Casual Friday -WoT WithThor and Bells – VK 45.02(p) Ausf.B And more “Finaly good matches”

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Source: Ik

Today on Friday! we play the VK 45.02(p) Ausf.B, Perishing, and

We talk mainly about some stuff from the Tank museum, a bit about QB`s stream, and the main theme “Why don`t men listen when girls speak to them?”

have a nice Friday


  1. Ik, if your observation device is yellow damaged, you still get full
    viewrange. It’s only reduced, if it’s damaged red.

  2. Next time talk about broken bones?

  3. Here’s a strange topic suggestion for the next Casual; Ghosts. What are
    they, can you scientifically explain them, if they’re just superstition
    then why do some people claim they’ve seen them and why are some places
    considered haunted etc.

  4. COngratulations on your win strikes 😀
    Ik, what do you think of Armored Warfare? Have you played it yet? Are you
    going to? And do you think that AW is gonna influence WoT?
    Have a nice weekend lads

  5. Also by ‘runny runny, hidey hidey, grab the ass’ do you mean jingles
    version, runny runny catchy catchy kissie kissie?

  6. Ik have you ever taken a KV2 into a tier 10 game, it is actually quite
    effective, most of the time, if you play sensibility, you are top on XP
    earned, just remember, DONT SHOOT THE FRONT PLATE OF VK4502Bs, you do 62

  7. After you have an argument with someone (in this instance, a friend or
    girlfriend), how do you figure out who is right?

    I think it would be really interesting to see how you answer this question
    because you’re very lucid with your answers.

  8. Question: Why do women stop performing oral sex after you marry them?

  9. Why don’t men listen to women is because they repeat everything they say
    over and over again. And if it isn’t “Oh, My God” a man tunes it out
    automatically. A woman might like to say something 100 times. But a man
    only needs to hear it 1 or 2 times to F-ing get it.

  10. Ik’s a charity case, buy me something to eat. I’ll pay you at another time,
    are you blind. I’ll see you at the end of the line.

  11. Hey Ik,
    Right now I am reading a book about the german occupation of norway.
    Could you tell us a bit about it.

    • +Duncan Cook I am definitely no historian, but at one point we might take
      that as a subject, Thor have studied history but im not sure if that was
      ancient history or recent

  12. What’s your favorite Drink? Beers or spirits

  13. Beniamin Budzyński

    Do you guys watch Formula 1, who is you favourite driver/s and favourite

  14. how can people be so bad in wot (or even in something else) even after
    playing thousands and thousands of games ? I think that could be a nice
    subject for next week episode ;)

  15. men can do only one thing

  16. a women can do three things at the same time but men dont it is proved by

    • +Trelos paoksis0 I can walk and hold a cellphone while walking, I’ve tried!
      I’d say that proves you wrong 😉

  17. RainBowGamezNL ---〉 Dutch & English Content

    My girlfriend has said to me a few times that i’m a very good listener but
    most of the girls think that boys cant listen

  18. i think most men are straight to the point with talking and don’t chit chat
    around for no reason. so when it matters, men listen, but when its all
    about makeup, rumors, celebrities they turn their brain activity to
    something “more important” (boobs, cars, beer). also not all girls talk
    like that, but in general they talk more than men. ^w^

    • +mema0005 I agree with both of you, but would like to add something; Women
      are so beautiful and sexy, especially girlfriends, so if they start talking
      about anything longer than for a couple of sentences, men start to get
      really distracted about that and everything the women say just doesn’t
      compute anymore 🙂

    • +Schwaehn I agree with that. I believe in the very very old days (long
      before WoT), male bonding was all about hunting and foraging, building and
      such activities which didn’t necessarily involve much talking, while female
      bonding had more to do with vocal socialising. Women solve problems by
      discussing them with friends, while men would solve them alone. How much we
      have changed since those ancestors is up for argument and these are
      obviously huge generalisations

  19. dirty ik without limits. and singe confirmed ^w^

  20. R Silver Sørensen

    +ik What is the best type of fruit you have tryed ?

  21. R Silver Sørensen

    what are the saying anything useful we will hear it

  22. You could always change the garage with mods if that’s what bothers people
    You can hear the fan quite clearly 😉
    11:14 “have a sore ass” – butthurt too mainstream for you ik? ^^
    Urgh, pershing doesn’t look like a fun tank, such bad pen :|

  23. He he love the “FAEN” from the new guy. I can bet a month salary that hes
    from the northen parts of our great country

  24. Nice to know: on the 2nd map played (I dont remember the name) you can
    drive on the north east little island from the northern side and flank
    enemies that dont gove attention on you, you can do this even with a tiger

  25. Ik, I’d like to answer the question but, I have not had a girlfriend. Maybe
    because some guys take their girlfriend for granted?

  26. Remember Einstein

  27. Question: u as scholars of science, what do u think of god?

  28. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    ffs Ik, it’s called hypersexuality. Paraphilia is a symptom of
    hypersexuality. A quick Google search would have told you that you lazy
    bastard! Kappa

    • that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

      +Ik Twitch culture o7

    • +that tea drinking top hat tipping British man Twitch culture o/

    • that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

      +TNX255 Kappa: The main symbol/emote of It represents sarcasm,
      irony, puns, jokes, and trolls alike. If you see this term used outside of, then this is not the correct definition. Usually used at the end
      of an ironic or sarcastic sentence. Sentences that contain a Kappa should
      not be taken seriously. If you search “Kappa” in Google you can
      see what the emote looks like, and why it is used as it is. Sentences that
      use Kappa do not always have to make sense.


    • +that tea drinking top hat tipping British man
      Oh, isn’t it a thing to just throw random Greek numbers at the end of a
      joke? Iota

    • that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

      +TNX255 I presume you meant to put Kappa at the end? lol XD

  29. Girls are usually talking girl talk, not interesting to us to be honest

  30. I am disappointed, only talk about tanks, very boring Ik! Lol!

  31. Woah, good matches :O

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