Casual Friday -WoT WithThor and IK! Tiger II & E-100 – How to not do it.

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Today we got on the agenda, demons, 9/11, Steam, and all the offensiveness you can desire! watch out Americans and Christians! do remember that we take no responsibility for what comes out of our mouths! mostly mine, Thor well-behaved.

have a nice friday


  1. I’d like to see more Pirates! Other than that, maybe FTL or Wolf Among us?
    Just some ideas.

  2. Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams?

  3. /o_o°°°°°°(melting e100)

  4. yeah bro a lot of americans are in denial about things here or they think
    its too absurd to believe but the rest of us here in the USA are fully
    aware that the 9/11 story is a cover and weve yet to find out what really
    happened, Just too many questions for it to be authentic

    • +Sir Denzington and its not the government that did it, it was certain
      groups and individuals that at a minimum allowed it to happen. Look what
      happened after, we got the patriot act which opened the door for legal
      spying on US citizens

  5. Ik, to combat RNG demons, you must pray to RNGesus. Unless you’re Russian,
    then you pray to SerB

    • You don’t even need to pray to SerB, russian tanks require no skill, Stalin
      is gonna guide your shot 😀 that’s why ghostshells exist

  6. If you’re taking ideas for games, I’ll suggest the Mass Effect trilogy.

  7. I’m american and it wouldn’t surprise me if 911 was an inside job. our
    government is absolute shit

  8. Beniamin Budzyński

    Can you do more this war of mine videos?

  9. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    12:10 Wait I thought the WT and JP weren’t over powered?

  10. Happy Christmas and a Merry new year, Ik!

  11. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    10:47 Correct me if I’m wrong but I think the saying you’re looking for is
    “absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

  12. Ik i recently got an m103 because of the special event going on and im
    wondering when you were playing yours did you find yourself being 1 hit by
    arty constantly? Im asking this because yesterday i was playing mine and
    got 1 hit by artys 6 games in a row (once by my own arty too) its really
    annoying because i like the tank but this is insanely irritating. Did you
    have this experience too?

  13. I have the same opinion on world of warships i enjoy it a lot but i
    struggle to bring myself to play it because any progress i make will be
    reset and if i go any further in to the game i honestly dont think i could
    do it.

  14. phsychoticpotatoe9 7

    How about a tank nation for ireland. We dont care if its made up. We just
    want pur own tanks

  15. You should. Play besiege.

  16. Kanskje greit å ha engelsk i WoT siden det ikke er bare norske folk som ser
    på… ;)

  17. No worries ikzor….we hate our government anyways lol….politics is
    bullshit anyways

    • +jae kay Agreed. It was a tragedy, and all other details/conspiracies will
      not change the fact that so many people died. And after the “there are
      weapons of mass destruction… oops, there are no weapons of mass
      destruction”, it is not like we can be that faithful to what is said by our

    • +Temojin Ehhh….If you want to split hairs, there were weapons of mass
      destruction…Even deadly gas (saddam’s favorite weapon against the Kurdish
      population) is considered a weapon of mass destruction.

  18. stiggiekaptain TH3 R34L 5T1G

    dear king IK ^^ will we see a return of this war of mine? I am missing ur
    vids on it.

  19. Praying away the RNG dose work, I was in my kv2 yeasterday driving side on
    to a M6 at 300 yards, and had to loop the shell around a building to hit
    him, doesn’t matter still did 284 damage to him

  20. Lol that annotation tho.. xD

  21. YEESSSS!!! E100 Gameplay! My Favorite

  22. Damn I’m American and Christian, well imma watch the video anyway

  23. Ik, you could play the game Heroes and Generals

  24. We could play GTA V online, we are usually on the QSF teamspeak. Look for
    Igipopp_Free (me on TS), if you remember i was the guy who said hi to you
    when you tried to fix your Minecraft.

  25. King Ik feasted on mead and grilled pig. He conquered the exams as he would
    conquer a weakling country.

  26. Well, IK, you could return to living your pirate life at pirates! live your
    life 😉

    I know – ’cause you told me already – that that game takes a lot of time to
    record, edit and then upload so it’s your choice; i just think i’m not the
    only one missing that series…. Or, you can always return to papers,
    please :P

  27. lol merry Christmas to you too.

  28. Jon .knallpistol

    Hehe, han andre forstod ikke helt hva du mente med å Be vekk RNG demonen 🙂

    Et kor høres bedre enn bare en stemme Thor.

  29. GZ on exams!! I heard you were not around on thursday, for all the drinking

  30. op annotation. aah thats why i didnt see you on stream ^w^
    ever heard of project zomboid?

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