Carro D’Assalto P.88 – Tank Review – World of tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Carro D’Assalto P.8. Today I’m reviewing the T7 Italian the Carro D’Assalto P.88!


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  1. The bigges drawback of the Carro P.88 is that it uses a 90mm gun. If it had an option for a 105mm it would be much better.

  2. Premium fact: In the Preview of the Month: February 2021 in WoT Asia site, word “Premium Shop” appears in 8 of 9 events.

  3. the only tank decent in this line is the tier 9… the rino is utter trash so is the tier 8….

  4. New Tank Tuesday!

  5. yeah dont use the top gun because of its negligible worse disp and aim time and worse dpm and just make up that pen loss by just spamming more idiot rounds even though if your a top player you could make the top gun work shit advise yet again by one of wg community contributors ………NOT

    • plus the stock pen does not matter esp when the games you put up where piss easy not one of those enemys even the tier 8 tanks had no armour but for an average player i will guarntee you all your games in this tank will have the heavist armouerd tanks against you not piss easy community contributor matchmaking

  6. Raymond Jon Sta. Ana

    Guess I’ll stick to the P43 bis for now =(

  7. That tank looks like the child of a F-150 pickup mixed with a Soviet tank

  8. LOL. WG put a gun that encourage people to spam gold… What a surprise and Quickybaby to call this a “sweet spot” FFS. Anyway it’s a tier 7 so apprt for a couple of tanks in this game (yeah I’m talking to you T29 and Comet) most of the tanks in this tier are shit..

  9. I was gonna say wow cool he’s a veteran but when started to whine so much, nah, no cool.

  10. Well said all of it. Didn’t get any fires through my grind so far though. Some ammo racks, plenty drivers.

  11. I really don’t like the decisions that WG made when deciding the specs of the upgraded gun on this tank. An upgraded gun should have better dispersion, aim time, penetration, and DPM than the stock gun, unless the upgraded gun has more alpha, but in this case with both guns having the same alpha, it makes no sense that the only advantage the upgrade gun gets is better penetration, but you have you give up a DPM, dispersion, and aim time. Makes no sense. An upgraded gun, should be an upgraded gun, not a worse gun.

  12. They should have special veteran paint jobs for the other nations, too. That would be cool.

  13. This tank has the DPM, armor and alpha of a medium. It has the speed and mobility of a heavy. Not a good combination. Looks like an all around awful tank. It’s only good spec is it’s DPM.

  14. Anyone else still watch these videos even though you quit the game years ago?

  15. Italy: Can we have IS?
    Italy’s Mom: We already have IS at home.
    IS at home:

  16. Hi Will, that “Mexican Taco Truck” was me, lol. I’m from Southern California and that’s all we see here. Cheers from Los Angeles! Great video.

  17. OMG this thing sucks so much !

  18. I’d like to point out that you should probably have reviewed this tank with the top gun, at least in one of the two games. If the stock gun has more value for an experienced player, making a video with it doesn’t give any value to the viewers.
    Experienced players already know how to make their tanks work, and pay to win players already have it easier anyway. It’s really the newer, free to play players that need to be taught how to use their tanks, and a new player will have a hard time remembering all the weak spots and choosing the right armor like you show on this video.
    Don’t get me wrong, the content is great, I just think it would have provided more value if it showed how to play with the top gun

  19. If you notice how on the second game as he’s driving back to defend his base his mouse shakes around crazily for 3 seconds, on stream that was him seeing the T29’s name and he freaked out and it was beautiful!

  20. This kinda looks like an Italian Tiger P

  21. Another thing about these pizza coffins is that the hull and profile is really big. When these things get spotted even HTs have no issue dumping shots into them at distance.

  22. SO THATS WHY THE OTHER CARRO WERE SHOOTING SO MUCH FASTER THAN ME! i have 5 skill crew and food/equipment yet the carros i were facing still reloaded like 1-2 seconds faster than me, because im using the top gun xD

  23. Yeah today the game is more press 2 to win. MM is worse than ever. Premium tanks are much better than f2p ones but no just by reload it is thier armor, penetration stats, dmg and dmg per min that converts them on p2win.
    Prem player have a better MM and that is easy to demonstrate just create an account play it without prem and your MM is garbage.
    Man with respect and all. Instead of doing this review you should tell Wg that they need to stop. Instead of adding more broken content just to nerf it later or just adding anything new you should tell them that they need to improve what they already have. Now days the game is not fun, players just find thier way in with money. Just try to recap all the things Wg has done wrong and tell them as a player not as a Wg sponsored youtuber. I love your content and all. But I’m pretty certain that if you speak Wg will here you out.

  24. Black Prince: Finally! A worthy opponent! Our battle will be legendary!

  25. It’s so bad, even the AMX M4 45 looks good in comparison

  26. This seems to be the sweet spot of this branch, i persume.

  27. The general shape of this tank reminds me of the Valentine.

  28. Can you Rewiew the Is M

  29. Amazing tank. I’ve done 5k dmg and 8 kills. I couldnt find last arty for 9th

  30. QBaby- I gotta say the “…burnt spaghetti… ” it’s amusing, but a bit Demeaning, don’t you think?… It’s a P C world ya know. The P88 is at best a Medium Heavy. I’m going to try it with a Camo Net and play it as a Medium like you suggest since it’s stationary Camo rating is high for a Heavy- if I get one. WG is making a lot of cash on the premiums. This is an Opt Out Tank. GL…

  31. The hardest part is not how good or bad is the tank, the match making is putting us 80% of the time with 2 tiers above which are shooting with heat or apcr, 90% of the players on tier 9 and 10 are shooting apcr and heat..

  32. the Veterans name makes total sense, one of a services members favorite places to go off base, the food trucks. Looks like he really liked the taco trucks, must have been stationed in El Paso

  33. Carro = Car
    D’ = The
    Assalto = Attacking
    P. = Pathetic
    88 = 88mm gun

    Here’s my conclusion for the name: The Pathetic Attacking Car with 88mm Cannon XD.

  34. nooo why is it all for today i am obssesed with qb

  35. Italian mafia Boss

    I’m just happy that I heard QuickyBaby curse

  36. I need 20k more exp to finish this grind. It has been very painful and not a tank I will be looking back on fondly.

  37. Played five games.. absolute fucking poison. Blueprinted and skipped after that. Absolute blueprint sink

  38. Easy man before I will finish griding to tier10 they will nerf it and autoloader will be no more so OP and I will never get 4k damage more than my teammates.

  39. Bro that gun looks like It was pulled from random water pipe in Italy and then stick it to the tank.

  40. played the t8 like sh*t until i got the engine. I really recommend researching the engine first, the difference is enormous. i pretty much doubled my playing wn8 after i got the engine

  41. Overcook tankolini you’re going to regretti.

  42. This tank might be better with a Turbo mounted on it.

  43. hello I’m a fan of yours from Italy.
    I wanted to ask you a question ;
    why didn’t they put you in the game? you are more famous than those four and better. bo.

  44. I personally enjoy the p.88 I’ve had really good games in it

  45. Slow as wet week so very unforgiving if you pick the wrong flank. Cannot trade with other heavies due to poor alpha and no armor, cannot compete with meds due to speed and view range (you will be outspotted by almost everything even with optics). Spawl liner is almost a must as without it you lose 1 or 2 or more crew members each and every time arty splashes withing 20 meters of you. You can make it work in a tier 7 game but anything higher and you’d better pray your team is great and carries you.

  46. Tacko truck lol that was a totally different way to say taco. toc-o like tock in tick tock.

  47. If it gives anyone perspective as to the side armor, I one-shot one of these yesterday in my KV2.

  48. Markus Hämäläinen

    Hi Quickybaby! Pls make a video where you play worst tanks in the game as stock in +2 matchups.

  49. why do you still play world of tanks its dead.

  50. Most interesting thing about this tank is its license plate =D

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