Casual Saturday – Tank Mechanic Simulator

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Move over, Tank Museum! There’s a new sheriff in town!



  1. Abanax The Destroyer

    Shut up and take my money

  2. Uh it’s out now?

  3. Jingles. Playing with you dipstick in front of thousands of people on youtube when its stuck in a bay is not considered a good use of time. Need to do that while its easier to get at

  4. Pigpokingmonkeyslap

    Does said tank museum come with it’s own David Fletcher

  5. It may be in France, Russia, Germany, heck anywhere in Europe, but that’s clearly not corn you’re walking in.

  6. Reminds me a lot of My Summer Car. Except that if this was MSC you’d also need to manually assemble every possible engine screw to their places individually, and do all kinds of side jobs to get the funding. All the while trying not to die because of getting too pissed off.

  7. Yeah, it has been on my WISH LIST for a long time already.. I am a bit (happily) surprised, you are playing a game like this…There is also a airplane version of this game.. Both games are really similar to a game I do already have, “Car Mechanic Simulator 2018”

  8. we in the USN named it the “needle gun” and it made a hell of a noise as well.

  9. this is… surprising cool

  10. You shouldn’t have turned around. Just run to the Jeep and then backpedal, until you’re standing atop of metal detector again. 😉

  11. Tell them to add in a a camo design function … boom …. oh I should wait till the end before commenting

  12. we called it a needle gun in the USCG

  13. Tanks have interiors?

    Oh Jingles. Never cha—actually, fortunately, it’s likely you simple cannot.


  14. Next to carbon arc gouging ( common in shipyards ) the “windy hammer” is great for driving people insane from the noise it produces, especially inside enclosed spaces.

  15. @13:46

    “My God, I still need to fix the Jingles.”

  16. tmtc on twitch played this

  17. A really really really really really really really really long name that no one cares about


  18. Strange looking corn, looks like weeds to me

  19. That is a NEEDLE GUN, learn your Tools and Their Uses old man 😛

  20. Good gravy WHY!?

  21. Don’t forget the dipstick! 🙂 Honestly made me laugh..

  22. Game looks awesome. I’ll be looking for that one to play. Saw the stream with you QUickybaby

  23. I’ve been waiting on this for a while…

  24. Boudicawasnotreallyallthat Smith

    Tanks are great, but I imagine this will turn out to be an incredibly dull game

  25. Needed: “Have a Life Simulator”

  26. I believe we on the left side of the Atlantic call your Windy Hammer a Needle Gun.

  27. kv 1 and the motor fits on a normal cherry picker and if some kv1s were fitted with gasoline engines someone will correct me but if it is supposed to be the v12 diesel it would not have a carburetor

  28. Is not true russian tenk has no log!

  29. This looks like a good chill out game. Gonna keep ,y eye on this one.

  30. This is what happens when you repair between battles.

  31. Was anyone else’s first instinct to clean the shop?

  32. Plot Twist: When you choose to drive the tank around, it opens up World of Tanks

  33. “You can go out to fields in the middle of Russia and dig them up.”
    It takes sheer stupidity to make tanks into buried treasure.

  34. This game has been delayed for two years. Hopefully it is actually is released.

  35. No wonder the world is starving, that is the most pathetic cornfield I have ever seen…

  36. Hi Jingles, can you walk down into the pit to clean Under the tank as well?

  37. Were there any Corn fields in Russia/Eastern or Western Europe?
    I would have thought that it was more Potato fields for Vodka production 🙂

  38. Alexander Bendyna III

    Now it just needs to simulate the knee and back injuries caused by jumping up and down tanks all day every day. Every mechanic I knew in the military who spent more than a couple years in the service, all had knee and back problems.

  39. Um, no.

  40. The “Windy Hammer” was the same type of tool that Johnson-Mathhey Refineries would use after they melted down scrap jewelry into Gold Bullion Bars to clean it off. There’s a video on YouTube that shows one in use.

  41. Christopher Vanoster

    My tank mechanic simulator: press “X” to instantly repair any part of a tank regardless of combat situations.

  42. Vitárius László

    I’m still gonna need to fix the dipstick ? the details, fuc

  43. If you couldn’t get at the dipstick without taking the engine out, I’d say that’s pretty poor design.
    As it is, it’s still fairly inaccessible.

  44. And how exactly is the interior rifling of the barrel getting refurbished? Especially if you are restoring a tank that has been sitting buried in the mud for over 70+ years?

  45. What is it with Jingles these days?
    First he shows us a game that requires you to pick weeds and shovel pig sh*t to progress in the game (RDR2).
    And now he wants us to experience the thrills associated with sandblasting rust and refitting worn out parts.
    Whoo hoo!
    I can’t wait to see what he reviews next. Maybe a heart pounding farm simulator where you have to make last minute decisions on whether or not to harvest your crops now, or risk giving them another week to mature before the snow storm arrives.

  46. Check out Mastermilo82 here on Youtube, a Dutch mechanic that is Playing this game in Real Life. He’s restoring an Iraki Type 69 and it’s incredible to watch.

  47. Yes! Finally! More YouTubers reviewing this, especially Jingles!

  48. Czechs love it if you call them east Europeans.

  49. Jingles only had to pay for professional assistance because the option to round up his salt mining minions with a bull whip and forcing them to drag the tank out of the hole hasn’t been added yet.

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