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ASMR (00:00)
PHirst Game(0:34)
PHecond Game (04:48)
PHird Game (12:14)
End Phun (17:16)


  1. The amount of German tanks that died in that vid due to not having a stablizer hurt my soul a little

  2. Plz keep singing.. 😀 … its funny, esp when theres music on top of it. 😛

  3. im british, also PH for that king tigererer

  4. PH for Tigger.

  5. Ph for tiger 2

  6. (Lights his pipe…) “Back when Centurion was a rank, not a tank.”

  7. War Thunder – The Musical

  8. U bounced 150 pen on 6 somethin my bullets with pen 150 (asu) bounce all the time from germans tank destroyers at 4.3

  9. Love this tancc

  10. Hit him Centurion vewy roughly!

  11. I saw you today

  12. I am back, Su-6 please

  13. Well hot damn, when I play the centurion I get one shotten even when I’m angled and my shells do not want to penetrate like the shot’s Phly did today on some of those guys.

  14. Ph for the Tiger

  15. Hey phly~can u do some Hawk III gameplay? Big fans from Taiwan.

  16. now where you have played the old and rusty Centurion you might have a look at the Ultimative Centrurion the STRV 104

  17. very nice phly

  18. I’m just amazed how OP British and US tanks are with their stabilizer, kinda an unfair advantage. Gaijin needs to implement a stabilizer for other country tanks, this is really unfair now that I think about it

  19. people sing when they are happy, its kinda involuntary. grats bro

  20. 14:29 now Steve is finally starting to get it.

  21. wtf is with thoes ghost shells

  22. Love the welsh anthem in the middle of the video 4:52

  23. general charles de gaulle

    T 14 ARMATA PLEASE!!!!!!!

  24. please keep making more PHly asmr pls

  25. Maurits Verkouille


    Hey Phly,

    Since the last update it’s possible to lock-on to Rockets, Missles and bombs with radar.

    It would be cool to play as the m163 and protect your team from enemy ordnance 🙂

    (ps, i will never stop))))))))

    Attempt #81

  26. SAINT_ALUCARD WarThunder

    I liked british 5.3-5.7 WAAY more than 6.7. Mostly because of repair costs, but also 6.7 sucks airborne dicks a lot more

  27. BRITAIN sUfFeRs

  28. That scream at 5 minutes tho, correction 5:40

  29. bro, all i gotta say is that the spot u always take on finland when u start at the top and rush past b is amazing. saw u use it on an old vid yesterday so ive been using it today holy shit, i rush there with an m18 and absoliutely destroy the whole team. i just had a game where i killed 2 tiger2s, a tiger h1, 2 panthers and got a critical on some open anti tank gun idk what its called then a panther got me while i was trying to get back in cover, absolutely massacared their whole team b4 our team even got to b, it was my only reliable 5.7 vehicle though so now im just watching this vid waiting for game to finish so i dont loose the research points.

    update:we won lol

  30. Watches the first 3 minutes. Conclusion: German suffers.

  31. nice use of hacks pure skill ftw

  32. PH for that guy

  33. Ph for the Tiger

  34. yeah you can’t do the “everybody” lyrics to this song. it sucks.

  35. I’ve never heard Phly scream like that before.

  36. The moment your realise that Phly is a dirty barrel-sighter.

  37. No insure covers war damage, Phly.

  38. 01100110 means “f”

  39. Not even the apds can pen the bIaS-2

  40. The game thinks 50.cals are holy and the spawn of all good

  41. Blackhawkdown Semper Fi

    Cent gets some love, why not the black prince? It’s been too long for that old lover

  42. Id it just me or is there a grumpy old man’s face behind the centurion’s turret

  43. Almost at 1 mil. Been here since like 400k subs and watched phly change so much. Been a long road and a phun road at that.

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