Carrying the Weaker Team in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks – Today I’m going have to dig deep to win with the weaker team driving in the M48A5 Patton!


World Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming is available as a free download here:

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  1. Whenever I’m in the top 3 of my team I always try to focus or chase the enemy triple. I’ve had it last night, defender vs oho (and the arty and anyone else that could focus me, 31 shots to kill me is a great result when my team just mopped them as I was being shot at)
    And a previous match where me in my kjpz ended up staring down a skorpion and again allowed me to win. You can’t win them all and it is a team game, but if you’re feeding then you’re losing

  2. Great video! I think these kinds of video’s are really important for the community!

  3. Ask arty for help ???????????????????????????

  4. The Patton is super fun.

  5. You were lucky the is7 held the flank kudos to him.

  6. I carried only 1 time (i think) it was on steppes in old tier 4 T-50 (now i got mark) i defended cap and got 7 kills

  7. Call that a weak team? Thats a good team compared to the tomatoes that I normally get, they would still be camping at the back probably not even pressed the W key!!. It’s got that bad now I don’t play at the weekends or when there a special mission on as every Bot will be out thinking that there heavy tank is a TD, there there scout is a heavy tank and there TD is a scout. Interestingly XVM let’s you know who on your team has a 100% crew and the percentage of players is always low. Can’t figure out how some of these unicorns have a bad crew but always do well with a aim fast gun can’t be there special mods that you can get on the dark web because that would be illegal.

  8. come over to NA and try that win loss math

  9. Ok my prediction…he talks non-stop through whole video like a millennial on adderall

  10. You know a tanks awesome when quicky-baby’s praising instead of criticizing it through out the entire battle like he does with most vehicles.

  11. i and my team won a battle with odds 17% in random battles …it’s happen sometime ,if you believe until the end in your chances…the enemy team think that we were an easy dish ,but they failed …17% chances before …omg

  12. Vlad_MinecraftPlays

    Damnit QB, I told you many times before… it’s called *Uniscrubs* and not *Strawberries* :/

  13. He should read the entire transcript of just one of his videos, he’ll be like…god damn I talk a lot. Or he would say…oh I didn’t cover…

  14. Lol I thought the title said “carrying the wanker team”

  15. What you said here is good… What you say in streams is it is the teams fault when you lose and “nice carry” when you win. Maybe it is your competitive instinct that hides the true QB or maybe you make these videos to make up for all the arrogance displayed on twitch?
    Either way, as long as we’re all having fun

  16. Thanks god that 2 unicorns r in non-turret TD.

  17. Hey QB. is 3.k combined in my TWO DAYS old M4A1 Rev. in evry battle gut or git gut? (i’m asking cuz i’m not the brightest)

  18. when will christmas discounts start?

  19. Yesterday I tried to motivate my team and did my best! Resulted in me winning 13/14 games 😀

  20. Pfff green player dont help only cray Noobs and f…. Team and bla bla bla . help in wot haha its no help only stats players no team play . nice vid QB like

  21. 1:24 You failed, u Said M48A1 patton not A5… 🙂

  22. Quit yesterday. Feels good!

  23. I get this all the time. At least 3 unicums in enemy team and ONLY reds in my team..

  24. really liked that end summary and advice QB, do that more often

  25. World of warplanes… play world of warplanes do it its awsome

  26. but what to do when you are a 1300 Wn8 player in a team full of under 500Wn8 players who have less than 5000 games EACH while the enemy team is full of players with more than 1500 Wn8 then you are left 1v7 against 3 arty and a full HP heavy, medium with 1000 hp and 2 lights?

  27. 1:27 he says a1

  28. Qb said rate of fire of the e50m is weak. New E50M clanwars/stronghold trolls comfirmed

  29. Every time I see an MVP like that T-10, I think of a poor disabled kid trying to play the game like everybody else. It makes my resentful emotions go away.

    Then again… There’s been a lot of disabled ones lately.

  30. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    He could have just loaded Heat and fired at the hatch of the FV with taking less dmg in return..
    And maybe just wait a little longer mostly they fuck off

  31. Giovanni Battista Ponzetto

    maybe fixing the MM would be better…. I practically quit playing.

  32. Qbs name is so purple that i cant even read it

  33. Havn’t we seen this game already?. Seems really familiar.

  34. Well in world of tanks blitz we have a player called the honour. He has 80 or 50k battles and 80% wr

  35. Good luck when u are not top tier.

  36. I was like “wtf how did the t54 roll over 500dmg” xdd

  37. Whaou, what an ego you have there QB. They are all bad player, look at me i’m a god so i have to carry them all… You should stop using xvm, unless you still want people to see how “good” as a player you are ?
    At least, it’s how it looks to me…

  38. Weaker team? Weekend team*

  39. Not a weaker team, its a landslide.

  40. Or one could just play the game for fun and not care shit about ones winratio.

  41. 4:37 Njeeeggn. What a wierd sound QB made xD

  42. u didn’t know arty requires no aiming? It’s a guided shell…

  43. Good video QB …keep up the good work


    Good Arti + RNG…

  45. i don’t think the last people that stayed alive on your team were week. they were like me probably. low stats because of grinding but trying to do their best in every game and hopefully get good.

  46. We all: WG, Please nerf Arty!!!!!

    WG: Okay! Here it is:

    Alpha: 400
    Reload: 30 sec.
    Penetration: 10 mm

    We: WG, please buff Arty!

    WG: .-. ok…

    Alpha: 1300
    Reload 40 sec.
    Pentration: 60 mm

    And the result?


  47. 4tankersanddog showed that you actually only win 32% of your games if you are AFK.

  48. I allways get people in my team crying about our teammates,saying “gg we losse” or “or another losse” then we win and what he say i carry with 500 dmg deal… because he saw ir like a losse and littleraly suicide . The mod ruin the game 🙂

  49. Please do a review about tiger 1 or tiger 2 pleaseeeeeeeeeee !

  50. If you are very good player and you play only platoons with two very good players.. you’ll get easly more than 75%. Bad players in platoon = disaster and you can go below 40% for sure.

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