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is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-7 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. You forgot to mention how the care packages have gotten progressively worse since the first one.

  2. World of Tanks wallet warrior package…

  3. Samuel Hämäläinen

    Do you think that it’s worth it to buy amazon prime just for this?

    • Samuel Hämäläinen of course not. You would have to be a muppet to get amazon prime just for this.
      If you have AP, then it’s a freebie if you have AP already. GG.

      And people who grumble about the content, look at the fact it’s monthly from now, so more often, but less. And if you have AP, it’s FREE.

      People are so entitled these days.

  4. Alright get ready the fake credit card again haha.

  5. Wg code WOT8ANNIVERSARY today

  6. I did all that 2weeks ago i never got anything 🙁

  7. Amazon prime is just a scam.

  8. puzzledimpresari i

    I play wot on Xbox idk why they have the last 2 supply drops on Xbox as well but not this time :/

  9. Tried redeeming it 5 times, each time it says its linked but it never give me the rewards in game.

  10. My mom is the one who uses the family Amazon account. She doesn’t have Prime but we still get Prime shipping for free every now and again.

  11. The way they made the crown on that tiger emblem makes it look like it has a unicorn horn.

  12. So giving a corporation that enslaves his workers money to play a game. Way to not go moral.

  13. It’s great that i can’t subscribe to prime for some reason.

  14. Feels nice, right? Look who just got crowned? Marketing bs, lmao

  15. Hi, bro!
    Please tell me, do you plan to get a bonus link to register a new account from WG?
    In the RU region, a tank bloggers get a link and distribute it to their audience.

    • Bonus Invite link is a special window of worldoftanks account registration with additional benefits. When you register in this window, your account is automatically credited with a premium machine and a few days of premium account. In addition, you can enter the invite code wot, the result is one or two low-level Prem tank and a few days of premium account.

  16. Still waiting on the Genetically Engineered Catgirl Quickybaby special episode

  17. greed, greed, greed, more greed. Wargaming just can’t get it’s mouth full…….

  18. Wait, can I sub to my “own” twitch channel to get part of my money back? Just an idea

  19. My prime does not work because I have amazon account. What a load of crap

  20. Can this work on xbox?

  21. I claimed it but never got the rewards rip

    • I has the same problem. The Wargaming support helles me. The answer was:” Please try the following steps:

      – log out from the game
      – unbind your Twitch account and then connect both accounts again
      – log in in the game again

      The package should be on your account then.”

  22. When it’s something that benefits the streamer they are more indulge to endorse it. But when WG introduces something that will benefit WG as a company they complain and whine about it! Seems fair for some freeloaders.

    • WG has nothing to do with the twitch prime subscription service for streamers such as QB. he has no reason to endorse it apart from the fact that most people use prime and most people could benefit from this. hes making information more publicly available.

      your trying to see problems where there are none, and in the process creating stupid theories that make you sound dumb.

    • Watch at 3:30____ Its not creating a problem. Its what is happening! Did you even watch the video? We’ll you mad a dumb fool out of yourself.

  23. Nice Gift 🙂 Thx QuickyBaby 😉

  24. Youtubers only care about money.

  25. Cool but when are we getting April’s

  26. Phsycoticmushroom

    the invite code doesnt work for me it says it was expired

  27. Beta package was pretty good, but I’m a bit mad I missed the first one: a free female crew member would’ve really been nice. This one is not too bad for “free” stuff, but not THAT great either…

  28. Otto von Bismarck

    is this a quicky sellout? The worst part is that I watched it all.

  29. hate amazon ,would newer trust them 2 bad that WOT is cooparating with the corupt amazon 🙁

    • Had amazon prime for years nothing has ever gone wrong know i get free loot each month and i also grt most of my purchases are 1 to 2 day shipping…ur missing on because u dont trust them how?

  30. Commissar Adrianblade

    I don’t use twitch much if at all but you can count on my free sub every month 🙂

  31. Tf is amazon prime and why does so many people have it? ?

  32. Well, Amazon is pretty scummy about that whole free trial, because if you live in a trash tier country (according to Amazon) such as Poland for instance, then you only get two weeks of free trial, not a month, which does not include a free twitch prime sub, and you have to link your card which they then charge you a dollar for to “confirm it’s linked”, so for 20% of the original price you get a half assed “free” trial that doesn’t even allow you to subscribe on twitch and does not give you access to Amazon Prime Netflix equivalent. But hey, if you’re from the UK, enjoy I guess.

  33. Still drives me: “I make more money from amazon than youtube”. Man, what are you thinking? Don´t you care about other ppls life? Don´t you know how this system works? What amazon does about taxes and workers rights world wide?

  34. Hey QB when are you gonna talk about the upcoming sweddish mediums?

  35. Does it work for console?

  36. Plz can u upload videos in 18:9 ratio plz

  37. Still not going to give my Prime sub to you even if you beg for it

  38. So how much does it cost per month, after the free trail? ?

  39. your public aint from US quicky nerdy 😀 just sayin

  40. Amazon twich prime ? no than you

  41. I just got my first tier 7 i am happy❤️❤️it’s the IS I LOVE IT

  42. Guys superpershing or vk45.03 which do u like best

  43. Should I get the mutant or the black dog? Considering I want to get an LT 432 the next time it’s on sale

  44. How’s that challenge going for you huh QB?

  45. claimed it the first day of release… havent received anything…

  46. Isn’t this guy like 30 something?

  47. Got permabanned by QB twitch admin fascist years ago for minor infraction .. am interested in this but screw it until I get unbanned#nocashforyou

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