Centurion Mk. I Review/Guide, Creating Situations That Favor You

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Source: Taugrim

I the Centurion Mk. 1, a tier in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier 8 Mannerheim Line and tier 9 Studzianki battles.

The Centurion I shares the same playstyle as it’s big brother, the Centurion 7/1, however the hull armor meaningfully weaker.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb max gun depression (-10)
+ Superb view range (400)
+ Excellent silver AP penetration (226)
+ Good accuracy (0.33 base)
+ Good turret armor
– Below-average alpha (230)
– Mediocre top speed (50)
– Very poor camo for a medium, not good enough to play vision games against lights and mediums
– Upper hull is only ~120mm effective armor, lower hull is worse
– Thin side armor
– Large profile
– Frequently ammo-racked

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. Rammer
3. VStab

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. yay im the first one here !!!

  2. Hope y’all enjoyed this episode.

    I wanted to share that I dinged 3000 WN8 😀

    Years ago I didn’t know how high I’d be able to get my WN8, given that I only use silver ammo in Random Battles. I knew Unicum (2450 WN8) was doable, but I wasn’t sure whether I’d be able to reach Super Unicum (2900 WN8).

    I’m still learning and gradually improving. A big part of this, beyond self-study, is simply gaining more knowledge and experience with maps and tanks, and being able to recognize patterns (“oh I’ve seen this before, I should counter by doing this”).

    Onward, upward! ✌️

  3. I have a nice cheese crisp, glass of water, and a great video. Quarantine ain’t so bad

  4. Centurion 1 is one of my favorite tanks and I don’t know why so its great to see this video from you. 🙂

    • The Centurion I is a very comfortable tank to drive. I ❤️ gun depression.

      That said, I’ve been playing the T-44 again starting yesterday, to grind out the Object 430 and Object 430U, and I find that despite not having gun depression, the T-44 platform is really good.

    • @Taugrim I love the T-44. One of the best tech tree tier 8s in the game. Though it can suffer from its lackluster pen of 190, but I don’t find to much of a problem.

  5. awesome content I really liked it

  6. I noticed that at 0:50 you went down into the depression in order to get to the corner instead of driving around it. Is there a tactical reason you do this, can the enemy shoot you if you take the upper path if somebody rushes forward?

  7. Make a review on the Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC. Its on sale right now and its basically a Centurion Mk.1 with better upper frontal armor and gun handling.

    • I don’t own the Cent 5/1 RAAC. I didn’t realize the upper hull armor was that much better (~180mm effective vs ~125), and it has a stronger engine too. That’s really not balanced with the tech tree tank.

    • @Taugrim Yup, its simply a better Centurion Mk.1 which is part of the reason why I picked it up. It also has superb standard ammunition penetration values so its great at making credits. Awesome video, can’t wait to see what tank you will review next.

    • SakuyaFM: Anime Gaming

      Only on the EU server right now.

      If it does come to the NA server I’ll be mad because I just purchased the FV4202 due the 15% discount. It’s still a good tank, but hotdamn the RAAC definitely beats the FV4202.

  8. Happy Easter

  9. that t44 is using the wrong gun. He is definitely not a trust worthy player.

  10. Have avoided this line so far but I think I’ll give it a go now

    • SakuyaFM: Anime Gaming

      I think the big thing is that while the British line has fastboi Cromwell, that’s honestly the only good thing in the mid-tiers. The US Med line has the M4A1, the Jumbo, and the T20, and with the new tank line in 1.9 getting rid of the M3 Lee for the T6 Medium, they’re just so much easier to grind. Of course, I still prefer the Centurion over the Pershing due the much stronger turret, but when you’re grinding a line it’s better to look at the mid-tier grind.

  11. HazMatt Container

    I would love it if you did a UI settings guide!! Map rings, ect…

  12. I just picked this game back up after almost three years. I got my Object 907 with OTTER years ago and missed the wars and team battles. I missed playing it so much but I moved to Hawaii and the lag was so terrible. But I sucked it up and got back into it. Now I need to relearn a lot as it seems the maps and tanks have changed drastically. But it seems that the majority of stuff still has stayed the same.

    • @Taugrim Looks my beloved T110E5 is crap now as is the T57:( Maybe the British Heavies are good? Also Russian Bias still seems strong with the Russians meds still killing it

    • @TimTheTechie Brit Heavies are monsters now, E5 should be getting buff soon though at the very least

    • @TimTheTechie That would be Katukov.

    • @TimTheTechie Yes, looks like you joined around the same time I came back to the game. You missed Godwin’s War but we would have played together during the IS-6 campaign.

    • TehButterflyEffect

      @Taugrim I wouldn’t say the maps changes were all that great. They took a lot of the maps out of the pool, so there’s a lot less variety now, and most of the maps are crap for heavy tanks now. There used to be some really strong heavy tank positions on most of the maps that don’t exist anymore. But you’re right. On the whole, the changes were good.

  13. I would disagree with your reasoning for shooting the skorpion in the last game. You should always shoot at the most dangerous higher tiered target that you can pen. The skorp has a turret, mobility and a bigger gun than the TS 5, and is a much bigger threat to your health than a lumbering TS 5. If there is a tier difference, damaging the higher tiered vehicle will tilt the overall battle to your favor. Additionally, you should always focus on the lowest health target in a situation where you have a numbers disadvantage.

    • Fair enough and good perspective.

    • True reason. However, as far as I understood Taugrim he was more arguing that the chance of doing damage should be part of the equation as well.

      It doesnt help shooting the most dangerous target if you have a low chance of penetrating/hitting, either due to armor or range. A sure shot on the next dangerous target might be much more worthy.

    • @Juan Zulu Again with the caveat, “that you can pen”. Obviously with premium shells this range is expanded but is not always desirable.

  14. Enjoyed. How bout that settings vid please.

  15. Can you do a review of the T1 Cunningham?

  16. pump out the vids, Taugrim. Your videos are really good at explaining and teaching us the game.

  17. nice to see you back

  18. Playing the lines I am grinding, I like it!

  19. Ayy!! Here another weekly dose of Taugrim!! Good to see you’re uploading regularly again after hiatus for a few months.
    Could you please do a video on Skorpion G, FCM 50t, and 112?
    P.S.: Please do the video about the UI.

  20. Hi taugrim! It would be great if you could review the leopard line, I’m currently on the leopard pta and it is by far the best tank I’ve played by a Longshot (100+ games, 61% WR). Would love to know if the upgrade to the T10 is worth it since both tanks seem to roughly have the same stats (although I assume Leopard 1 has more mobility and better gun handling).

    I think the leopard line incentives careful maybe even smart play, meaning the long reload and the weak armor force you to pick your moments to shoot and look after your HP while you fall back after firing. It seems like a pretty good line for both pros and beginner/intermediates

    Also congrats on cracking 3k! I’m glad you’re still able to challenge yourself despite your already high level of mastery of the game.

  21. I would be very interested in your game settings.

  22. Keep it up! Road to Unicum is one of the best series of game! Always support you!
    Can you do T110E4 guide next?

    • I haven’t purchased the E4 yet. I’m planning on grinding the 430U next, then buying the Centurion AX or maybe grind the Leopard 1 line.

  23. Thank you for the video, great as always. The best on YouTube for World of Tanks. My game has greatly increased by watching. Keep up the great work! For your consideration, a video on the Centurion AX? I have the 7/1 (also enjoyed the recent video you did on that one), and am curious as to how the AX will be. Thank you!

    • I played the prior tier 10 medium, the FV4202. The Centurion AX on paper is an upgrade from it, however both tanks share the same flaw – the large “forehead” of the turret is quite vulnerable to HEAT / premium APCR rounds.

      I was planning on playing it but decided to go for the 430U first.

    • @Taugrim Understandable. The 7/1 is a really fun tank, so I’m in no real hurry for the AX. I look forward to the 430U video. Thanks again!

  24. Love the Hemingway quote.

    As always appreciate the concise walkthrough of your games.

  25. Where was the game setup settings guide? 😀🙂 thanks

  26. Ty T 😎👍👍👍👍

  27. Have you played the Udes medium tank line at all? Would love to see your take on how to play them.

  28. Can you please make another guide on the modern AMX 13 90, please???

    • I may circle back to the French lights since with 0.9.18 they had their clip sizes reduced from 6 to 4 shells – a very positive change IMO.

  29. Justin Raug Veggerby

    So basically what you’re saying at around 13:00 is that if you go to the ditch alone – you’re getting ditched by your team! *BADUM*TSCCCHH* 😉

    Thank you! Thank you! I’ll be here all week 😛
    But yeah, it’s imperative that you have support in place if you go to the ditch.

  30. TehButterflyEffect

    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen you in battle before. This is a good video. I give you PROPS for *not* LOADING GOLD! I have all but given up on the Centurion 1. I saw guys playing the 7/1 and doing really well with it, so I decided to try this line since I already had the Cromwell, but the Centurion stinks worse than gefilte fish. It’s got decent mobility but has no armor at all, and a weak gun. I have a really hard time playing it properly.

    • The Centurion I is average at best. It’s functional, but it’s not built to carry like other meds of its tier.

    • TehButterflyEffect

      @Taugrim Oh yeah, totally agree. I wanted the Std. B, so I ground to it. The Pantera is a HUGE improvement over the Centurion. It’s one of my favorite tanks now. It still has no armor, but it’s very mobile and has a great gun. Now if I can get the Std. B to hit what I aim it at…..

    • The Pantera is an excellent tank. The mobility and ability to deliver 3×240 when needed is powerful.

  31. SakuyaFM: Anime Gaming


    I actually just unlocked this tank and I’ve been STRUGGLING on it. Should really have just used the Free XP for the modules rather than unlocking the tank, but oh well. Nice to see how unicums play with it though.

  32. dragging myself thru the comet now ugh

  33. grinding xp i wot is for losers with no life! delete this shit and go get a life!

  34. Thank you for this, Taugrim. I don’t even play this anymore since 6 months ago but the general structure of these videos are perfect for light multitasking with something on the background.

  35. You have very nice accent. Are you come from Canada or New England?

  36. ”The centurion weighs that much because it has alot of turret armor ….. XD the hull is a heavy slag but that has a reason i used to ram heavy’s with me cent 5/1 and only they received damage

  37. Héctor Lamaña i Sánchez

    I usually take this tank to close quarters fights where I know there will be a big chunk of their team, cause this tank is so slow, and there are ridges to not throw my hp (hull armor being effectively paper to tier VIII and above). But I clarly see, thanks to your videos that flanking positioning also works with all kind of tanks.

  38. Do you plan to start streaming?

  39. Playing all tier 8 game is not so enjoyable because I am facing great premiums and I am playing less competitive tech tree tanks.

  40. Another solid episod!
    Curious question, Will there be a new series when you hit 60 overall (i.e. Unicum)
    Any thoughts on what that might be?

  41. 11:34 double bush shot might have saved u from being spotted and bombed

  42. Taugrim could you tell me if this is fixable?

    I started the game with no knowledge and it has hit really hard on my statistics obviously. (RU server because of friend)

  43. God the centurion is a good looking tank

  44. It would be nice if you can give us some tips on grinding stock tanks without gold ammo and premium consumable.

  45. Glad people still remember and talk about the old matchmaker. Reminds us that wg do good things too and care about the game

  46. Hello, just wanted to say thank you for all of your videos!
    I’ve been watching you for like 2-3 years now and back then i was a scrub-noob, whatever to call it. I had 15K games with 49% wr now i have 54.5% with 21K.
    I really liked your playstyle of not shooting gold, or using food so i started it also (I barely used it before).
    Now i am sitting on 11 3 marked tanks including a tier 10 and 2 tier 9s (wotlabs link):
    Your videos are great, keep it up!

  47. I love this style of gameplay, after seeing these videos i started playing without gold to aim for imrpovement as a player, and so far it has been working wonders…. it also kept me looking for options i wouldn’t have otherwise instead of just pressing the “2” key.

  48. I would be interested to hear if you think that certain types of Unicum platoons may not be as effective as expected. My friends and I are solid blues, and we munch Uni platoons when they tend to stick to predictable farm spots. Do you think that some Uni’s can fall into a pattern of thinking where they see the enemy team as simply hp pools to be farmed and not be reactive enough?

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