^^| Centurion 7/1 CURRY /w DezGames Stream Highlight

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Thanks for watching!


  1. This my first game so…..( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  2. Someone wrote Bush did 9/11

  3. more memes please

  4. sovelis holimion

    hesh memes are real!! loving the work you’re putting on youtube, well done
    circ ;)

  5. Guut times jaaaaaaaaa!
    Looking forward for some more action in the future, really enjoyed that
    stream! 4 hours simply flew by. (Y)

  6. Was a fun stream Circon, and nice to see you bring Dez along!

  7. artillery fair and balanced – just stop camping, please

  8. Need to save all your health through the match so you can survive arty

  9. This thing needs a reload buff.

  10. When was this streamed Circon? What date? :)

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