^^| Centauro Stream Highlight

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  1. Love the game play circ….

  2. whats the flag for? not a regular stream viewer just watch the youtube stuff.

  3. I thought I was really gonna like AW, but it’s actually not that much fun to play. Like WoT is a lot more frustrating sometimes, but it is more fun. AW maybe is too fast-paced or doesn’t have those magical moments WoT has… also the PvE mode is wayyyyy to easy

    • +Lucas K. AW is very fast paced compared to Wot, at least at lower tiers. At upper ones, it’s very sluggish due to MBT dominance, and PVE either is too easy, or BS hard, depending on your team competency and how the spawns roll.

    • Hm, I maybe should try get some higher tiers then

    • +Lucas K. Good luck. It’s not particularly well populated, at least on the NA servers, and you get an issue where the MBTs are so well protected frontally that you get entire teams forced to sit there and trade HE. Not to mention the rates of traverse and armor thickness make most MBTs borderline immune to the IFVs.

    • +jtnachos16 On EU it’s fine, as far as I’ve played it.

  4. Holy shit 96k reputation.

  5. But have you tried Zhalo-S? With Sabrina as commander I regularly do 5-6K damage in tier 4 td. At this point I don’t know if I’m good [To a certain degree I am…] or the tank is just op AF…

  6. Well played Circon, good to see you are rocking in this game as well 🙂
    Is it just me, or this game really has some weird spotting system compare to wot?

  7. Is it just me or does the video compression get worse and worse with every vid here? 720p looks like 480p at the best…

  8. Really hope you stick with the regular uploads and stream highlights, its really nice to see the best bits of your streams as I can’t normally watch the whole thing. -elliotb123

  9. Thank you for improving the volume of your microfon, circon 🙂 way more clear now

  10. That was …ehhh AWESOME!!!!

  11. Well paid boys

  12. The 96k xp is due to a bug with the major bonuses in the details tab. All the bonuses are being applied multiplicatively instead of additively. Because of this, in higher tiers you can get some pretty crazy major bonus xp multipliers.
    Either way, well played sir.

  13. >Category: Travel & Events

    well okay then

  14. i tried to watch the stream that day but for some reason it wouldnt load. Like the screen would just stay black. The Chat was working and everything but yeah…anyone help ? :c

  15. why has he got the Australian flag on top of his face?

  16. this game is unplayable for us aussies, we have to play on the NA server which makes our ping 200-250, nice game circon

  17. I gotta ask what does Pogchamp means?

  18. +SirCircon As of right now, the Cent 120 is far and away superior to the LAV-600, and many people prefer it to the Stryker. 742 avg damage, 4.84 sec reload with AP. Comes out to 9200 DPM. It’s incredible, and the pen, while not amazing, isn’t shit like the tier 6 Centauro.

  19. I do really enjoy a good bout in AW now and again, but my plebtop is too shitty for it. Even on bare minimum graphics, I can’t break 20fps, and with the pace it plays at, I’m just at too much of a disadvantage.

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