Centurion action X review! Is it WORTH the grind?

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Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. its killing me what is with ladies and mentalgen

  2. It’s possible to get the reload as fast as 6.88sec with BIA, tea etc..
    Personally love this tank way more than the 4202. Highly recommend getting
    this because the tanks in the grind are unique from that cromie and really
    builds you up to this beast!

  3. Christian Hostetler

    Fuck the 7/1 the tank is abysmal, the tank is a heavium that gets
    outclassed by every heavium type tanks, T10, E50, Conquerer ect.

  4. @ 7:54 That position is usually not the greatest because whenever I go
    there my tomato team mates leave me out to fucking dry. I get bum rushed
    while the fucks just sit back and try to snipe, usually very badly.

  5. Well OFC the hull and turret armour is bad, it isn’t made of communesium.
    I’m guessing it doesn’t get any ‘space’-ed armour on the sides as well?

  6. nice quick game.. if you dont have 100% crew then gun handling is going to
    be more impressive then what you just saw. nice video Foch

  7. must admit since the AX came out I’ve not had a bad time at all with it, I
    miss the rediculous upper plate on the 4202, but the AX seems to bounce
    more consistently on the turret, it seems to take a hit better as well,
    less crew and module damage overall, more sprightly round the battlefield.
    so yeah very happy. and arguably a good grind throughout imo, coventor I
    enjoyed and still have, same with the crusador which has an epic rof and a
    good gun, Cromwell is such a wicked t6 and amongst my favourites in game,
    comet I thought was ok but didn’t like the gun or the reverse speed, found
    myself in trouble all to often with no escape. cent 1 I’ve kept, the non hd
    model seems to bounce more than the 7/1 hd model, since the remodel of the
    7/1 I’ve fallen out of favour with it. the turret isn’t as faithful in
    bouncing shot and that was amongst its strong points, it’s still great
    though and one to keep. the brit med line is a good rival to every other
    one in the game.

  8. again a great example of luck… every missing only 3 shots entire game.
    where is the rng when i play and miss all the time with full aiming?
    especially when aiming at weakspots. 1-1,5 years ago i hit like 75% of my
    shots. now. i hit like 10-20% of the times because fuck you rng. or cheats.

  9. Thank you Foch for fulfilling my request.

  10. i’m not British, but i like this tank a lot.?

  11. VerySuperFamousGuy44

    did this tank come out a month ago?

  12. The STB has no advantage over this, litterally none. So at least this tank
    fits nicely between the leo and amx

  13. Kos “kOOsmaty” n

    Ammorack of this tank sucks hard… ;/ enemies blow me up every 2-3th

  14. Can’t make out what he says at the end.

  15. Guess its time to retire from making these boring vids about tanks. Dear
    Foch, you havent upgraded the way you make these reviews for ages. They
    become more boring as time goes by. To make a long story short, my advice
    is – unsubscribe.

  16. i duno whenever i see CAX hull dwon i alwayse pen the turret with my
    still leopard is a bit power creeped and amx 30 is obsolete true to that.
    bbut e50m is still king!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111

  17. hahaha, that brittish pride.

  18. 10:50 329 roll vs E75, 429 roll next shot.. haha go rng

  19. @Devor110 aka. Bigcube The 7/1 and cent 1 used to play like that… Till
    they nerfed it and fucking ruined the whole tank.

  20. When they swap a tank you already have for a new one do you get to keep the
    crew and do they remain fully skilled?

  21. i have a 10 kill game in my hetzer? can i send it?

  22. Kept thinking of QB when watching this…….

  23. I only need 160k xp to get it. :)

  24. fv4202 was better

  25. crusader is bae

  26. Poor Leopard 1, now its kind of useless :P

  27. SirFoch should i buy AMX30b ? i have researched already.

  28. Like Foch said: this tank is an arty magnet – this actually accounts for
    all the British mediums, so either stay arty-safe or play another tank, if
    you don’t like being one-shot.

  29. fkin glad it’s worth it

  30. too good being in a video of sir foch ?

  31. these snapshots ._.

  32. Action 10, not X, Foch.

  33. I can make a case for the Cromwell, and specially for the Comet, as reasons
    to grind ’em.
    They are so good. You control most engagements if you position yourself
    And you feel like you have options, different routes of play at all times.
    Definitely 2 keepers for me.

    But, I’m here ’cause I’m suffering the Cent 1 so, good to know if Cent AX
    is worth the effort.

  34. I just think the tank looks cool so i want it.

  35. Finally! Thank you Foch!

  36. Wow Foch baby fucking angry sounding comment at the end…has Jedi or Billy
    been mean to you ;3

  37. Spot on as usual, Foch. Have to admit, with this game and Warships both,
    some players from the UK go insane over their national pixels. Ships even
    more than Tanks (“Royal Navy” ad nauseam).

  38. Devor110 aka. Bigcube

    IMO they should have made a slower tank (same speed as prius) but with an
    actual good turret that will boucne shots reliably so it would be unique.
    this thing is not special in any way and adds nothign to the game, also
    aiming stats could be better, i played the obj 140 on the test server in
    comparison with the ax and difference was stupid so i hate every unicum
    driving 140s all they firing nothing but gold ammo even more.

  39. Стефан Србија

    How the fuck dont ya getting sick of this game?

  40. Where is your main British crew? Did you keep it in the 7/1 for now?

  41. i don’t like it just for one reason. Too much of a rolling ammo rack which
    got hit almost every round when i drove it on the test servers. Gonna stick
    to the E50M :)

  42. The waiting time after the “is it worth the grind” at the end was

  43. The last thing you said will make Billy and Jedi sad.

  44. It could be a great rammer

  45. Tension Boogie Woogie

    RIP Leopard 1

  46. 5 minutes and already 158 views ? That was a fast start …

  47. Nice review Foch, bit of a shame for me as I have just unlocked the Leopard
    and this seems a bit better :-/

  48. Can you remake the A44 review or Obj 430 review? The Obj 430 has been
    buffed a lot in DPM and will be buffed more in 9.13, and the A-44 need a
    new guide since it’s armor is not good like it used to be anymore with more
    powerful tanks added to the game

  49. Thijn “TheFunProject” Lucas

    Love your replays

  50. That Email Notification ^^

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