CATCH ME IF YOU CAN! – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Playing the fastest in World of Tanks in the most competitive game mode – what could go wrong?


World of Tanks is a 2 game published by Wargaming and is available as a download.


  1. The wheeled pest need to be removed. you even said your self QB when they where introduced it would change the game. What’s the point in TD’s being able to hide for 10 secs only to be spotted and taken down. great fun in your super pocket rocket but you wouldn’t see that on a battlefield.
    When this game was introduce back in the BETA days it was supposed to be authentic as possible to WWII tanks and scenarios , that has long past and so have a lot of the original players sadly. Now all we get are super fast LT, Snowflakes in heavies that camp all the time. Autoloading meds that sit and do nothing to support… the game isn’t FUN anymore…

  2. Ranked battly is like pick an EBR or Arty and that’s all you have to do.
    I do notp aly with my AMX light tnak ,because every time I have EBR as an opponent and/or EBR as teammate and I know I can’t stand agaisnt them and it’s frustrating.

  3. That tank and all wheelies are Broken as fuck.. Quickysellout didnt mentioned that did he..

  4. broken tank !!!!

  5. From where come this guy ego it’s beyond me. You newer was a elite reality you are a joke for elite player’s.

  6. Hallo QB, what do you think about the bond optics, exhaust, and CVS build? It get you over 50% cammo and like 430,440ish view range

  7. I just got the IS-3, is the IS-7 worth the grind or should I abandon it for say the 430u?

  8. Markiplier: im not a masochist
    QB: i guess im a bit of a masochist


  10. Matthias MAILLET

    Disgusting EBR105. Worst than arty

  11. Good old clown cars

  12. Losing a chevron is a must in this game mode. Every ranked mode in every game has a penalty for playing bad. Otherwise everybody would get to the first division and it wouldnt be a much of a competition would it. So imo it is not bad system at all, but if it were as you said, it would be

  13. A neutral chevron system is not a smart idea
    All good players will end up tanking most of them and new players will have no chance to get them(a neutral system has a limited pool)

  14. I still trying to get my tier 9 :/

  15. EBRs are more annoying than the arty, change my mind.

    To add to it, wheelies would be better balanced, if they actually stopped with destroyed wheel, just like everyone else.

  16. I disagree with the idea you had for ranked battle rewards if you get chevrons for winning and loose chevrons for loosing rhe average player would end rank with zero with a 50% win rate. If you have it as winners get chevrons and losers get nothing then you will get people spam yoloing. They will drive across the battle field kill themselves, hope there team wins and move on to the next battle. I play on cinsole and that is axactlly what happened when we had ops were we had to get x amount of wins to get a reward.

  17. I like the film catch me if you can. The film is old but realy funny. Wow nice spotting dmg

  18. If the loosing wouldn’t have a chance at least gain 1 or loose non of the shevrons (sorry, don’t know how to write it), they would just camp and ignore cheach other more then they do now. Because of oportunity to “win” when loosing they are at least trying to do their best to be at the top sometimes. What I found kind of stupid in ranked is role rewarding. When you look at seach screen there are like (on EU) 100 heavies, mediums, light, 20 TDs and 300 SPGs and I was wondering why (this is my first ranked season). After the few matches I have realised that 9/10 games the top players both team – loosing and winning – were the SPGs and then I start wondering… Why in the earth I have to do like 3000 to 5000dmg with my T110E4 while avoiding any mistakes when I can just make myself a sandwich, sit confortly and start clicking my profit through the Ranked games. Even EBR is more “balanced” when being rewarded by ranked system then SPG xD

  19. Andrija Brankovic

    God, what a filthy vehicle… Ban wheeled shaits from game!

  20. People despise arty players but EBRs are more cancerous than arty. At least arty don’t circle you at 90kmph and shoot you every 10 seconds for 500hp

  21. IDK quickybaby.. what ever you say EBR is killing the game..It’s OverPowerd Tank.. Soo its a dislike from me, sorry..

  22. Arty is OP and this is ok…
    Nice job WG

  23. I hate these things with a passion. I did not choose to play a tank game to play an idiotic destruction derby. Arty has never been as toxic to the game as these ill-designed abominations.

  24. one thing i do not get, is, why can’t we play this mode 24h per day. For me personally, it means, i can only afford to play 1-2 games per day. Using up my bonus games i am at division 2, will most likely end up getting to the rank 6-8 in that second division. If i could play during the day, i would most likely be in the some league all ready. So for me, ranked is only for getting some extra bonds. right now i have 8 bonus games left, but i will not be able to use them all, before it all ends. Stupid system.

  25. The_Womble _King

    Wheeled vehicles and arty make me want to puke

  26. “How would you change it?”
    Remove it

  27. I am an average player so i need my team to perform well. Just after 3 games I realized that ranked is not played as randoms – there is no camping in usual spots at the beginning of the game, you do agressive play – you die fast. Every tank has its own predetermined role and place, if you dont follow that – you loose game. Got tired of seeing how your team will loose because tomatoes make mistakes. Still puzzles me why ranked has so many tomatoes who dont learn and drag the whole team down. Ranked is about team play, reading map, seeing when you need to push, listening to your teammates.

  28. all modes are dog shit.

  29. We random Battle players can still go to hell with all those EBR on the field…..Thxx Daddy WG

  30. Another bragging video.

  31. Put all ebrs and all spgs to a separated MM. Let them make each other happy, and let US play without them.

  32. Duedman Nachname

    Didnt watch, direct dislike

  33. I had aprox. 70% (for real) loosing teams, soooo…, no climbing up the ranks, played for two weeks and got only 3rd division rank 7 and lost hope after a while.

  34. The ranked “competitive” mode of this game is awful. It’s not a fair or balanced (or fun) mode when it’s driven by op tanks and pay to win. Ebrs and arty is just the cherry on top that ruins the game. Personally I’ve found myself wanting to play less and less lately.

  35. i would rather fall down the stairs then playing ranked again…

  36. So much fun… Driving around like a crazy bee and spotting the entire enemy team must be so fun for the enemy… I don’t regret uninstalling 🤣

  37. Personally, I hate wheeled tanks and I feel they are broken as they are right now.

  38. How did The t92 get blue

  39. No crew look before start, poor service just for top player base only to watch

  40. You called it a tank not car

  41. what would happened when you hit a full speed ebr with deathstar 183?

    –“Roasted Spinner Dolphin”

  42. Arturas Milasius

    there he did say wheeled wechicle ! not tank ! go ef your self , dont forget to cry that youtube doesnt pay u

  43. Quickybaby in YT videos is so much different than on stream. He is cool on YT but absolutely disgustingly toxic on live.

  44. Destroying the gameplay more and more

  45. In my Opinion, WG Should change those Cars instead of changing Crew and/or Arties ! They should make them more vunable like the Lynx 6×6. When this Car is hit and looses 1 tire, it´s speed is dramaticly reduced and it´s turning is Horrible. All Cars should be vunable like this one !

    One hit, one Wheel gone, better to hit for the Enemy like it should be !

    Plus the Commanders Vision System should be removed entirely since it destroys , nearly totally, Tank Destroyers, who are depending on Camo and still standing !

  46. Taking a cheap shot at arty while playing the most broken vehicle in the game…..

  47. Can somebody tell me, why does arty went blue?

  48. Seriously QB?, a clown car? They are more toxic and cancer than arty.

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