Casual Friday -WoT with Thor “Religion and T110E5”

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Source: Ik

Casual Friday Episode 3

We have a small talk about Religion, life, jokes and stuff that i think you guys are grown up enough to have a decent discussion about 🙂

A bit of a longer one today, since there was nothing last Friday

we go though the , Patton, SuperPershing and a Centurion.


  1. how do i get my garage to look like that and why do i only have x3?

  2. As a person from Poland, i really think that people always accuse us of
    cheating even more than being bad. there are bad polish players, but still
    polish team won the landing right? I cant understand why we, Poles are
    always considered as those “bad” players in every aspect. But theres
    nothing left that proving wrong everybody in this.
    And little idea, would you consider making videos (as far as u will have
    time etc.)of cities skylines? 🙂
    I also think that there must be sth after death but im not the most
    religious person ever.
    Sometimes we are scared with those religions, especially middle east, but
    now we need to worry about other things, maybe possibility of WW3.
    Have a nice week King. !

  3. Hi Ik and Thor. That was my first casual friday. I really liked it and and
    some of the ideas and discussions were thought provoking and interesting.
    On religion and life after death I agree that not one religion has it
    correct. Buddhism may be closest with reincarnation as like you said our
    atoms and particles exist forever and are constantly recycled. Maybe one
    day enough of our atoms accidentally go back into creating another human
    and your conscience gets reborn? Who knows.

  4. hallo, i forhold til religion, er det faktisk ingen rolle

  5. Thomas Westerbrink


  6. Yep, you got to be black to make a racist joke, however you got to be white
    to get a job. So white people still got the better end of deal. 😀
    regarding to religion. in fact Christainity, Islam, and Jadaism are
    bascially the same religion. The sahre a common origin. Just different
    people make up different stories in their text to differentiate themselve
    from others. The main reason why people, mainly missonary, make up new
    story with differnt character to create their own religion is because they
    could get power and wealth from new believers. In marketing term, they got
    the first contact on market, and it is very easy for them to develop a
    monopoly business, in this case,their own religion.

    as for the person, Jesus. If the historical jesus exist, he wouldn’t have
    any power, except he is a time travller from the future/alien in disguise.
    Magic are things that we couldn’t understand. If we watch TV in front of a
    person from the medieval time, he/she would think we are wizard. ANd the
    historical jesus should be just some guy that teach good things. That in a
    way does shape our society. we got to remember, when jesus is alive, it is
    a time when revenge is allowed, and people could just kill each other and
    get awayeasily. He is a graet man to stand against this barbaric culture.
    So yeah, that’s my view on jesus.

  7. I think the time after we are dead will be exactly like the time before we
    are born. We will have no awareness of anything. That seems better to me,
    because an eternity of anything will get boring, no matter how good it is.

  8. Artorias Abyss Walker

    I believe if you die then you die. There’s very very very low possibility
    of something actually happening after you’re dead because everything that
    makes you You is in your brain and if you die, that means your brain stops

  9. I think death is like sleeping, or at least heaven is like sleeping,
    because sleeping is the thing I love most ;)

  10. I just believe in IK the northen king who will rise when people needs him.

  11. WOT’s famous last words #1467: Oh hey, game is over, I can as well scratch
    my arse.

  12. Hell is to play arty for eternity lol

  13. Well….I guess I’ve always seen it from a scientific perspective, that
    there is no life after death. But I don’t know because it is possible that
    it exists but none of the living can know about it. So I dunno. Having
    learnt a bit of Quantum Physics I am prepared to believe anything.

  14. Its so funny that checked Skype even before you said that it was yours xD

  15. funkybuttermonkey

    hehe jeg forstår fint hvad der står . mange hilsner fra Danmark :-)

  16. Hello Ik, what do you think about the norwegian WOT clan communities? I am
    currently in FA-1, and here we have an alliance with clans like NOARM,
    NASA, VARDA, Heimdall and many more, its called Wargamers Alliance. What do
    you think a good clan should have, just great players or just a fun

  17. I dont think there will be anything but I really hope so

  18. Your clan is open? :)


  20. IK. If you die, your brain shuts down. it’s over. Life after death doesn’t
    exist. It was made up by people out of desperation wanting to continue on
    living. Although I am a Christian, deep inside, I am a Daeist.

  21. IK the King of the North great video =D

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