Centurion 5/1 – In game review!

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Spectre_2021 WoT

    First! Suck it hoes!

  2. Hey all! I was sick last week and then i streamed 12 hours on both saturday and sunday. So you’ll have to excuse the lack of videos that week. But today im playing the new centurion premium and give my thoughts on it after the game, enjoy! <3

  3. TheGamingWolf252

    Very nice

  4. Note that this specific Centurion will also give your crews a healthy dose of radiation poisoning, which is another way of saying “swap out the crew every once in a while ya lazy fuck”

  5. I like this tank.. its very agile.. really good at snap shotting good turret

  6. so basically
    this tank is the centurion 7/1, with the type b barrel and griffon engine
    at tier 8

  7. This tank came out not long after I bought the FV4202. I’m still pissed about it, would have liked this more than the FV

  8. Anyone know how much it is?

    • Basic package with just the tank and a garage slot is about £24 (about 27 euros).
      Ultimate package with added gold, missions and boosters is about £43 (about 49 euros).
      Supreme package with a long-ass shopping list of extra stuff including a Tier 4 Medium ‘AC1 Sentinel’ with its own camos is about £86 (about 97 euros).

    • Yeah found it had to play a match with prem befor i could get the deal ended up bying the cheapest bundel good tank so far

  9. So basically this is a better fv4202…. damn I wish I could trade my fv for this D:

  10. WG – “We really appreciate you spending money getting premium account time so as a thank you, here’s an opportunity for you to spend more money earlier than the standard plebs”.
    Pretty much everyone – “Uhhh… thanks???”

    • Everything is a money grab now. If you haven’t heard, WoWp got screwed in getting every plane, including premiums, nerfed by the creation of ‘specialized’ status. So after you grind a plane’s xp and buy it, then grind out the modules and buy those to elite….but you’re not finished. Then you can grind through the two long requirements, one of which is based off winning games only, to unlock ‘specialized’ and pay again to unlock it. But it is OK, as WG has a way for you to pay to avoid the grinding. But wait there’s more…. Their equipment has +/- affects and can be improved with silver and materials obtained in game, which you can then use at the WG casino, also known as calibration, to RNG your equipment that could be better/break even/worse than when you started. Oh and materials can be bought for real $$$ in the store too if wins are hard to come by from the unbalanced bots in games or not enough drop on wins.

  11. #Y0u0nlyLif30nc3 #Yolo

    Is it the 100th tier 8 premium?

  12. Oh and if you check tanks.gg you’ll also find the dispersion values are also all better than the other Centurions 😛

    • That is not true. Its the Type B barrel. The Type b barrel has better aim time and dispersion over the type A barrel.

    • Robert Rivett look at the FV4202, that tank has the type B barrel yet it’s dispersion values are the same as the regular Cent 1 and strv 81

  13. Alexander Sonnenberg

    Thing is Circon about your comment on saying that you think they ahould buff the tech tree Centurion wouldnt make sense because the Centurion 5/1 did have the upgarde hull and bigger engine when it was sold to the austrailans

  14. How is it compared to the FV4202? I have the FV already and after all the buffs last year it’s pretty strong (in situations) too. So (unless I’m a tank collector) should I get me a Centurion or just stick with the FV?

    • Oton4shi The 7 day refund option sentence was what made me think you didn’t realise that. Was just trying to help.

    • Ah sorry. Yeah I that refund was meant for Heeeeeeerm. He was unlucky with his buy

    • Oton4shi np 🙂

    • When you compare RAAC to FV the most important difference in turret armour. RAAC has very reliable armour, even when not using gun depression. FV has quirky turret armour, only effective when it’s using it’s full gun depression, and even then it’s still worse.

    • 1Medivh9D'Sparil9Jagar4 1Medivh9D'Sparil9Jagar4

      The tech tree variant of the British Tier 8 mediums is superior than the FV4202. The Centurion 5/1 is superior than the tech tree variant, so that means that the Centurion 5/1 is better than the FV4202 twice over. That being said, I’m still rocking the FV4202. Having spent my entire time in the game playing German and Japanese mediums, the FV4202 is like a breath of fresh air. Not the best of British mediums, but it is still a good medium in general. Obviously, if you’re thinking of buying one of the premiums, the Centurion 5/1 is still the better choice.

  15. CirConShekels is back….sigh.

    • Giving WG any more cash at the moment wouldn’t exactly be my first choice either, but in this case it’s Circons cash and he can spend it however he likes.

      On the flip side though, if he hadn’t bought the Centurion, he likely would have ended up with a whole massive long queue of subscribers all asking him for his opinion of the tank anyway, so he’s kinda damned if he does (in the eyes of some of the WoT community), and he’s kinda damned if he doesn’t (in the eyes of his subscribers who value his opinions about the game).

  16. Still waiting for a premium tier 8 American TD

    • 1255XL Been asking for it aince day 1

      Nyet Nyet

      Rassia lack premium tanks, must have more for commissar Stalin da

    • 1255XL And still you’re literally given one for free in the form of a reward tank.

    • frmadeira so which one?

    • Nvm T7 yeah, still better MM, and honestly T7 is the second best tier to play with after T9.

    • Chandler Kristoff

      T28 Htc is good tank but the way the crew is set up is so stupid when you want to train lower tier US TD crews but if you’re training your Tier 10 TD crews then it’s fine, for Tier 8 and below you can train your Commander, Gunner, Driver, and Loader in it, but no Radio because you’re Commander takes the role of Radio in the htc.

  17. it might be the Atomic Centurion after being refitted and sent back into service
    upgraded from a Mk. III to a Mk. 5/1
    number on the extended fuel tank looks to be similar to 169041 (which would be the right one) or maybe 169044
    too blurry to tell, may have been fudged in the art dept to make it look different enough to sell as a new tank

    allows them to cosmetically alter an existing model and sell it as something new

    me? cynical? never! (well, maybe a bit)

    peace (from the UK)

    • From what I’ve heard, it’s the Australian version of the Centurion 5/1, and the RAAC do make alterations from the British versions to suit their needs. But you seem to be in the know more than me, so take that info with a pinch of salt.

  18. So WG are going full pay to win with their better then tech tree premiums, I remember back in the day when most premiums were slightly worse than the same tier tech tree tanks, seems a very long time ago now.

    • Maybe this is/was all part of their ongoing plan to get rid of Pref. MM, by making the premiums slightly better than the tech tree versions in some ways or other.

      Except now that WG’s dirty little secret has kinda come out about the matchmaker balancing mechanism not having been properly implemented in-game to stop players from being top or bottom tier too many times in a row, who knows what other cash-grabby horseshit they’ll come up with next.

    • And this is why it’s best to just uninstall the game and watch Circon play.

    • Releasing balanced tanks isn’t pay to win.

  19. I really liked the tank in Frontline games (SEA server), but it collects dust in my garage now. It’s not a bad tank, I just hate the MM for T8. Wondered why Circon was so late on a review like the tank was just coming out, but then remembered EU never got it yet.

  20. Another power creep and the next step to p2w.

  21. StarkCoyotEspada1

    25 gold what a joke i only load 15 APCR in it

  22. Is it even still for sale brought a day of prem from my saved up gold to see and i can’t find it.

  23. at first, fuck WG for all that bullshit. then, secondly we can think about buying their powercreep shit once they fix the MM

  24. Tracking shots were on point my dude! nicely done.

  25. primo victoria or this RAAC centurion?

    • Primo Victoria is basically a regular -Cent 5/1- Centurion 1, but with premium status. And of course you need Swedish crew. RAAC is better than -Cent 5/1- Centurion 1 and you can use Brit crew.


    • I’m sure you meant to write Cent Mk 1 instead of 5/1, but I’ll correct you just for the sake of it.

      The Primo is identical to the tech tree Cent I, which is worse than this Cent 5/1 (RAAC).

      So unless you really want a Swedish crew trainer, the RAAC will be better.

    • That’s right. My bad. Thanks for the correction. 🙂

  26. Another pay to win premium.

  27. Now all we need is the AVRE variant

  28. SteelWarrior115

    what is the percentage in the bottom of the screen, cant catch streams and its been bugging me

  29. TBH no. Less time tank is available the higher the requirements to Ace. Less player = less margin of error. If 9 people bought the tank then in order for you to get Ace you need to do best of those 9 players (+ you)

    • That’s not how it works though. The less time has passed since the tank has been released the less opportunities for very good players to have very high exp games, cranking up the ace requirements.

  30. that T55A doing 1k dmg to himself jumping off that cliff though

  31. And 120 UFP on this tank MAYBE helps vs tier VI, but I haven’t seen yet the RAAC (BTW, in Polish that RACK sound as a work means cancer) bounce anything with UFP on VII+

    • When angled properly, so you still autobounce on the sides, upper plate has around 200mm effective. Pretty good vs tier 6, 7 and many tier 8 tanks. Lower plate is still the same wet toilet paper. But with RAAC enemies with lower pen guns actually have to aim for the lower plate, rather than simply autoaiming at the centre of the hull.

    • Eh, the 120UFP helps alot when your actually using your -10 gun depression.

  32. The soft stats on a great majority of low to medium alpha guns is cancer so that is why it handles like a 390.

  33. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Try that shit Grille 15: a tier VIII gun with a tier IV hull and tier II stats all put in a tier X that is not near a tier X.
    A piece of shit that Wargaming pushed over us without ask if we wanna that crap, with any chance of refund us.

    We got robbed
    They say grille has a pseudo turret; but it can’t use it because of monstruous dispersion they gave to it. So, every stat on grille 15 is fake. It move at the same speed as Centurion 7/1 that has 18hp/t. Fuck wargaming robbed us.

  34. I got this tank to play Front Line mode and boy was it totally worth it. It prints credits.

  35. jonathan Wieringa

    2:15 4:43 i keep hearing a goat..? Anyone knew he had a goat?

  36. Good at haul down

  37. 1:06 how come I can never find enemies that retarded?

  38. I like the broken giant flashlight in the turret.

  39. The mighty Cent

  40. WG’s new meta, sell tanks that are them same tank as the tech tree version…except better…gg WG, gg.

  41. Chandler Kristoff

    Pref mm tanks all suck but which one sucks less, KV-220 or IS-6? i need a Soviet heavy crew trainer and i’m tired of playing slow-af Church 3, i’m leaning towards KV-220 since it’s going to be for sale soon and it’s pretty cheap.

  42. Hey, vraagje, hoe heb je die MoE mod boven je shells gekregen ipv naast je tank hp etc.?

  43. This is an Australian Centurion which was used in a nuclear test and later fought in Vietnam.

  44. almost 6k combined, 1550 exp, no gold, and around 100k profit is dogshit. I remember when i had 80-100k profits with 3-4k combined like 4 years ago. WG nerf that income so much past 3-4 years.

  45. it came out on Australians servers like a month ago

  46. Hayden L'Ecuyer

    Everyone complains about low-alpha dmg on this tank for tier 8 and the gun stats.
    German medium panther line? Slow aiming for that much alpha too, and it doesn’t have the armour!

  47. I gotta say, this looks a lot like the Atomic Cent from the console WoT but more fucked up stats wise. As the Atomic is just a tech tree Centurion but with a sandblasted skin, so it isn’t hopping on the power creep train that has been going around for a while on the PC side.

  48. Why are the people watching ur stream so toxic?the chat was so cringe I couldn’t even enjoy the video.

  49. Playwme Surname

    Of course it’s better than the normal ones, it’s been modified by Australians. WG is just going for technical accuracy.
    I got it gifted to me the other day. Loving it so far. Win rate is rubbish but there hasn’t been a single game where I didn’t do my share of the heavy lifting.

  50. This guy is doing 4k damage all the time like eating candy.

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