Casemate Brawl – WZ-120-1G FT

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Source: Circonflexes

Upload your replays here: !


  1. Every video need a 1st comment.

  2. This map looks soo good

  3. HE for Rhm?

  4. stop ignore your fam. throw them out 🙂

  5. When the highlight of a tech tree is the tier VIII premium.

    • The tier 9 aint bad either.

    • Yeah I know it is pretty good all things considered. But when I think of a tank over all the WZ-120-1 FT has great armor for the tier, an above average/good gun, great mobility. I Just think even if it wasn’t a premium tank I’d rather play this tank.

  6. cmon circon, havent you heard? tracks are supposed to make you go up walls now

  7. I honestly enjoy watching you win in wot. Its like i can vicariously enjoy it since when i play i lose over stupid shit, bots and tier 8 plague the game, and i hate the aiming and damage rng. Its almost rigged it seems. Its like i want to enjoy the game but theres always twice as much bullshit for every good things that happens. Otherwise, gg.

  8. This tank against lower tiers is fucking broken

  9. Aleksa Bajcetic

    I 3 marked my WZ120 yesterday 😀
    Also, this: 🙂

  10. Alexander Guttman

    @ 5:57 – 5:59 his face needs to be a gif. Like right now

  11. why “accelerate crew training” is not ticked? your crew has only 5,5 skills. 🙂

  12. Upload a frontlines replay so us youtube plebs can see how you play it.

  13. Southern Stannis

    How does he get those blue lines when hes zooming in on the crosshairs

  14. Did WG secretly nerf the SU122-44? I didn’t play for two years and I recall it used to have good mobility, now its like swimming in glue, totally different than this WZ.

  15. I hated the tier 9 Chinese light as well, it’s a messy tank that isn’t sure what it is, you get a medium level 320 alpha gun but the gun handling is atrocious, you aren’t that mobile and you are paper with less hit points. It’s kind of the worst points of med and light together in one package.

    • Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

      The gun handling is great, just the base accuracy is so trash you wanna pluck your own eyeballs out with a fork.

    • tajj7 I loved the tier 9 Light tank. Dont know why. Had a very good crew when i was playing it. Maybe thats why. Chinese Light tanks are maybe the only Light tanks i like in this game. I liked them all. But i played tier 6 7 8 before tier X Lights

  16. Titties

  17. Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

    Hogs of War? That something like S.W.I.N.E?

  18. upload some frontline action circon

  19. That was an entertaining fight. If WoT was always like that, I’d still be playing!

  20. I wish to have one but no money?

  21. You got so robbed of DMG on that RHM shot, but then came Indian-Piniata. The RNG Jesus stepped from the russian heaven, said “that’s enough blyat” and has giveth thee.

  22. I know your meming with the slippery rocks bit but if you tried that in an actual tank the tracks and transmission would be ripped clean off the hull.

  23. Gun is a troll sometimes….

  24. the names of that crew tho

  25. can someone me say link of mod crosshair and pen mod

  26. This TD is so fast !

  27. Low roll on the Indien-Panzer but high roll on the Progresso. A fair trade.

  28. That last shot was a max roll, 550 is 440 + 110, which is 25% xD

  29. TheTankingGamer

    That T30 and Rhm moment grouping sums up my experience in this tank- fully-aimed? Missing all of em. Half-aimed? Missing. RASHA/CHINA yelling? Missing.

  30. glad im not the only 1 that loves that tank xD my max dmg in it is about 6700 dmg with the replay 🙂

  31. aiming reduces dpm

  32. only 1 dislike?

  33. Finally a streamer who watches smash!

    Watch any of summit? Holy fuck.

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