Carryshire – Rudy

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Marthijn van Oorschot

    2 video’s in 1 day?! Christmas came early this yeah XD

  2. Not first

  3. The Red Hair strikes again!
    Still T-34-85M is the king

  4. “Oh Sheerkon, Y R U spamming AYY PEE SEE AHR?”

  5. I’d like to know how many people are actually complaining about Circon spamming gold and how many people just do it for the memes.

    • Beardfist TheGoldenOne

      Circon cares not who is getting trolled, just that there IS trolling…

    • Hans Deutscher that wasn’t sarcasm my friend. For it to be sarcasm there should be two or more ways to interpret something, with one being serious and one being either funny or pointing out something obvious. Or putting the finger on something that is unlogical or simply dumb but somehow socially accepted anyway.

      Your comment simply doesn’t fit into that context…

    • Yeah … as if you interpreting it as me being salty about his premium ammunition usage wasn’t the “serious” one and me making fun of the community for considering unicum players exceptional just cuz they can afford shooting premium ammunition wasn’t the “funny/social” (and the actual message I wanted to get out). Have you even listened to him? I did exactly what he does in half of his videos. Case ended. Even likes are in my favor mate and that’s what I was aiming for. 😛

    • NinjaMonkeyPrime

      You fail at fake sarcasm. Badly.

    • Dude I suck and always load APCR and HEAT for every battle just in case Im bottom tier and need it. I have prem account and I still make credits. In todays WOT if you dont load some APCR or HEAT thats just dumb

  6. Meanwhile the 8.8 L/56 has only 270 alpha with HE shells…

    • Christiaan Carstens

      Yeah this is russian, if you want to play German tanks or be logical you can go fuck yourself as far as wargaming’s concerned.

  7. tillyoudiefromit

    spicy emote: Arty on fire

  8. Thanks for inadvertently saving jingles today Circon, he says thank you!

  9. did he just load apcr while he was flanking a KV-2? a fucking KV-2? i’m not hating on him but this is hilarious.

  10. made me giggle tho

  11. M12 playing hide and seek

  12. Congrats on your premium Fire Fly game. Just watched it on Jingles.

  13. ty for smaller ads. less hassle =D

  14. Anyone got the link for the new classic Imperial Shuttle? I’m genuinely interested lol.

  15. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    P43 teammate was extra special

  16. Yooooooooooooo Lego shuttle tho?

  17. John Ivan Betchayda Dizon

    I’m just wondering why circon doesn’t own a 5a? Does he not like the tank?

  18. Circon, I hope someday I can become 1/2 the player you are. Dude YOU KICK ASS!!!!!

  19. Load the Gold

  20. WTF is that german sheppherd dog crew animal???

    • It’s taken from a TV show “four tank men and a Dog” what was cool was the dog used to bark when sixth sense went off, unfortunately war gaming broke it a few patches back and are to lazy to bother fixing it again.

    • thanks mate, how does one earn it or is it not obtainable anymore?

    • It was a premium tank sold in the store, not sure if it is available anymore I got mine literally years ago in a Berlin Trio bundle along with an IS2 and a Bromwell. TBH the T34 85M is a better premium if that’s what you want, the armour seems much more reliable

  21. ‘Grats on your record in the VC, Circon 😉

  22. An arty player who understands the SP in SPG.

  23. Who got the kv?


  25. Jasper van Houdt

    Was hoping for the link to the Lego shuttle to be in the description 🙁

  26. Isn’t it Cheshire?

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