Casual Friday -WoT Ik all alone! “8 of Mai! Tiger tank “

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Source: Ik


I am all alone today, on mai of the 8th! freedom day!

so therefore i figured il play the Tiger :O DUN DUN DUUUH! CONTROVERSIAL!.

hope your all having a nice weekend 🙂

Playing the as well.


  1. Ik, do you play Total War games?

  2. One Tiger went on ski holiday to Norway during WW2…

  3. Being alive is not to be taken as proof that you are doing the smart
    thing…but I’m sure you’re aware of that

  4. AttackPenguin666

    Nice game in the Tiger IK 😀 it’s my favourite tank, the best, the most
    reliable piece of German engineering :)

  5. I turn the fucking chat off. Fun game but warships is way better mainly
    because the surface/air detection range is ship based so success is
    entirely in the hands of every player, whereas in WoT it’s a hard earned
    skill to even have Sixth Sense and that’s independent of shitty view range
    and OP tanks as well as those who will have modified view range which
    there’s nothing you can do about. Then, there’s artillery…sigh. Still
    surprised at how many do not memorize their detection ranges in Warships,
    but it is still (semi) closed beta. Here’s hoping they kill that ridiculous
    aim mod. I don’t get enough time to play games often, but I found Warships
    to be the most user friendly, even with the random WoT whining bitches.

  6. Is leopard 1 or E50m better

  7. how can you pull off a game like that so casually while talking about all
    this stuff? casual friday ^w^ seriously though thats amazing

  8. i would totally go to ik’s planet, sounds amazing ^w^

  9. Ik, we are here with you <3

  10. once,some irrelevant dude try to troll me in WOT,with that “YOU SUCK”
    phrase…answer : YES MY FRIEND,BUT YOU SWALLOW works every time

  11. Don’t be sad Ik about not being as famous. You might not be (yet) but
    you’re 10x as funny as QB & J.

  12. Ethan Saintseer

    Hey Ike, what do you think of Toki Wartooth’s accent in Metalocalypse?

  13. +Ik No M3 Lee challenge?!?!?!!?!?!!? I expect an M3 Lee platoon when Thor
    returns… You are letting your viewers down. I am growing increasingly
    disappointed whilst watching your videos as all they include is you playing
    awful underpowered tanks like the T29. You need to play OP tanks like the
    M3 Lee to entertain your viewers whilst you get doze s of crucial
    contribution medals and top guns. I am not trolling you… 😀 oh and by the
    way Ik, are you going to tankfest and which day. If you are going then
    hopefully I’ll see you there. 😉

  14. about how are babies born… my theory is that once you like make them a
    room meeting the “baby conditions”… with bed… and stuff… they just
    appear there naturally…

  15. Whaaaaat? T29? OP? Naaaaah! That would be like saying the ARL V39 sucks!

  16. Thanks Ik for taking all the arty with you in your matches tonight, I had
    several games without any and it seems you had them all 🙂 Great Tiger game
    too, you didn’t even seem to be that focused on the game and yet great
    Perhaps you could invite guests to appear on Casual Friday if your regular
    tankermates aren’t available?

  17. “ty u2″… simple and effective.

  18. There are many earth like planets

    • +emil bertelsen Most likely, but Kepler 186f was the first one detected and
      confirmed to exist in the habitable zone of a solar system other than ours.

  19. First trololol!! xD

  20. Glorious norwegian royal replay, is Glorious. Trolls: i always go: “easy
    champ”, “take it easy son” and stuff

  21. gandalf baggins

    “And i will call it IKtopia”
    IK 2015

  22. The way I deal with trolls is to reply to their comments very politely. If
    they are dead ask them to ‘sshhhh your dead’. say nice things to them and
    thank them for their helpful advice. Makes them very mad until they quit.
    Loving casual Friday.

  23. Hi IK, wanna hug?

  24. talk about the rerolls

  25. Ik what are you studying in school we going to college for I’m not
    harassing you but sounds like you’re gonna have a Doctors Shipp. could you
    would make a damn good one doctors to the question on Fridays I just don’t
    pay attention to the comments if you let stuff get to you

  26. Steve Cassidy (SteveCas2000)

    Dealing with trolls: just keep playing. It’s great fun when you get
    trolled, go on to take a top gun, high calibre, top damage, top xp or
    whatever & then message them after the game to say “sorry, what was that
    you were saying?’

  27. C4GeneralGaming

    Gratulerer med Frigjøringsdagen Ike! Flagget er oppe og vaier i fin Bergens


  28. how to deal with trolls? just say thanks for the suggestion and now SHUT

  29. The way I deal with trolls makes them confused. For example If they say
    ‘Rotten tomato’, because I am :’c, I just say back ‘im blushing :3 ‘

  30. I think its may

  31. oh, but u have a beer so technically u aren’t alone or u won’t be for long.

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