Centurion AX Review/Guide, Thinking About Approach Lanes

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Source: Taugrim

I review the Centurion AX, a tier 10 British medium tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of Karelia and Redshire battles.

The Centurion AX provides a meaningful increase in DPM relative to the Centurion 7/1, but the turret protection and hull armor don’t provide as much protection at-tier. It’s a bit of a 1-trick pony.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb gun depression (-10)
+ Good turret protection
+ Good view range (410)
+ Good silver AP pen (268)
+ Good shell velocity (1478)
+ Able to sidescrape
– Very poor camo (~25 with BIA, Concealment), loses in the vision to peers
– Hull armor adds weight but isn’t worth it
– Low top speed (53)
– Frequently ammo racked
– Large profile

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. Rammer
3. VStab or Vents (I prefer the latter)

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. Please di lancen C PLEASEEEE

  2. M48 Patton>AX

  3. Suggestion: try the infamous t110e4?

  4. Centurion action shit – skill4ltu

  5. Great content as always! I love your explanation of camo and viewrange and how they work together. Good luck in your games and happy tanking!

  6. I love these kinds of reviews, I was wondering if you could do a review of the obj 277 due to its recent popularity

    • Christopher Wilson

      I can tell you from first hand experience, as I do own one myself it’s not just hype. It is a very good tank. The hull is not great but it’s turret bounces everything. It’s gun is really good, higher damage than most heavies that are not like the E 100. The thing that really makes this tank special is it’s crazy mobility. It can go almost as fast as the Centurion AX.
      My recommendation is get the tank totally worth it. Just don’t think you can bum rush people and not get punished.

    • I can’t belive how fast those 277’s are, I had to play the heavy line in my T44 the other day and a 277 was nearly keeping up with me the whole way.

    • The speed of the 277 is obnoxiously good. It can push with mediums.

    • Christopher Wilson another thing people don’t realize is that it has good side armor and .3 accuracy on a heavy.

  7. But it is such a sexy looking tank. 😄
    Isnt the CentAX just a Patton which exchanges the Patton’s snap shooting capacity for a bit more top speed?

    • CAX has 1 more degree of gun depression. M48 aside from the tumor has a stronger turret, better gun handling, slightly faster reload, but even worse camo.

  8. Fucking arty, choking movement from players that actually want to play this game.

  9. Once again great video. I would love to see a video/review about the buffed t54e1. Cheers!

  10. Currently trying to 3 mark my Obj 277, any chance you can do a unicum guide on that tank?

  11. That first game was filthy good.

  12. Currently grinding credits for the AX. So far the Centurion 7/1 has been my favorite medium so can’t wait to get it!

  13. How about Chinese HTs? The 5A and 113, I only see they shooting premium ammo.

  14. The Spanish Inquisition

    That Leopard PT A in the middle of the map won the game. Very well played on his part.

    • He did indeed. I typed that in the team chat during the battle and afterwards in direct message to him as well.

    • @Taugrim I have had this question for you for a while. Why do you run a green wedge in the third person? For me, this would be really confusing. Here is the reason why I recognize green as being a possible penetration. I figured I would ask. MEND NA

  15. DugThatOutMyself

    I bet the STB and Patton players from the first battle are the ones that cry the most about arty. It frustrates me how so many teammates just feed the arties.

    • It would have been incredible frustrating had we lost. I was trying to be careful and I still got hit by arties 3 times. But those other 2 players were being reckless.

  16. I would like to see how he plays tier 8 vs tier 10 match making and without premium ammo. Love these reviews.

    • I literally did that in the prior 2 episodes with the HWK 12 and Senlac in tier 10 battles. Go check them out 😄

  17. Great content and explanation.

  18. Hey Taugrim, longtime fan, first time commenter… 🙂
    You seem to have stopped doing these guides for heavy tanks. The last one I can see is for the Somua back in March of 2018. Is there any particular reason you’re not doing heavies anymore? I mean, they’re my least favorite (non-arty) class, but I’m trying to be a well rounded tanker, and more guides from you about how to play heavies (especially in cities) would really help me improve.

    • I thought he just did one with the ST-1 not too long ago? My guess is that as heavies generally have less mobility the skill cap is lower, and thus not optimal for high-level gameplay Taugrim wants to feature.

    • This is exactly right. Heavies have a much more obvious playstyle, whereas lights and meds are far more nuanced.

  19. A long time ago I remember being circled in my cent ax by a batchat and I was ammo racked 3 times in a row. I fixed the first one instantly, but his second shot racked me again and then his third shot racked me again. I just sat there trying not to drill my keyboard through my monitor. I still don’t know if there’s more than one ammo rack hit box in the cent or your rack can get “damaged” more than once without exploding, cuz that last shot should’ve popped my turret off.

  20. While the Strv was playing unorthodox pushing the T57 in the mid, he wasn’t at risk from arty at that point; they were all destroyed 😉


  22. That Karelia game, I feel like the enemy team really played that poorly. Would be interesting to see you do a reverse analysis of that game from their perspective.

    Thanks for the review. My takeaway is that the CAX is a decent all-arounder, but not really a standout in any way. The bigger problem is Tier X games are just so broken these days. Three arty in almost every game and EBRs most of the time (although not in either of the review games). Tier X, for me, these days is really not enjoyable in most tanks.

    p.s. glad to see you’re not spamming gold in the CAX. That’s another issue with most games, but high tiers in particular. The economy allows people to spam gold which mostly makes armor useless.

    • I agree with your tank about the CAX. It’s decent. I find that it can’t win in a dominating fashion aside from hull down.

  23. Christian Moore

    Another great vid thanks for the info. And only one blacklisted player I’m impressed.

  24. Great video, fun to watch and informative as always 🙂

  25. My first tier 10 was the WZ-113G FT (w/e spelled) and then the first medium was the 121….

  26. Thanks again, the AX was my first tier 10 some 5 years ago. I’m selling it now to help get another 10. Hope I can do better.

  27. I unlocked this during the on track. I am still not sure if I want to move my crew out of the 7/1 or not though after I ace it. It does’t seem like much of an upgrade.

    Aslo Taugrim, I picked up ESO during the steam sale for 7 bucks. At first the combat felt really clunky but now that I have some time in it I highly recommend it. It feels so much nicer than I thought it would after level 15 or so. I don’t know if you ever tried it or not but might be worth giving it a whirl.

  28. Lol you should be a politician with what you said about arty players. An extremely polite way of saying they arent good enough to play a real tank. 😀

  29. My first tier 10 was the FV215b bought with bonds…
    Then my second was the FV215b 183 from black market…
    Then my third (just got a few days ago 😀 ) was the 113 after it became a collector’s vehicle…
    …Does it say something about me if all my tier 10s are non-tech tree?
    Okay, technically I have the AMX M4 54 and AMX 30B, but I haven’t played either. Don’t even have the 54 bought yet, while I’m reluctant to move my AMX 30 crew to the 30B.

  30. 13:43 move aside, arty peasant

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