Carrying a Losing Team in a Light Tank

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Source: Taugrim

Viewers have often asked how to carry in a light tank in World of Tanks (WoT) when your team not shooting what you and especially when your team is meaningfully losing.

Some situations are uncarryable, but others are carryable if the driver of a light tank correctly leverages its mobility and vision control. I demonstrate two examples of come-from-behind victories while playing the T-54 ltwt in this guide video.

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. i liked the chat going on at 20:15. Exactly like the one you and i had. You help a lot of people with this very complex game. Thanks!!!

  2. Since you already achieved your goal of being a unicum do you still care about your wr?

    • Of course, the objective in each battle is to win. My win rate has been steadily increasing, which is nice 🙂

    • Taugrim is there any tips you can give to someone like me, who played 1k+ games at tier 5 below, and now i’m finding it hard to raise my wr since it is rising so slowly, it goes up only .01% for every win, meaning it will take 100 wins to get to 49% :/

  3. Hey Taugrim, nice replay and explanation of your decision making.

    From your garage I see you have close to 10k in bonds. Do you plan on buying any improved equipment? What do you think represents the best bang for buck of the improved equipment available, and on which tanks would you recommend applying it?

    • Ikono Droid Improved Vents, any tier ten tank really

    • I haven’t decided yet.

      I would either buy Rammer for a single-shot tank or Vents for an autoloader.

    • I have bought two pieces so far, here’s my experience.

      The first piece of equipment I bought was an improved rammer, I put it on the E3 while I was doing the Top of the Tree (EU) & Object 260 campaign missions. While I benefited then, I rarely play the E3 anymore so the improved rammer sits idle.

      I put a bit more thought into it for my second piece and decided to go for improved equipment for a tank I play often, I picked up experimental optics and put them on the T-34-85M, which with crew skills (no food) gets me right on the 445M cap. I feel i’m getting much more benefit from the optics than the rammer simply because i’m playing the tank it’s on much more often. Seems kinda obvious now, but hindsight is a luxury.

      I’d personally recommend anyone purchasing improved equipment to apply it to a tank they play regularly, whether it’s tier 6 skirmish tanks, tier 8 prem moneymakers, tier X ranked/clan wars tanks or simply just a keeper tank you already enjoy playing often. Nearing my 3rd piece of improved equipment (and 200 bonds to demount the rammer on the E3) i’ll be steering clear of using them on tanks i’m grinding or using specifically for missions, instead i’ll simply be buffing tanks I enjoy/credit grind/play in multiple game modes.

  4. I have mod 1
    Its supperb tank now. Only thing left to buff there is pen on silver and it can be op as rest of its soviet brethren.
    But in all seriousness having p/w as mod1 has now with all that armor its just silly. Any top tier game you can just laugh at lower tiers

  5. Great content as usual, thanks.

  6. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    man, you have been pumping these out recently. something get you back in the vibe?

  7. How did their T49 kill your arty in the beginning?

  8. In a minute or two, most medium tanks can get to the same position as a light and spot just as much. The team isn’t really in position to shoot until then, anyway.

    You could carry better camped in the back with an arty, instead of driving around in circles while a medium ‘steals’ your spotting damage!

    • +robert winton meds lack the camo of lights. I find I get out-spotted by them in my meds.

      Spring in the back as a light tank is a no-no.

    • Respectfully, because you know way more about this than I do … Your first battle was a perfect example of what I’m thinking. I’ll bet there was more than one medium that did more damage assist than you did in your light. I think it was 3 or 4 minutes into the game before you got any spot assist?
      The mediums were out in front. The way you were able to carry that was to play that light like it was a medium. Genius job of doing that with a light. But the other 99% of us are going to have to do that with a medium. Thanks for your videos. They are awesome!

    • I played my light tank as a light tank, not as a medium.

      The reason I included this video is that there wasn’t much spotting damage to be had. Most of their tanks were careful to limit their exposure early, aside from the T-100 LT.

      The friendly mediums along the 9/0 trench should be up front – that’s how to play that section of the map.

      Keep in mind that mediums do not have either the speed or the vision control. I’m pretty sure in a medium the Skorpion would have spotted me coming up the 4/5 road.

    • Kinda sounds like the LemmingRush mentality; playing LT as MT, not providing vision, repairs and brawling over camo and view range. A self confessed stat-padder (and very good player) uploads a couple of games where this works out for him resulting in legions of average pubbies attempting to emulate, and generally failing miserably. There are other classes for predominantly sniping or brawling. LT can transition and be great damage dealers when executed correctly, but there are instances where “driving around in circles” is the thing to do at the time.

  9. I dont want to play WoT but these good replays make me want to play it

  10. what is this quickybaby second account? jk thx for the vids

  11. Thanks for sharing the post game PMs from both games. Always nice to see people being nice in WOT!

  12. I was in the second battle in the pilot…couldn’t hit a shot early and got too close mid game. I should have stayed on the ridge and supported from there. When the 251 pushed around I couldn’t spot him and got toasted…

    Great carry Taugrim, you make it look so easy…

  13. Trading 300 HP to eliminate a top tier heavy was the right decision. Sliding around and hoping he’d stay still while you kited him probably would have cost you the VK and the game. HP are a resource that you conserve so you can spend when needed. Killing the 103 was worth the price.

  14. wot about the t50 sense it was ok as tier 4 wargaming made it tier 5 one day now it is useless except for spotting.

    • T-50 looks like it would be fine. I played the Leopard with the 5cm gun and that is fairly similar to the T-50, albeit with 10 more pen and 3 degrees more gun depression.

  15. Hi man, recent subscriber and you’re doing a very good job! Nice tactical advices, good commentary and editing, keep up man!

  16. Nice vid as always ! Any chance you review the new heaavy tier 8 amx 49… its so much pain to pass this tank. …

  17. I was the RU in the second game. I guess I’ve been watching your videos too long. I was doing on my side almost exactly what you did on the other side. I made one critical error at the end and was too predictable with where i poked and got taken out by one of the two capping heavies. I would have loved to see how it would have went on a one on one tier 9 light tank duel at the end….. ah who am I kidding, we all know how it would have went lol. Keep up the great work Taugrim I don’t know about everyone else, but I find videos like these to really help my game.

    • +Jake yea I think we both could have conserved HP more carefully.

      If you had stayed alive we’d have lost for sure. You went west after killing the panther 8.8 and others south. That is, you had the timing right, esp to safely kill our arty. Our heavies were surrounded by your T-10 and T34. With you adding some careful flanking fire it would have been game over for my team.

      It was a good battle to feature, lots of decisions factored into the final result.

    • Absolutely. Ironically it wasn’t until after the match that I saw your name on the end plates and did a double take. Truth be told I might not have been as confident in my decision making if I knew before I was potentially facing you. I’m good, but I’m not Uni good. I might have been more cautious too at the end. I thought we had it with the lead and I wasn’t anticipating you successfully making your way around and the 59 chasing you… and then getting killed. I got careless trying to farm damage assuming if I die, no big deal since this is done. I don’t run XVM or anything so I’m unaware of people’s stats and how good they might play a situation. Cheers and thanks again.

    • @Jake this happened to me sooo many times I can´t even tell. To get a bit careless when “damage race” has already started. What a pain is to watch helplessly, how my team is throwing a game, which should be 100% victory (I´m not saying this was that case, but you get my point).

      Anyway, lesson learned, as it is with every good battle 🙂

  18. Do you think the T-100 LT is worth having or is the T-54 Ltwt better for its tier?

    • The T-100 LT is worth getting. Its accuracy is atrocious but there is almost no dispersion from movement to speak up, so you can fire on-the-move without losing much accuracy.

  19. Great vid as usual. I really like how you present the information.

  20. I haven’t played WoT in years, but your videos and your voice are almost meditative. Hope you keep making videos!

  21. Dude… That’s not a light tank.

    • Its the T-54 Lightweight hes driving…not T-54. Both are Tier 9, but the former is a light tank and the later is a medium. Might want to check tech tree.

    • I can’t tell whether C.R. is being sarcastic.

      E.g. some players the T-54 ltwt like a medium. That drives me nuts. The T-54 ltwt has camo on-the-move and should be played as a light tank.

    • I play it as a light BUT it ain’t really light even though they designate it as such in the game.

  22. “Some teams are just un-carry able” Truer words have never been said about wot 😉

  23. I’m looking forward to your next video on the T54 mod 1! I’m currently trying to decide which tier 8 premium to get.

    • The T-54 mod 1 is a really well-rounded tank now. It’s lacking in top speed (44 kph) and silver AP pen (190), but the acceleration, gun handling, and especially the armor are really good.

    • Good to hear! I still don’t know if i want to get a medium tank or a heavy though, your video on the Lowe was great.

  24. 8 times out of 10 the hand brake switcharoo costs me,normally keeping speed works better for me
    Your light tanks vid have been very helpfull I averaged 6000+ wn8 in light tanks so far this week!

  25. Are you going to do a video for the T28 Prot?

  26. Speed…is life!

  27. The title of this video describes around 40% of my games. Thanks for another good video, T.

  28. hey taugrim. can u make a review on wz 132 1 . Chinese tier X Lt.

  29. t49 clearly aim bot

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