, I’d pay. Free for me.

  29. I canceled my prime…

  30. I got the t34 from this and put everything on it and that tank is probably my favorite up with isu 152 and the t32

  31. im just gonna dismiss the 6th sense commander since he isnt 0 skill. all my other russian crew members are 0 skill from the berlin 5 bundle, so theres no point in keeping any that arent. they are just worse

  32. At the price point of Twitch Prime? Get a grip on reality….

  33. You need a credit card to activate twitch prime…

  34. you also have access to amazon prime video aswell, same sort of thing as netflix(though not as much content…but still…)

  35. why do u not name and same cheats?? cant people play WoT with out cheating? seams not in all the time im playing, NAME and SHAME

  36. Hey qb just wondering when xvm will be back up again. Really missing my auto equipment and crew transfer haha. Cheers quickfingers keep the content coming?

  37. Sorry, that’s lame stuff. Free premium rentals. Yawn.

  38. Wish WoT would allow play -for-free players to add gun rammers and other acc., and then remove them at the end and not make us have to sell them for 1/2 of their cost or use gold to remove them.

  39. Already twitch subbed to you quicky!

  40. Hey quicky, you can get a lot of the rare tanks on PC on console if you didn’t know that. It might be something to spread around

  41. Rip G.W. Bush…94 yrs old.

  42. i litrely spent 3 hour the day before trying to get twitch prime working, i had it connected to my amazon account which had prime but aperently it dos not work on both despite being clerly told it do. cool its stuff for no money but dam dos it cost you time and frustration.

  43. i litraly did what you did with connecting to amazon (which has primi on it) but insted of redirecting me to the twitch home screen where i can claim the loot it just keeps me on the same page saying” try twitch prime for free” .
    some one help me pleas this is ridicules.

  44. I have amazon prime subscription but twitch prime is not available in my country(india)… ?? Is there any method to get it pls??

  45. i like the outro music qb 🙂

  46. Thanks, once again

  47. Rental tier 8 … or , how far would you go to destroy the MM and the fun of other players.

  48. Can’t wait for Charlie through Zulu

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