CATCHING CHEATERS in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm exposing some filthy cheats in !



  1. And the people too

  2. He tried so hard and got so far… 4:30 xD

  3. this happend to me and i reported and send a replay but nothing was done

  4. 3 or 7 days ban and good luck next, typical wg

  5. Quickibaby: Censors all of the names out for privacy reasons;
    Also Quickybaby: 4:27

  6. As a game designer. Its not about switching WIN on and off…. But like…. Whenever you capture a base in Front line, you are given a “morale boost” and you gain incredible RNG for like 30 seconds so you can easily clear out the opponents left in the zone. Its that simple. There ARE hidden variables and its not a hard thing to do.

  7. “Streamer in chock on discovering regular cheating that had been going on for years”

  8. Nahh, he just got good gaming chair

  9. So he blurs the names during the replay and after the game…but when he opens the tanklist (with tab) all names are unblurred…

  10. Mārtiņš Dmitrijevs

    Nice censorship of names xD

  11. You should make the names of those guys visible.

  12. They both rig it qb many a time I’ve been on a team and the enemy has a t95/fv , obj 268/4 and a 279e and the team iam on has none its so rigged for 1 side to win its untrue

  13. Sorry QB the game is rigged from the jump, winners and losers are decided when the match is started,

  14. I personally went from a high WN8 (1600 average IIRC) to extremely low (yellow/red) after quitting for a year and a half. I wouldn’t immediately assume the account was sold, as it personally happened to me almost exactly like that. Especially in my case with work/life, I didn’t game at all during that time so pretty much all my knowledge/skills/reactions were gone and had to be relearned.

    • It’s totally normal that have to relearn some of the basics after quitting for a while. However that’s not happening here. These heavies are showing their side armor, do not fire a shot and completely get farmed. That’s not what you do after not playing for a year and a half. It’s clear that these accounts are being abused for boosting the leopard. It doesn’t matter if they were sold.

    • As someone with a 3500 wn8 average before I took an 8 month break, it only went down to ~2900 when I got back in the game. Some of my friends who stopped playing at the same time only got back to ~2700 wn8.

      This to say, the decrease isn’t as drastic the higher the original wn8 is. And I’d strongly argue that anyone who’s 3000 wn8 and then dropped to <1000 wn8 has clearly sold their account, it got hacked, or their kid is playing on the account.

  15. I dont think this counts as cheating but those ppl are turely disgusting, grinding 3rd mark in a pathetic way. You should try Asian server or Chinese server, there are ppl actually cheating, like 100% accuracy, auto aim your engine or ammo rack, killing your crew each shot…. you name it. Comparing to that, that’s not even close to be called cheating.

  16. This is what killed the console version of this game

  17. this is just one other reason i have quit playing WoT

  18. What only 1 week ban ?? That’s really sad !

  19. Alexander Superapple

    The cheaters are:

    farm boys (weak stats, maybe they bought some accounts to not ruin their main acc stats):
    mihaitoader [DS-RO]

    Cleaner113 [T_D_U]

    Everyone please write to WG, if Cleaner113 doesn’t get perma banned – QUIT 🙂

  20. I am not an “influencer”. So Warlaming doesn’t give a damn about my report. Screen shots, video and stats have been provided in the past for some particularly egregious events. And Warlaming told me, Thanks, but the in game report system is there for a reason. And pretty much blew me off. So yeah, not worth the time taken to report on the in game function, let alone investigate and provide proof.

  21. Cleaner113 was the Leopard. Nice censoring.

  22. Christopher ransley

    What’s that site mentioned?

  23. QB there is no switch. there is an algorithm called patent of Kisly. which will bam you and your winrate. and there is a rumor that in battles there are even bots. i had 5 games in to days where 3 to 5 players are not doing anything after moving a little bit. no pen no shots or one shot that’s it

  24. Chronological Gamer

    OMG what an ***holes those guys are, I trough it was a cheat like he could see all players spoted, instead it was an inside job, OMG

  25. The MOEs are based on the average over the last 14 days in percentiles. To get the third, you need to be in the top 5 percentile and ofcourse if you have donkeys like this, it makes it very difficult.

  26. DarthVaderITA sidius

    Yes but how they managed to meet each other in random match? Also another hack for the mm?

  27. I been seeing boost adds on YouTube

  28. Cheaters ruin about every online game

  29. Cheating platoon > romanian players. No surprise here.

  30. this new gen of players in wot are the dumbest so far in world of tanks era.

  31. Good work, inspector QuickyBaby

  32. Could you do a community post if WG actually confirms if they will deal with these players

  33. trio stooges in every way

  34. This is strange and dont have reply but i had yesterday a is7 and 5Otp and 60tp theY never fired yes we lost ,,,not sure if same players . YES they were platton but i cant prove if they cheated just thought they had bad battle .

  35. 4:27
    You forgot to blur the names here!

  36. STAT BOOSTER SITES/SERVICES! That’s my best, bots wanting to get unicum starts, them when they get their accounts back, wreck the stats again…

  37. Thought you revealed their names cleaner113 from T_D_U

  38. I found those assholes also but I can’t get the replay

  39. Most clans do this to boost player stats and missions for obj260 and others, some clans will help any players to do missions for gold gifts.

  40. Well spotted QB hope all these accounts are banned.

  41. Names at 4:27 are not blurred @QuickyBaby

  42. Shoutout to bro for the replay but we also not gonna discuss how dude has 30 prem rounds and four apcr rounds

  43. The word integrity should NEVER be in the same sentence with WOT unless the word NO is in front of it.

  44. What can be the mechanics in place to get the same platoon over and over? Rigging at count can be done when on discord/tspeak but is not guaranteed to get the same exact platoon in every battle … so how can a person rig the game so hard to get the same platoon in all battles? all 3 accounts from that platoon are old accounts possibly sold or stopped playing …

  45. I once reported something like that to WG, 3 players doing no damage at all and being AFK the whole game. Wg told me it was maybe because of a connection bug or something… They didn’t get banned.

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