Casual Friday -WoT with Thor and Ik “M48 Patton – Your choices “

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Casual Friday Episode 7

A lot “what would you do today” we want to know your opinions to :-), today we didn’t do that bad as well.

(Hopefully the sound ain`t bugged, we had some problems during recording.)

Today, we do the M48 and , gg 🙂


  1. superpower would be like having a stable ts-connection ^^

  2. There are too many equally bad ways to die. Can’t decide wich one’s the
    worst :-v

    @ ball kicking: You’d pass out soon enough I guess 😉 Btw there are people
    who like being kicked in the balls (fetish).

    ps: I was thinking ‘immortality’ and the next second Ik had to spoil the
    fun. So sad.

    pps: My superpower – being able to transform matter into energy and vice
    versa, just by “wanting” it to happen. That way I could become “immortal”
    by cloning myself. I guess.

  3. superpower: knowledge
    do not want to die: in pain
    throw of the empire state building: my ex girlfriend
    nice casual friday video guys, loving it!
    greetz from holland

  4. Mingles with Ik & Thor? :)

  5. I really dont want to think about painfull ways to die. And I think being
    able to read someone elses mind would be super usefull.

  6. I would love to throw 10000 arty off the Empire state building

  7. what i would like to trow down.. hmm… 10.000 bags filled with small
    coins.. 5cents pennies or so… should be a big splash on impact.. 

  8. What do you think about ppl that reroll they acc ?

  9. Is it not strange that old guys like me & Jingles know the horror of slave
    labor and you kids do not?
    I would most like to possess the power of persuasion, and to drop lightning
    bolts off the top of the Empire State Building.

  10. Ik, if you could live forever, would you really want to?
    If it were possible to give up on dying, but you would never be able to
    die, would you do it?
    I would not, personally, want to live forever. It’s an adventure that we
    all experience once in our lives. Unfortunately, it’s always right at the

  11. Here’s a few questions for the next Casual:
    – Do you think colors look the same to everybody? As in, does what you see
    as, for example, orange, look orange to others, or does it look like
    another color completely?
    – What do you guys think Kepler 186f is like? Any life there, if so, what
    would it be like?

    10000 things I would want to throw down the Empire State Building;
    Lemmings. The ones from the old Amiga games, with blue clothes and green
    hair. Because when you made them fall to their death in the game they made
    the most satisfying “Splurt” and got squished into a pile of pixely debris.
    Imagining watching and hearing thousands of those simultaneously would be
    really funny 🙂

    Superpower? Hmm. Stopping time… boring. Invisibility… been there, done
    that, boring.
    I wouldnt settle for anything less than being omnipotent, like Q.
    Oh wait, I am, how silly of me.


    What do you think about my ideal Ik?

    1: It would be 10000 packs of 1000 Dollar so I can make people happy.(if 3
    is not possible)

    2: Everything, Death is never good, and you won’t ever remember what
    happened to you.

    3: The Power to make anything I imagine true, so I can make a Star Trek
    Federation Style culture(no money, all work for the greater good, no more
    poverty/racism/homeless ppl./jobless ppl.)

    I’ve given you the challenge of the M3 Lee IK. All members of your platoon
    must be in M3 Lees and the challenge is to get a crucial contribution.

  14. Lol when you asked about the torture thing IK I was thinking about The tub
    aswell, and I heard it from the Civ channel too XD

  15. I am glad you answered your question about the most painful death. My
    example is – death by a painful illusion – you are in paralysis and you
    have electrodes attached to your body and brain. They send impulses which
    represent horrific pain , fear , shame, etc.. The tortured one actually
    only feels without any damage done to his/hers body. Also you must have
    something to mitigate the effect of all natural hormones which calm the
    pain and reduce the shock. Eventually the victims brain will no longer be
    able to withstand the horror and it will shut itself down. With all that
    ,add the illusion of being in a nasty situation and there you go – the most
    horrible death ever- you can’t escape it , you can’t fight it.
    As for my question for your next video , I ask you this – How to deal
    with trolls in real life – solutions , ways to troll them back , give an
    example of you being the trolled one and how you dealt with it :)

    • +Rady610 2 – I would throw 10 000 paper planes
      3 – Superpowers – being able to cure every disease , every illness , every
      pain , be the helper from the shadows , be the one with eternal wisdom and
      strength , but the one with eternal responsibility , the one that should
      know what is right and what is not .

    • +Rady610 That’s kind of what came to my mind about the worst way of dying.
      Dying of a fierce mental disorder, like schizophrenia or depression.
      One should remember that pain is just a creation of the mind, and without
      the mind, the body can’t exist.

      Oh, I’m sure Ikzor deals with trolls by using his sword.

    • +TNX255 He may be , but in my country to massacre someone is illegal , so
      his way although very efficient is not practical and is not advice worthy.

    • +Rady610
      Well, I guess it’s also a big hassle, because trolls can regenerate and
      rise from the dead. After having killed one he’d have to quickly dispose of
      its body, and that can be difficult.
      Maybe he summons the power of Thor and fries them with bolts of lightning…

  16. Here the worst type of death I would not want to happen to me would be
    getting ran over by a tank

  17. War Monger (Warmonger696)

    1. Throwing: 10000 players like this Indien Panzer who produce nothing at
    all and are just out to flame others for no apparent reasons
    2. Death: Getting killed by a player like the Indien Panzer
    3. Superpower: Instant account banning for players like the Indien Panzer

    Guys like him ruin the fun for so many casual players.

  18. There’s another one where they put a rat in a steel can against ur stomach,
    and they heat the the converted end, so that the rat burrows through your
    body to get away from the heat and basically eats u alive

  19. Burning in the Sicilian bull. Search it up,it’s one of the worst forms of

  20. Superpower: Teleportation
    worst death: atached in to a whole on the coast side (so you cant escape)
    and then watch the sea lvl rise with the high tide
    Throw from building: 1000 egs

  21. Complete Control of Time. that way i can do the following
    1. Delay/Stop/Fasten my own or others’ aging.
    2. Pause/Resume/FastForward/Rewind time in a specific place or time.
    3. Rewind a dead persons’ body to the point where he/she was still alive,
    then, resume time. He or she is alive again.
    4. Rewind a decapitated persons’ body to the point where he/she still has
    all his/her body parts, then, resume time. He or she is has complete body
    parts again.

  22. Love your videos!!! 

  23. poo on his hands…lol :D

  24. drowning to death would be the worst for me, and my superpower would be to
    be invisible :D

  25. 1. i don’t know… everyone who only cares about money
    2.getting run over by a tog
    3.My Superpover woud be to do whatever I want to do/do what I think about

  26. that time stopping thing would be my choice of superpower. wait for a bank
    vehicle to pull up to the bank to retrieve cash, stop time, take the cash,
    resume time. :>

  27. i think slowly burning to death is horrible. that tub thing you talked
    about gave me a new kind of nightmare …

  28. Why are your graphics set so low??

  29. Isak Hanserkers

    1.Throw 10000 anvils down the empire state building 2.Being run over by a
    tog or being drowned in surströmming 3.The ability to control peoples

  30. Worst way to die? Locked in a dark room full of hungry rats.
    What would I throw 10000 of off the Empire State building? helium balloons.
    What super power would I like? Portal gun hands but can be used on any

  31. 1. i would throw the ISIS guys off the empire state building 2. worst way
    of dieing for me would be drowning in a ship or an air crash 3. my super
    power would be to stop time…and do what ever the fuck i want :D

  32. Worst death: walking on a frozen, slippery sidewalk alongside one of those
    fences with spikes on them. You slip, fall face first on the fence, one
    spike for each of your eyes, brain penetration. *shiver*

  33. I do not want to die by radiation.

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