Casual Friday -WoT IK – E4A3E2/E8/Fury “Tankfest”

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Source: Ik

Doing solo today, playing though some America tanks since it 4th of July (ok tomorrow! but they will see it tomorrow morning!)

Talking about tankfest, a bit about open Beta for Warships.

have a nice Friday


  1. Yes, yes YES!! Please do post your tanking while drunk video! I think it
    would be hilarious and you could call it “Going Jackass with Ik”. BTW,
    your comment in this video starting at 14:32 cracked me up! As far as
    slender women wearing leggings/yoga pants, we have an old saying here in
    the states – don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

  2. Ik you are the best person in the world

  3. I am interested in that replay!

  4. AttackPenguin666

    Yeah but Ik, Tankfest may have been sponsored by WG, but probably only
    licensed to do WoT. After all, how many ships are there at bovington :D

  5. Training jeans…you mean yoga pants? They’re just as problematic here in
    the States. I swear, everywhere I look, it’s a bunch of women in those
    bloody yoga pants. Wish I could’ve met you at tank fest, could’ve even
    brought my viking shield, which actually has the Norwegian flag painted on

  6. I find it funny how you say bitch, then get shot and say I deserved it for
    my language, then you say the whole world is fucked up with no qualms

  7. Hey Ik, America wanted me to thank you for wishing her a happy birthday!

    • +Cnf 60 tell her she looked great in that dress last Saturday to, i think
      she put more effort into it then most people at the party seemed to notice,
      so i hope she didn’t get sad about that, it was a great dress.

  8. 401 wievs what is that??

  9. They are callled Belgium waffles :-)

  10. It’s a shame you don’t like WoT blitz, I love this game. Six sense comes by
    default and no credits for upgrades. 

  11. love to see the e100 vid

  12. Ik i saw you at tankfest and is it true that phil licked QB’s arm? ;)

  13. yoga pants to show off booty, brah

    • ah so i was told to do this when i was 7. So being as smart as i was, i
      went up behind the illustrious yoga pants girl and gave her a swipe of the
      hand onto the revered and shapely glutes.
      Before she had turned around and realized it was just a kid doing the
      groping i got a strange feeling that she may be angry by the rather loud
      use of profanity.
      When she turned around to find a 4ft tall 7 year old behind her she stood
      just confused and i made it out with no legal repercussions, although i
      wouldn’t dare try this today.

      if you never sexually harrassed women in your childhood then you had bad

    • +The Pig Scoff yet still they get angry if you walk up and give them a pit
      of a padding. Ladies are strange….. or well actually i have never tried
      that? just go up to random yoga-pants girl and swipe her over the behind,
      asking “that’s what you wanted right?” i mean, ether i get a new
      girlfriend, or i go to jail. hmmm

  14. i was going to rent the fury movie when i visited my father but i looked on
    sky store thing and some other places and the only option was to buy it for
    like £15 and not rent so i just pirated it

  15. Wait, what world of warships gathering in Denmark?
    I need place and date

  16. IK being an asshat: HI MY NAMY IS IK WELCOME TO JACKASS!.. yes, thankyouu!

  17. i got under the influence and typed all my thoughts i had into this comment
    box while watching:
    do you mean stroopwaffels from the netherlands / holland ? i am yealous,
    give me!
    no waifu no laifu ^w^
    that was fury ous
    we are just some random people that you meet on the street for you? you
    make me sad T-T
    wtf is that talk about crotches?
    holy shit give me that replay please 🙂
    sneeky ik :D

  18. IK,m8 you have to do something with that cooler-fan of yours…that thing
    is loud like hell,dunno have you notice,but when you talk mic pick that fan

    • Don’t get me wrong,I just pointing that you fan is overloading cause
      heat…I have same problem with my apartment…no air condition…i just
      put my big fan i front of PC kinda sorting that problem at least for short
      period of time…

    • +Marko Urosevic i know, its the warm weather, sadly there is little i can
      do about it at this point, the sun just turned on the last days. Il see if
      i can adjust any settings but its a very sensitive mic

  19. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    4:41 The Sherman Jumbo card says “I kamp” XD

    • +that tea drinking top hat tipping British man nah, mods like that is just
      “update me every patch” kind of work, i feel fine with the stock version 🙂

    • that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

      Oh yeah and, have you considered installing a crosshair mod like J1mbos or

  20. Yes Ik, plese put up the drunk E100 vid, would love to see tha tone!
    And please don’t think you’re the only one that has done that….

  21. Santiago is amazing! I like it, personally.

    (I heard the following from a guide)
    It is a rum from Cuba, originally it was Bacardi. But one day, americans
    have bought the Bacardi trademark, but not the recipie, so from that time
    it is called Santiago de Cuba.
    For some time it was not for export, but now, it seems, it is. The guide
    said, that people on Cuba (who has money for it) drink Sntiago, and Havana
    Club is a not-as-good-drink for foreigners and export.

    UPD Ron is Rum on Spanish, in German it is Rum, afaik =)

    • +Ik Cuba? Yes it is, I know only one country in the Caribbean (not South
      America continent) that isn’t Spanish-speaking: Haiti. It is a
      French-speaking country, as it is a former French colony.

    • +kimbaet aah, thanks for the heads up on the Rum Ron thing, so its Spanish
      then! or well, Spanish-speaking 😛 like much of the Caribbean?

  22. theNEXTBIGTHING 44

    USA independence day is July 4th

  23. Tibeau de ganseman

    feel free to upload the drunken video , it is also nice to see good peolpe
    have bad games

  24. fredrik taksdal

    Where can we send in replays? Would love to show you a game i had i’m the
    elc;) Nice vid btw:D

  25. Floripa Gaming (HD)

    18:07 Blessed be my luck, he says while he bounces of an Chaffee

  26. Julopabene Bananenplantage

    Please upload the video you talked about and call it: “Drunkzor the
    Protanker” :D

  27. Tut tut tut IK :/ copying QB’s spotted symbol -_- get your own!

    • Fair point (first commenter)(and for IK) how long did you spend looking at
      tanks and what tanks did you see (that were special / unique) during tank
      fest? Jingles said there was an AMX 30 which sounds awesome! And when will
      the next ‘this war of mine’ episode gonna start?

    • +Lewis Johnson indeed, im lazy, i just click the download button and throw
      it over into the folder :p, i used to have another icon, but to keep change
      it took effort.

    • +Lewis Johnson He is just using his modpack. i do too, but i changed the
      icon to the “not sure if” face that fry from futurama does

  28. How’s life IK?

  29. 148 years of being polite, we’re just about ready to snap

  30. what’s with you youtubers wishing America happy birthday, what about

    • +Ik yes Ik, july 1st is Canada day and according to wiki we are all in
      trouble because Denmark’s day was june 5 and Sweden’s was june 6, so sorry
      guys happy belated wishes but were good on Mexico which is on September 15
      so best wishes now because i’ll likely forget by then…oh no Norway’s was
      may 17th, sometimes it doesn’t pay to say anything

    • +Ik got a world holiday page
      Also happy liberation day for anyone from Rwanda.

    • +Ik ooh sorry, didnt see the update (was tabbed) so 1st is Canada-day?

    • +Norm we, like the rest of the world is extremely ignorant 😛 but we manage
      to catch witch day is American`s national day since they have had such a
      big cultural influence (mainly entertainment) do Canada have it on the same
      day? what about Mexico? Also if you know Sweeden`s or denmark`s national
      dates, do let me know, cause i dont know those ether 😛

    • +nc30guy thanks

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