Casual Friday -WoT with Thor and Chris – M3 Lee/Grant “THE PUNISHMENT!”

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Source: Ik

Today i have to face my punishment after losing KillPhill, the other Norwegians are not happy for the result!


  1. Oh wow the phone’s data was not recoverable O.o So there is really no
    camping footage … buuhuuu :] Well glad only the phone drowned after the
    wedding ;)

  2. Epic punishment Thor, epic! Just as he deserves after failing all us

  3. Hahahaha

  4. Hey Ik! Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose. Next time you will revenge
    All the best!

  5. Michael Fisher (MiikeDavid)

    don’t feel bad Ike, you cant win them all, feel sorry for you having to
    drive the grant and the lee though, i can’t describe how much i hate them

  6. I believed in you Ik. How did you lost so horribly?

  7. Ik, you should stay away from weddings I guess… First your hat, now your
    phone …

    And you should definitly tell more about that sexual thing from tankfest…

  8. Yeah heard about the Panther lol apparently he drove it in 78 but was now

  9. Have you talked about food? Specialities, some experience from other
    countries and such. Also dreams sometimes are wierd and funny, perhabs, you
    could tell us about at least some of them, not those where you and Phil

  10. Lucky tho, you didn’t have to play arty :P


  12. You failed to defeat the dutch Ik! :D

  13. Not enough of a punishment, use the KV-4 with a stock engine!

  14. man make the video without black borders please

  15. How could you lose to Phil?! I even tipped saying England was behind you.
    You let everyone down. Unsubbed ;)

  16. Why is everybody hating the Lee? I even got a tank ace with it.
    Oh, I forgot, it’s crap.
    Do you like the Ishizuchi Ike? I must say, I do not want to get rid of
    mine. It also depends on the Matchmaking.

  17. Ar your Dutch Ik

  18. You will argue about anything, so whats better: driving the Lee or eating
    eating something heated in a microwave thats half red hot half ice cold?

  19. Regarding the Panther Tank in Germany, the raid took place because he was
    suspected to have owned Nazistuff. Then the Tank the torpedo, an 8.8mm gun
    and a lot of othery military stuff was found and seized because they
    weren’t sure if the stuff was demilitarized or not. They even ordered a
    german military squad and an armoured recovery vehicle to the scene.

  20. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    Your pictures are not lost actually Ik. Not unless you chucked the phone

    The internal memory is a independent module, it’s not part of the main
    phone and doesn’t really break that easily. Same as any SD card you had in
    the phone.

    I’m fairly certain any phone technician could get the pictures and much,
    much more off that phone, and put on a new one. :D

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