Centurion Action X – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks – Centurion X. Today we’re looking at the T10 British medium, the Centurion , seeing how it holds up 5 years later.



  1. Qb: pushes to the hill, no damage taken
    Me: pushes to the hill, gets light up

  2. Permanent intro.

  3. i hate prokorovka now to campi for my style banned the map

  4. I love mine only 10 games so far tho

  5. Cheerio, old boy! Smashing review! These players that KNOW how to play the Cent on a ridge line are SUCH a pain in the ass to deal with as a heavy tank player.

  6. QB: Hello there!

  7. A gentleman?

  8. BlackWolf Space-Cowboy

    QBaby – You didn’t answer if the Action X is worth upgrading from the 7/1. Thoughts?

  9. That intro was the most british thing I’ve ever seen

  10. Oh look a useless review of a literally useless med thats utter trash

  11. Nobody:
    QB’s intro: aggressive gentleman noises

  12. turbo patton is the move

  13. I appreciate the review

  14. The reason that the side armor is 50.8 mm is because that is 2 inches. 1 inch is about 25.4mm. It just happened to be very friendly to WoT’s overmatch mechanic

  15. Still waiting for the Chieftan mk6 on pc …

  16. QB recommend Centurion Action Shit for newer player but that tank has the worst cancer line to grind i.e tier 8 and 9 have shit tons of modules to unlock with shit tons on exp required

    That’s why I get M48 patton which is better than Action Shit(Skill called it Action Shit😂)

  17. nice review, qb. i found my cent ax to be my most reliable tier x med because of its all rounded nature. it is also a lot more relaxing to drive in. cheers and hoping to see more of these in the future!

  18. QB i have been following u since 2014 and have to say that now you look like a true Brit damn

  19. 5:33 not entirely arbitrary. 50.8mm is almost exactly 2 inches, hence the extra decimal precision

  20. What have I stumbled onto for the intro. The upmost British of British stereotypes for a tank review, we’re getting colonised again by the way this went.

  21. I don’t get this. The Leo 1 has a British Royal Ordnance 105mm L7 and the Centurion has a British Royal Ordnance 105mm L7 (as does the M48A5, albeit built in the US under licence, from memory) but at about the 20min mark a lot is made of how much better the Leo gun is???

  22. Kako se zoveš na world of tanks

  23. 5:37 50.8mm isn’t an arbitrary number, it’s exactly 2 inches.

  24. Remove gold ammo, that would make this game fun again. All that gold fired in tier 10 is disgusting. I hate it. With 268 you can easily pen the Maus in the side.

  25. QB doing his best alec steel impression

  26. I don’t even play WoT anymore but I still love this content.

  27. The 2 maus’ hiding on the red line on the second replay pretty much sums up random battles

  28. What about the amx 30b haven’t seen any videos of it and i would like to know if it would be worth it to buy?

  29. 0:04 general kenobi

  30. It’s a decent tank but not fitting for the meta… would need slightly more rof of turret armour

  31. Ah yes… Action X… My cursed tank.

    I still remember when 4202 was a tier X… I hated it with passion – it was horrible. Pitiful armour, bad gun handling and DPM, slow as hell. I could not bring it to any good win-ratio.
    So obviously I was thrilled when WG announced the replacement. I was happy on the notion that I could start over with a different tank, with a clear card…
    Aaaaaand… WG made the stats from 4202 carry over – which immediately killed my desire to play it further – I can’t even track reliably how well am I doing in it.

    But in all honesty – Centurion Action X is distinctly MEH…
    It is not great in ANY way.
    DPM is somewhat low. Penetration and damage are average. Gun handling is actually pretty bad for a vehicle of that tier. Armour is non-existent and the whole thing is huge and made of ammo racks. Mobility is also JUST average. It is an all-rounder, kind of like Patton, except it is bad at being an all-rounder.
    It is like the tank is making a ton of sacrifices for no actual gain in any area.

    The armour – hull is horrible – not only is lower plate made of cheese, the upper plate can be easily penned by most tier 8 tanks. And there is a huge ammo rack up front on the right side of the tank.
    The turret was buffed at one point – and it didn’t do much.
    It looks less blocky than FV4202 turret but in the essence it is a very similar design. The bottom of the turret is basically an extended turret ring – a cylinder with flat vertical walls. Areas below and on sides of the gun can’t really bounce anything reliably.
    The turret forehead is a glaring weakspot – it is a thin armour with angle just bad enough to make it penetrable by most other mediums and heavies of the same tier on the level field. it becomes completely useless the second somebody is few centimeters above you. The only good part of the turret armour are upper cheeks – but nobody sane shoots at turret cheeks of most tanks anyway.
    Even with the use of gun depression, the lower cheeks and areas around the gun remain weak.

    So… the good (I guess?) news is that the turret armour holds against tier 8 tanks and some tier 9? If they are not spamming gold, which is a bold, if not stupid assumption.

  32. Nice to see these kind of vids again…

  33. Axel Frausto Hernández

    The second most broken tank in wot blitz xd

  34. 5:47 – Fly going in for a strafing run

  35. 5:47 quickybaby gets attacked by a fly

  36. 5 years ago? Holy shit

  37. Use the module protection thing. Or else, boom ammo rack…

  38. I literally just bought this tank wtf

  39. Courtney - Let's Get Acquainted

    0:33 extraordinary

  40. Luv that new intro lol

  41. Nice MM on Poko. Two Chiefs and a 279 in QBs team and the enemy gets two Mauses. I would have not surprised if they went afk.

  42. Doesnt the UDES have -13 ?

  43. Well the cent ax woyld sokn become like the fv215b….paper armour….nothing to worth using it for

  44. Hey QB! Don’t know man, I have both m48 and cent AX and I hate the Patton I just can’t make it work and I have no love for it. But I love my cent AX and I had some pretty good games in it. I believe it depends on the players style also which tank it’s their favourite and if the can do good in it.

  45. Toyota AE86 Trueno GT-Apex

    AX gets absolutely blown out of the water by the stb1, not even a fair comparison

  46. Seeing that it has the same l7 gun as the leopard….

  47. This tank is like a bad M48. Have them both and there’s no reason to advance in the tree past tier 9.

  48. It’s a great tank, it just has a high hull profile and not enough hp 🙁

  49. I think WG need to make the cost of ammo relative to the tier and make all ammo: ap, apcr, heat and so on should all be the same cost. If unicom players can shoot prem ammo with little to no regard. Why not make so everyone can?

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