CARNIVOROUS CAERNARVON – Bloody Good Tank (War Thunder Gameplay)

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CARNIVOROUS CAERNARVON – Bloody Good Tank (War Gameplay)


  1. Phly the classless spawn camper lol!

  2. Phly play russian perfect combo Yak-7B and T-26-4!

  3. Tiger II is not fand


  5. phly the British did use speed govners to prevent strain on the engine and
    furthermore prevent unnecessary field mantainence

  6. Attempt 12 plz comrade phly we have our soviet t44 122 and out mig 9L ready
    for taking out u have many other choices of what planes or Spain tanks u
    want good luck comrade phly Russia is counting on you :)

  7. Take out the tiger2sla and the ho229 with air targets. Horten is so much
    fun in ground rb

  8. play the almighty T28 because of it’s 6.3 br and the american B-17

  9. we all have those games phly

  10. Phly, the T44-100 was waiting for you at 4:06, FYI

  11. i love this tank but the repair cost is too much and the provits are really
    bad i did a 4 kill streak 5 crits and many hits i made 9k post match but i
    had to pay 15k in repar and reload cost

  12. spawn camp them they would do it to you

  13. Davide “davidELITE” Boller

    germanz dont like f8f’s tims

  14. Great game

  15. please play m47 Angel b17 g

  16. Phly please do the Tiger E and the Do.355B-2
    Attempt # 4

  17. Phly big request here– to honor Trump winning the election, take out
    American tanks and planes– Sherman M4A6 and P-51 D because 50 cals. of
    freedom!!! ??

  18. Want to know what’s your setting of buttons when you looked behind on the
    plane. Did you hold any button to look after or just your mouse to hold a
    backward view? Can you please share your button setting? Thc

  19. Play with some Italian Stuffs please

  20. you have one shot left to kill the king tiger and you have to kill the
    kugel why phly why

  21. Is it just me or did the microphone quality of Phly improve drastically?

  22. That MIC Quality DOH! sounds amazing Phly good job.

  23. Good day, comrade! We have a new task for you! You have to transport a
    plane full of vodka bottles! Get the IT1 and when the way ist clear,
    transport the vodka in our TU4!
    Good luck comrade, we don’t want you in gulag!

  24. Is he(she) Japanese?!(lol)

    It awesome.

  25. I allways wonder how he can be so good in WT…
    And how long he must have played.

  26. “Ri” is read as “Li”, “ku” is read as “qoo” and “Gun” is read as “qu-nn”,
    the “nn” you say it with the nose. So “ri-ku-gun” means 陸軍りくぐん “army”. You
    basically got “chujo” right so Im not gonna teach you that, “Chujo – 中將”
    basically means the rank of an army officer and I couldnt remember what is
    it in English. And if I recall it correctly, “Mayuri-chan” is the nick name
    of a anime character “Misa Kurobane” from the anime Charlotte.

  27. Full communism combo:
    T10m and IL-28, make the leopards cry with aphe full of vodka and make the
    following cl13s cry even more with tail gunner 23mm while decimating
    capitalist weak tonks (attempt #420)

  28. “Where’s a box…I’m looking for a box” LMFAO

  29. Use the ASU and take all the upgrades off actually you can have one upgrade
    on the asu

  30. Touch me daily should become a meme on this channel

  31. I just realised that I’ve been playing with the hard rounds, when I
    could’ve been using the damned APHE rounds all along. Gods what a derp.

  32. please
    Su 85 and t34-57

  33. phly play Da Beast T-34-85!

  34. please do video how to instal And run user mision thx

  35. british ammo is so fuckin sick

  36. Hey Phly. Please take out the m18 at top tier accompanied by the b-29 good
    luck phly

  37. bill nye the nazi spy

    so i got it T34-57 and the TU 4 because T34-57 too op

  38. Attempt # uknown/20+


    Our guns, they arent good enough.
    So… we may/may not have gotten a shermans gun and put it in a b-25???

    And put a 105mm howitzer in the sherman?????

    Well you gotta deal with it, good luck

  39. Time for tigers 2 and some panthers

  40. Attempt #2

    Play the F9F in only cockpit mode.. no 3rd person.

  41. The reading skill is over 9000… ))))))

  42. you forgot to mention, this tank cost 10k for full repair

  43. T60 xaxa

  44. Please play the F1M2

  45. This tank is like me, it has great depression.

  46. T95 without ammo, try surviving a whole battle attempt #5

  47. comrade phly
    god challenge use flakpazer 1 kill m551 sheridan or fv 4004 conway

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  49. “everybody” intro is better Phyly!

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