CDC – Global Aces

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  1. last time i was this early the chinese mediums where still relevant

  2. If only the gun wasn’t so inaccurate CDC would be great

  3. How ? How ? This guy…his shots.

  4. They just gotta do something with this tank.

  5. Its so funny when ppl firing gold on Cdc since you know Cdc got so op armor… unpenetrable from any side

    • people sometimes use apcr for its superior shell velocity rather than using it for the improved pen. but then again that’s usually at long range. i do like people firing HEAT when i’m driving lightly armoured tanks because like 25% of those shots end up getting absorbed by the tracks xD

  6. whenautismhitstoohard

    That leo penned you because he fired APCR


  7. You make it look so easy

  8. The CDC is my favorite premium. Literally all they have to do is buff the gun a little bit so that it can compete with all the new OP shit at tier 8-10. It’s disgusting that they released the Lorr 40t with better soft stats on a 100mm autoloader than the CDC’s soft stats on a single shot 90mm gun. With slightly improved soft stats the CDC could be a beast again.

  9. It needs a buff badly

  10. Mod 1 may have been less than good at driving, but he does have 3 marks on it at least

  11. Alexander Krikorian

    I’m very disappointed you didn’t go for the ram kill, would’ve gotten you a kamikaze medal which is the best medal in the game.

  12. T25 Pilot no1 vs CDC ? Which is better ?

  13. Circon are you from Sweden or the Netherlands?

  14. FCM is even worse

  15. Leo had sacrificed enough to RNG gods… lol

  16. Ooooooh, Circon’s going for that 95th percent on CDC tonight, gonna be good !

  17. Marthijn van Oorschot

    Totally agree, I grinded though the panther 2; the gun is great but the engine is just so ingepeperd for a medium…

  18. Im the only Person that thinks that this cammo looks kind of like… well… Bacon?

  19. I got this tank and i have a 48% winrate in it. Can anyone advise me on how properly play or the gameplay of this tank and 3rd mark it an easy way?.

  20. where the hell is there a bunch of Chernobyl videos in the recommended bar?


  21. Circon manage to damage russian tanks in this? NERF NEEDED

  22. Leo > CDC confirmed.

  23. Buff aiming time and terain resistens in cdc and u got nice tank

    • No, WG only need to buff the dispersion value on the CDC and leave its shitty terrain resistance unchanged and you get yourself a balance medium tank (and profitable too).

  24. FirestreakRodimusPr

    that mod 1 had 3 stars on his barrel.

  25. From the first game it looks like all a player needs is a ping boost to hit accurately. Everything else is ascribed to latency….. lol

  26. General Gao's Chicken

    Ain’t subscribed yet but he is growing on me.

  27. This reminds me when i play leopard 1.


  29. And why does everyone like the vanilla wow the best?

  30. I love how he tries to angle his armour if it could bounce anything ?

    • Not bouncing, tracks eating it maybe. 🙂

    • Circonflexes you‘re right circon, these are some big ass tracks tho. ? Kinda thought about the same. However the Leo was surprisingly successful with it besides side scraping. Still thx for answering circ! 🙂

  31. Do you use Beard Products as it looks to glorious to be natural.

  32. Is that a stock caernavaen? God help us
    I have this tank stock and feel the same, even at top tier

  33. 3 million free XP!!!

  34. i think it was just yesterdays you said that CDC need buff compared to the others tanks now showcasing ace tanker in it kind of diminishes the purpose of your last video.

  35. Itz Dirty J69 ! ! !

    What a fucking stupid Lowe !

  36. I used to go toe to toe with CDC’s with an LTTB back when it was tier seven and make them regret their life choices. Just load the HE, lol

  37. Let’s sidescrape in a CDC guys – Circonflexes, 2018

  38. CDC doing FULL speed in swamp terrain. Seems legit

  39. Clanwars tier 6 is full T34 85M
    Even in city maps

  40. #MakeCDCGreatAgain

  41. I played like 450 games in my cdc and I sold it because it’s gun was awful, it’s terrain resistances killed it, and it got ammo racked %50 Of the even with safe storage and and the ammo rack equipment. It was definitely the worst medium I have ever played.

  42. was hoping for a bigger boop on the T49 but still good memes

  43. Mod 1 was probably a good player, which means that he wants your spot for himself so he can farm damage… most maps only have a couple “good positions” per area…

  44. Frustrated Circon is most best Circon. Sounds just like me. The struggle is real.

  45. CDC = chasseur de canard

  46. I wrote a very thrilling… review? Sure, let’s call it a review… On the AMX CDC. Realistically, it’s just my thoughts on the 4 biggest problems with the tank that make it so painful to play.

  47. I’m gonna play back this game when this tank will have a buff.

  48. “circon started aiming with the cdc when i was 18…im 32 now” lol

  49. For April fools, Circon should send Jingles a completely normal game and hype it up.

  50. Alexander Stoyanov

    Leo 1 op confirmed wg nerf pls :)))

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