Casual Friday -WoT With IK and Brah! Big Theories while playing PZ-IVH and JTiger 8.8.

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Source: Ik

Well, last time i did promises a sexy-party in the description. I did not think so many people were reading it! so here we go!

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Hope you have a nice weekend


  1. LOL Double the IK family, double the fun!

  2. Craig Jovanovich

    IK, no offense, but why try to shoot up into the T29’s cuppola when you can
    pen his lower plate? I’m curious as to what you were thinking there; deep
    in thought on the smelling sense as you were, of course.

    • +Craig Jovanovich think he was behind a wall was he not? i might have
      missed that, but i think that’s what i thought at the time

  3. One day a scientist will hear this conversation and discover all the
    secrets in the universe 🙂

    Btw, cool party Ik, can’t wait for the next one :D

  4. Ah, and thanks! Have a nice weekend too! A healthy one, I suppose.

  5. Vsevolod Sevostyanov

    (I am not a specialist, but…)
    There are a lot of problems with those corpuscular/wave theories. One of
    the biggest are, as you mentioned, measurement and observation. We cannot
    observe a particle without influencing it a certain way. Any detection
    systems, as far as I know, use magnetic fields. But it is a field, and it
    is… foreign for the environment you are obseving. In fact, we observe not
    an electron/positron in its natural habitat, but in a field of the
    observation device.

    We do not know exactly what happens, when we don’t look.

    In fact, the sight is also a bit false. We see colours, because it is a
    wave of certain frequency, reflected from the surface. Our eye detects it
    and the brain interpretes. But not the surface emitted the wave, but a
    light source. It is, so to say, foreign waves that our eye uses for
    registration and observation purposes. We see things in the light, we see
    things as they are interpreted by our brain. Not what they actually are.

    And here goes the philosophy: from and matter, idea and body, senses and
    reason, the problem of universals. It is a great and a little mind-blowing
    theme, and I guess, it is enough for a poor little comment x)

    • For further reference:
      I am still +Vsevolod Sevostyanov, but changed a name to a little more
      pronouncable for foreigners (I’m not bothered with anonymity, at least yet).

    • +kimbaet its a interesting subject for sure, and yeah, as you say, when we
      observe it, it affects it, its very weird but as far as i know it have been
      done studies on it that the electron “knows” when its observed or not.

  6. good discussion guy always nice to listen to those diversity of subject …
    thumb up !

  7. AttackPenguin666

    How do you fix people? Large amounts of duct tape. If result is a little
    stiff and unyielding, WD 40. Trust me, this is how I’m getting a 1-1 in

  8. phsychoticpotatoe9 7

    Love listening to this it makes me feel smarter

  9. Fluffy Squirrel

    I’m totally ok with more science talk while tanking, that was pretty fun to
    listen to

  10. Benitioification

    Ik if you are into such stuff and like to talk about it 🙂 i am your man 😀
    i absolutely LOVE science around biology and biochemistry. We could talk
    for hours ;)

  11. IK, do you look much like your brother?? Or is he totally different, may i

  12. hmm… … particles travel really fast in air and water, way faster than
    one would think… the “smell stuff far away part” works because sharks for
    example can detect really low concentrations of particles. just like snakes
    in fact, there is so many atoms around that it is entirely possible, or
    almost certain, that whoever reads this currently has an atom in his body
    that was in my body once :> i am inside all of you. VSauce did an awesome
    video on that. Totally recommend that channel.

    • +Schwaehn that is a horrifying yet disconcertingly arousing revelation.

    • Fluffy Squirrel

      Yeah, so when they can smell from X away, just means they can detect the
      diluted concentration that it would be by that distance.. and presumably it
      can also tell when the concentration is getting stronger and so head
      towards the source of the blood

      Kinda interesting really, hadn’t thought of it before

    • +Schwaehn Vsauce-michael or what he is called is awesome, the bold guy with

    • that guy indeed 🙂

  13. Oh gosh, my head hurts Ik… You better check out PointyHairedJedi and
    Jingles for more “user friendly” talk :D

  14. well your brother has only just started. i remember when i was a tomato.
    its embarrassing looking back at it :3 my wn8 skyrocketed after about 7k

  15. IK knows so much about Atom Physics, I feel stupid now.

  16. hello mroundstar!

  17. IK why are you not becoming a medicine doctor?
    Youre already so good at talking about things like sneeze, poop and other
    things like every episode 🙂
    It’s so funny how you explain those things xD *kappa
    I think you could talk half an hour about that no offense .

    • But seriously, THE same thing with the nose, when you sick happened to me
      often in school as well, it was so embarassing… I feel your pain when you
      talk about it

  18. Yey, another episode of Quantym Physics For Dummies – by dum… uhh Ikzor
    and Friends!

  19. One of the better casual Fridays from ik

  20. Wuhu 😀 First time I was in a YT Video with my Tank 😀 I was the noob
    Jg.Pz4 :D

  21. Wow 2 videos in one day! IK you’re too good for us ;)

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