Carrying a TOXIC Player in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Ever had a toxic teammate in World of ??? OFC YOU HAVE! Here's what it feels like carry them!



  1. so because they keep doing power creep, they introduce night mode to reduce the power creep in vision to try and give vehicles a variety. Because without night maps, essentially every tank i have, has 445+ view range. it’s a value i barely care about, camo matters more to me because I’m guaranteed to have enough vision with all the multipliers you get now.

  2. I think nerfing view range making it like retro tanks sounds pretty good

  3. This is night mode, not affect on ur PR, winrate so you can calm down to play. That’s a good mode to relax and earn exp.

  4. I saw this stream, what an epic carry @quickybaby 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  5. toxic players??? maybe costumers fked by mmaker/ rng/ …. sorry … fked by wgaiming / and most important proplayers sniping with lights, purple equipments preferential mmaker-rng-aim time- and so …/ and most important average players didnt have time to play all day long/ WE HAVE REAL LIVE MY FRIEND, WORKING HARD AT FACTORY TO KEEP OUR LIVE STYLE/ and 99% of all streamers(promoters) are plaing with bots/
    5 years ago was a pleasure to play wot/ i was shit player with 900 average dmg and 51% winrate / fking now with 2000 average dmg i have 50% winrate / with 5, 6 or even 7 skill crew /
    all the time chat banned because i ask lights to scout on fking prohorovka and thei … unicum one sniping all battle and u die in one min with super heavy/ gg qb

  6. That’s only “a game” but you spent “time, money, health” to play and all team want to: “win” not ” be deafeated”. My pr>10k. Want to win? Noob tankers “have to” die to good tanker carry. Can’t change that. Look at their Pr, stats, movings, positions they choose, u can know they’rea noob or good tanker. Noob tankers can’t understand what good tanker do, think. So don’t care them. Teamwork when noob tanker wrong move that maybe let good tanker in bad situations. Sorry for bad english.

  7. On Thin Ice CGY

    Night battles are sick

  8. As a heavy main, I agree that it would be cool for heavy tanks not to have guaranteed 445m view range, to differentiate them more from mediums

  9. You assume you proved him wrong. Leaving him to die when you had an easy assist was the issue.

  10. Was very surprised to see QB utterly bash night mode in his review video but the game needs new features like this if it wants to survive.

  11. Hell of a game QB…You where absolutely correct in taking the “Dip Road” and not the “High” one in responding back to “Your a moron” player. Game has become to toxic, it’s nice seeing people put back in place. Rock on QB 🤘😎

  12. i love night mode, it makes dumpy minority groups actually push, literally the best addition

  13. Wow, did somebody finally carry qb for a change once?!

    Oh wait…

  14. Gitarydd Cymraeg

    No offence QB, but YOU ARE a toxic player. You spend up to12 hours a day calling people names and blaming others for you losses. Some or most of Your YouTube viewers don’t get to see the real you. You ARE as toxic as they come. Now I will have to deal with the toxic QB fan base for speaking the truth.

  15. i think its fun

  16. How do you do night mode

  17. You left that TS5 to die who came to help you, by running away. Typical LT MT game where rhey normally run away ..m

  18. The most satisfying thing is to turn that chat off so those toxic assholes wont bother one nomore…

  19. I think night mode, and storms/real weather should be part of the game. It makes world of warships better. You can’t really expect every battle to be blue sky and butterflies. Blizzards, heavy rain, fog, setting/rising sun blinding you. Make it real!

  20. QB that TS-5 charging a turreted tank in the open was the low IQ player. He should of kept his distance to protect his sides and rear.

  21. everytime I see moron! video I’ll push like 😂

  22. I regret that I have but one Thumbs Up to give to this video. 😎

  23. when tank that are made to take ever hit from lower tier face them in hall down spots and you have artys be nerf with the he change and lower tier be nerf with he change the game is becoming who every pay the most wins

  24. so sick of gold pay to win tanks be that catch all be all

  25. primo victoria has 400m base view range

    fully setup with a static spotting setup it has 598 active spotting setup is 520 played three games of the arcade cabinet noticed the stupid view range on it was broke and havent touched the arcade cabinet again

  26. Along with this night battles, they might alsp test how night vision works in this mode, then a small chance to maybe they’ll add modern tanks too, a new higher tier than X, like legendary or something idk.

  27. What i find that the maps are too small and not enough time. The maps should be as big as in war thunder it is more fun than or let us test it!!!

  28. If calling you idiot is being toxic, never play Lol,

  29. I found strv more successful in this mode..

  30. James Sunny Crockett

    I love your attitude at 15:30, I did the same some 3 months ago where I was in the same situation. I was called ******* and carried the game after the blaming person was sent to the garge, although I did not made this great result as u did

  31. I for one find you to be very obnoxious and full of yourself

  32. The map looks awesome the game mode not so much they should just leave the game mechanics the same and give us night maps

  33. Jeroen berkenbosch

    meh , toxic people are just insecure people ! its easy enough to blacklist . one you win , or lose …….. doesnt matter . if the guy dies first , you are the one to blame usualy in their mind !

  34. I wish Wargaming would add al kind of weathereffects: rain, fog, sunny, night, snow. With all different kind of effects on viewrange, mobilty, camo etc.

  35. cc RNG lots of paied actors then u can have game like this, i wisch u one day u wake up into reality.

  36. I think for new or casual players, this will be frustrating for the reasons you mentioned.

  37. Ive played wot about 10k maybe 12k with wot console. The Chat never did anything good, not a Single time, not a Single word. What is it that makes this community so incredible toxic. Ive seen LoL, CS, WoW, WoWS… so much stuff – but it was never that deep toxic like in wot. You cant imagine how many hours i have to play any other game out there to get the same amount of toxicity as in 30 Minutes of wot.

  38. Steffen Agermann Christiansen

    why is your senlacs gun sounds diffrent to mine??

  39. You can lose, if enemy team LT is capable player than can counter you.
    Playing LT in tier 8-10 is hard, since everyone has pretty much maxed viewrange and your space between theirs viewrange and your camo rating is very limited. Its very hard to make play against, like example, TD hiding in the bush, because when you see him, he is most likely seeing you too. But i understand other point of view aswell. If you are playing HT and you are last alive against LT, you have zero chance to win on open maps. You’ll never catch him, you’ll never spot him, you cant cap him. Best you can hope is draw, or his mistake.
    Only thing that can counter LT is LT, but its hard if you want your Manticore die early, just to get some easy damage, right?

  40. Hey QB, can you please show us how disgusting the E25 is in the night game mode?

  41. Yet another tank can spot a whole team from halfway across the map how fun🙄 nothing like getting shot 30 times because a light spotted you from the netherworld.

  42. I doubt it.

  43. BTW – that Skorpion G hit you – 377. Epic low roll. Is that the lowest roll? or have they changed the gun?

  44. Reality Dysfunction

    I loved night game mode. My FV 215b 183 had a voracious appetite and I was having monster damage games. Lots of fun.

  45. 8:53 137m away from ferdinand get spotted but 8:28 73m away from ferdinand not get spotted ? What`s wrong with this basic and stupid spotting mechanism ?

  46. The high ground would have been just finishing the game and ignoring the idiot. I guess the idiot got inside his head after all.

  47. disappointed of the cap end, ferdinand was one shot with HE

  48. I think the night mode is great and gives light’s a reason to still be in the game.
    I also tried the radio equipment along with designated target skill, oh man spotting people for 10secs in the mode is money.

  49. Absolutely Scrumptious

    How can you carry yourself? Youre pretty toxic

  50. Must have felt great to send that message. Lol

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