Centurion Goes 1 v 5 in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today SpiketheDragon is going 1 v 5 in the T8 premium medium tank the Centurion 5/1!


is a Free 2 Play published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. go 1v5 in a centu 5/1 illuminaty confirmed

  2. I just had a game in my chaffee and got 7 kills and did 1.5k dmg and survived sucks I wasn’t recording!

  3. Perfect opportunity to make the title Centurion 5v1

  4. so its all round better than the normal tech tree centurion 🙂 feels great.

  5. You are truly one of the best you tubers 🙂 thanks for the amazing video!

  6. That was some stellar gameplay! That split second decision at the end to shoot out the tracks was played so well

  7. QuickyBaby
    you basterd hahahahaha i dont see that coming.

  8. HA ha! That Tee shirt. I was convinced he had a dancing girl tattooed on his chest. Quickybaby….nah.

  9. Spike had it coming

  10. But what did he pen? Lucky weak point? I didnt see how he could have aimed for anything. Sad palmface.

  11. M Goudsmits 金马桥

    T29 rocks

  12. Turret armor : T30 AP, yes
    Also Turret armor : T29 90mm APCR, nope

  13. did anyone else think the aiming of the super pershing looked suspicious at 4:04?

  14. The reason he lost: he waited to fire gold until the end.

  15. If it is the standard Centurion(not the pay to win), it will be more appreciated.

  16. I fapped got happy saw this vid my mood went down im sad again

  17. The like is for the fact that the Cent 5/1 was killed.

  18. But Well played indeed what a battle.

  19. That borsig missing an easy shot, lucky as hell.

  20. Both last 2 enemies potatoes for not killing him with HE rounds, 1 small splash from HE shell and he’s gone

  21. Ive shared yet another very similar replay on wot replays with your name in the title, and trust me, its crazy

  22. What is a “showkawasing”? 11:53

  23. heh tier 9 t29

  24. Oh hell yeah, QB definitely built it up towards the end…and then…silences us all. God dang it!

  25. Sorry Quickybaby. The Centurion can’t always win. Well done anyway. Merry Christmas ??

  26. Excellent game. Almost bounced as much damage as inflicted on the enemy team. Really impressive use of the crest.

  27. Biggest heartbreak on the channel ? but this was an absolutely great game and amazing commentary!

  28. ‘Going to town’ has a different meaning qb ??

  29. QB: tier 9 American heavy tank, T29.
    Me: good luck with ur pen T29

  30. piece of shit tank.

  31. FV4202 isn’t competition. It’s a joke compared to the 5/1. WG made sure of that so they could sell another premium tank.

  32. theatomicmarshmello w

    Damn Quicky, you blue balled me.

  33. Oh look… It’s another awesome game because there’s no arty. Go figure.

  34. Woooooow !!!! And i was expecting how that centurion will deal with that T29 !!!

  35. No one’s going to talk about QB mentioning the T29 being a tier 9?

  36. Now this is an skilled gameplay ,not the gold ammo spam in OP tank..:)

  37. Боль =((

  38. sorry to say, but that T29 did NOT deserve the win there

  39. No way, man.

  40. Pls do a video starring the 7/1 centurion! I love that tank! Do you think its still good in the current meta? I really enjoy playing it 🙂

  41. This is actually more fun video, than watching super rare, lucky, impossible games, where people bounce or dodge all enemy shots – like it was WOT reality…

  42. You need 3 shots with this Rhm. german accurat gun to hit somebody! 😉

  43. Just watching the gameplay you can tell this tank is pure RNG gameplay, It doesnt matter how good you are, seeing that f*cking bloom of a circle, this is pure sh*t and RNG to wait that long to have a non accurate shot at the end, KV-2 looks more accurate than this

  44. replay casts are not content.

  45. Since when is t29 a tier 9 ???

  46. Dang QB, you got me good ?

  47. T29 is tief 7 not tier 9.

  48. Fucking T29 lucky gold scrub

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