Centurion 7/1 Review/Guide, Hull Down Over/Under Techniques

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Source: Taugrim

I review the Centurion 7/1, a tier 9 British in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier 10 Cliff and tier 9 Fjords battles.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb max gun depression (-10)
+ Superb silver penetration (268)
+ Superb view range (410)
+ Excellent accuracy (0.32 base)
+ Good alpha (390)
+ Good turret armor
– Mediocre top speed (50)
– Long reload (11.2s base)
– Below-average camo for a medium, not good enough to play vision games against lights and mediums
– Thin side armor
– Large, soft lower plate
– Large profile

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. Rammer
3. VStab

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  2. not first 🙁

  3. Taugrim so good to have you back!!!!!!.
    you make the best guide videos in wot

  4. I’ve published this video in 1080p60 instead of 1080p30.

    Questions for y’all:
    1. Can you tell a difference between 1080p60 vs 1080p30?
    2. Do you meaningfully prefer one over the other?

  5. Hey, First of all, I Love the vids. Can you make a Video about exotic light tank positions and what do in certain maps where a lot of people have trouble in light tanks

    • So yea I’ve been asked this so many times.

      I could make videos on maps and spotting locations but:
      1. the initial / early -game spotting locations become pretty easy to learn, if you watch Unicums play lights, and
      2. maps change over time, and
      3. I talk about where to go in lights whenever I cover them, and most importantly…
      4. I want to teach players how to think about mechanics, not just “go to this bush here”

      If I succeed at #4, you’ll be better equipped to learn.

      People often complain about light tanks struggling on city maps (e.g. Himmelsdorf). I may make a video talking about that.

    • Azegul Star Rider

      @Taugrim This tank review was actually a very good map review. At least for the positions you covered. You covered the why of the positions you took. I particularly liked the idea of chaining each encounter to complete a battle.

    • @Taugrim this would be great. I mostly play lights and mediums so learning specific ways of approaching city maps a light would be cool.

  6. Were you in jail for 6 months?

  7. You forgot the HESH. HESH is love, HESH is life.

  8. The standard ammo god

  9. Great video, can you revisit 110?

  10. Do a Pz I c review for April 1st

  11. Thanks for the video! Don’t need to use premium ammunition if it’s HESH lol.

    What was your first Tier 9? Also, is the ammo rack damage tendency a significant issue? I’ve heard people talk about the hull being made of ammo racks, not sure if it’s worth mentioning though

    • ST-I was my first tier 9. Still a good tank.

      Yes, the 7/1 can be ammo-racked frontally, which is a good reason to try to hide the hull.

  12. Glad to see you back on yt.
    I revisit the E50 and the cent 7/1 every now and again. Both are my most played with 500 something each.

  13. New computer? You have double the framerate in this one.

  14. I’m one of those weird people that enjoyed the Centurion Mk I far more than I liked the Centurion 7/1 for some odd reason. Maybe because so many people had hyped up the 7/1 before I got there and it didn’t reach the hype level (not sure, just spit-balling). Of course, I did my grind through that tank about 5-6 years ago. I think it might be time to buy it back and try it now that I have slightly more than half a clue what I’m doing. 🙂

    • I played the Centurion I and Centurion 7/1 when I was new to the game. Both tanks had their top speed and turrets buffed.

      They’ve both very playable now.

  15. HazMatt Container

    Welcome back, missed the fantastic gameplay commentary!

  16. Have this tank unlocked but haven’t bought yet. I really pushed towards it back when it had that cool lookin’ machine gun on it’s turret. Then they removed that for some reason…

  17. Straight and Salty

    Friendly reminder for when you mentioned modules worth instantly repairing if damaged: your fire chance is significantly higher when your fuel tanks are damaged, so be cautious about that as well.

    • Huh, I never heard of that.

      I probably still wouldn’t repair fuel tanks. I’m too worried about having repair for tracks, ammo rack, or gun damage.

    • A lot of people do that. I think to some extent it depends on the tank, and whether or not you run auto fire extinguishers. If I have an automatic extinguisher that isn’t on cooldown, I’ll probably let it go. No auto extinguisher, or on cooldown, in a tank that likes to burn, I’ll think about repairing.

  18. next video so soon. NICE

  19. great video right now on the comet and the t6 Churchill

  20. good to have You back! best wot content on yt

  21. Do you recommend this line? I have completed centurion I but im not sure if t10 is worth it. 7/1 seems ok to me. Nice vid.

  22. Hey taugrim, 1080p60 is better, for sure, I don’t know if it is magnificient but it’s better

  23. Great to have you back, Cent has a special place in my heart as it is one of the tanks (along with the Conquer) in the game that my dad commanded in the British Army and he told be many stories about it. He always asked when the Chieftain (his favourite tank he commanded) would be in the game alas I never got to show him that.

    • The Centurion has a legendary place in tank history, and I know that despite not being a tank nut. Cool stuff about your dad.

  24. So glad you are back. Really informative and helpful content of hull down.

  25. I like ur rain analogy for the arty situation. 😀👍

    And yes, there will not much changed by WG unfortunately. Even though there would be a simple solution. Let them play against bots once in a while. This would reduce the frequency by which arty appears in the regular MM.

  26. Taugrim, I’d say you’ve already fully traversed the Road to Unicum. 🙂

  27. Why has the West spawn the advantage on that map with the ditch ? Was that misspoken and u meant East?

  28. Good to see you back Taugrim.

  29. I just bought this tank it is my first tier 9.

  30. I know a lot of you play it for the “game” of it. But I like this game for the realistic approach they take. If you’ll check out any vids of any war, arty was in them. It’s part of it. And I wish everyone would stop whining about it and realize that it’s another level to the game that needs to be learned.

    Of course, nobody likes playing a slow TD with no armor (Skorp for one) and have 3 arty on the other side. But I have some of my best games in that situation because I’m highly aware of my location. Just my opinion.

  31. Not enough HESH. 😛

  32. Lmao I was in a game with you and I did shit and then you were toxic to me in dms… nice. Maybe I was a little bit toxic in chat oops

  33. Missed you so much

  34. Glad you are back!

  35. Great video with good insights. It was my first Tier9 tank and i still play it from time to time. The premium ammo makes it kind of special. There are players with nearly 100m Credits and play without it – that is fine too 🙂

  36. Very helpful video. Thanks. Please keep it up. I particularly like when you ex plane the pros and cons of a position.

  37. i think, for a lot of players, blaming artillery is an excuse for them to not have to learn the game. there are certainly aspects of the class that could be improved and/or made more fun (for both sides), but on the whole i don’t think removing arty would significantly change the average player happiness. Other than for arty players, obviously.

  38. this is my first youtube comment ever and I have to log in to leave this comment here: I am GLAD to see you back. I am not a bad tomato by any means, but it’s so great to see you still active in helping new players since it is necessary for the game’s longevity. Welcome back, taugrim!

  39. Kind off new to channel, love ur vids.You understand to learn the game, u need to explaing the though process, not only the result that ppl copy. Just out of curiosity, wut is ur favourite tank?(just fun to play). sry if u have said this in previous vids, havnt seen em all yet 🙂

  40. You really gotta do videos on the type 61 and stb. I think you would love both of those tanks.

  41. Gerhard Wunderler

    great video, very informative… keep ’em coming – don’t know if different to 30 Frames/s but it definitely looks good!

  42. Arty can also dig out a hull down tank from a potentially OP position.

  43. Nice to see you back. Unfortunately I don’t really play WoT anymore. Have you considered doing a similar series for tanks in War Thunder? =)

  44. Can you make a video on E-100

  45. Hey man, you sound a little tired in this one. Make sure you get enough rest

  46. Combat Ineffective

    Taugrim, back with a vengeance!

  47. Nice guide! Taugrim, I got trouble with T-62A, my winrate of this tank is very low. Can you make a video about T-62A? Is it the worst Soviet MT?

  48. Hey Taugrim, do you stream? I’ve noticed on more than a few tanks you don’t run BIA in the first few perks/skills. If BIA makes all you crew/tank 5% or 10% (I forgot) better. What’s your reasoning why you believe the other perks/skills are more important than increasing a whole crew/tank abilities? Thanks.

    P.S. in these crazy fearful times you have a very calm, reassuring voice. Thanks for all the content.

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