^^| Centurion 7/1 HESH MEMES /w DezGames Stream Highlight

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  1. circon you gotta do m4 sherman derp gun memes pls b0ss

  2. Heshtastic

  3. I think you hit the beak on the IS, it had 300 something armor, pretty
    stupid.Or you hit the track

  4. The Title says “Memes” must be good

  5. 6:11 hilarious memes, ring around the rosy :D

  6. Aren’t the tracks on the lower plate counted as spaced armor?

  7. I don’t know what to say.

  8. sovelis holimion

    the arty was in the cap as well… how could he know the FV med was

  9. Das HESH!

  10. 720p only? :)

  11. second

  12. first yeah ☺

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