Centurion 5/1 RAAC – Review – World of Tanks – Is it worth it?

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Thats the tail gating kit or the party box if you will. Since you’ll be having so much more of a good time.

  2. Much better power to weight also

  3. Keep up the good work on the reviews! Appreciated

  4. Basially the effective armor on the upper plate of the tech tree centurion is the raw armor thickness (on paper) of the premium one,absolutely amazing. *NICE MEME*

  5. Love how this thing can exist and yet the FV4202 can just be in the game as is… This thing is just better in every way

  6. “Only thing better is the upper plate”
    Don’t forget the soft stats. Those make or ruin a tank

  7. My review of the AMX 13 57: Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes

  8. Better upper plate, engine power AND gun soft stats than the tech tree centurion… Just silly

  9. Review the fv4202 pls

  10. So Circon would you prefer small gun on E50 instead of 390 alfa?

  11. Thing on the back is a external fuel tank.

  12. rac/rak means cancer in my language, appropriately so

  13. I’d say the biggest annoyance for cent 1 drivers and the biggest lure for fv4005 players is the cent 1 upper plate, because the FV can overmatch the upper plate and instantly eat up an entire teir 8 med, there arent too many fv4005s but everytime your in a cent 1 they are looking for you

  14. I like it, but this tank and arty …. Dunno why i always get more dmg from arty than regular 8tiers…

    • Rafal Kisiel In the Primo Victoria, my first game, I forgot kits. Lost 2 crew and 400 HP to first arty strike, lost another and 300 to a second. These were 155 mm splashes

    • +TheTankingGamer I think primo Victoria is very similiar to cent. So the Brits tanks just love ary shots… My record is 1.2 k recived on one shot on my cent 5/1 so….

  15. Well done bro.

  16. What about the AMX CDA 105?

  17. You didn’t say if it was worth it, or I missed it. I would guess by your compliments of it that you do recommend buying it.

  18. 4:10 its a water tank i believe theres a chieftain video on it somewhere

  19. The 5/1 looks so good

  20. So, the British can have a Centurion 7/1 with the 20pdr gun on tier 8 and the Germans CANT have a Tiger II H with the 88 on tier 7? Cm’on!!!

  21. RAAC>>FV4202

  22. That climb area reminds me of the old El Halluf heavy tank climb.

  23. That’s WoT for you these days: sneaking in Pay-to-Win into the game, one tank at a time.

  24. the armor layout is the same than on the cent 7/1

  25. General Gao's Chicken

    Rear end box is an auxilliary fuel tank

  26. Short version: fuck those that already bought the FV4202 or have the normal Centurion because this is way better.
    It seems WG can’t stop selling premiums that outclass their tech tree counterparts.

  27. Got this specifically for Front Line mode and boy did it print credits. Great tank

  28. Circon, the Brits actually have a great deal of alpha … for a 83mm caliber gun. Ruskies only get like 180 damage for a bigger 85mm.

  29. Yes thank you. I bought this tank when it first came out and you have not trashed it. I sold the 59 Patton and KanJPz 105 but I shall keep this baby.

    • Calabi-Yau Manifold

      Theres zero reason why you’d sell a tank you bought with real money

    • +Calabi-Yau Manifold – I have sold many thing I have purchased with real money. If its not fit for purpose it gets sold .

    • Calabi-Yau Manifold

      +Peter Richards Makes sense, instead of waiting for it to get a buff just sell it right away for a quick buck. I guess this kind of thinking separates the rich from the poor.

  30. British ’90mm’ doesnt exist (closest is 32 pdr which is 94mm). The 20 pdr gun is 84mm, the fact it doesn’t only do 200 damage is a miracle.

  31. I have six skills on a crew and can select new skills now. If I pick one
    new skill for one crew member does that skill progress faster then
    selecting a new skill for each crew member??

  32. Aussie Aussie Aussie,

    And on the back is a exsternal fuel tank

  33. Great video of one of my favorite tanks! But you know how it goes: they see mostly tier ten. Could we see one of this in a tier ten match?

  34. Congratulations on 100k subs!

  35. So you can pay money for a better version of what you can grind for free. Do p2w games ever succeed in the west?

  36. Lekker bezig kerel! Also a big thank you for your time and energy to do these reviews and showcases! Great video my man. Keep it up 🙂

  37. you should have compared this to the fv4202 which is shit compared to cent 5/1

  38. The Thing on the Back is a 100Gallon Extended Range Fuel Tank fitted to all Aussie Cents.

  39. What’s the comparison with the FV4202 and this one?

  40. Its just a fast heavy IMO. Has better effective hull than the T29/32/34/30, IS-3, Tiger 2 and pretty much the same as the Caernarvon, Somua and Patriot. Go figure?

  41. The box on the back of the tank is an Esky (Australian for where we keep our beer cold).

  42. Can you do a t-34-2 guide?

  43. The box on the back is for extra fuel since the cunturian had bad gas mileage even for a tank

  44. One of the best t8 medium thats a premium. I 2 marked this under 100 games but the tank sucks at t10 shooting its pea gun

  45. Fcm 50t or riot

  46. As an Aussie player, I knew I was going to get it when I heard it was coming out and it’s great fun!

  47. Yo can I buy the invisible tank that they show on tanks.gg so the enemy tanks cant see where I am cause it would work way better then the camo the bushes give in the game. Is there only standard battles on Empires Border?

  48. Wheres the tier 10 game cause we all know tier 8 constantly is bottom tier Circon come on ma dude show us the real game play of bottom tier in a tier 8 premium. Is WG making you show videos like this cause your better then that man and you know you can take on tier 10 tanks cause you got da Circonflex skill so kick it in and show em who da boss is in a tier 8 premium when bottom tier.

  49. why are people still surprised when they see a pay to win premium. it’s not like this is the first one

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