Centurion Precision – Centurion 5/1 New Premium Tank

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Not First

  2. 625th – yay! I’m an internet hero

  3. Autism is Uncontrollable

    I don’t know if you got my message or not but just in case, I want to apologise for shooting you, it was an accident and I’m sincerely sorry for ruining that match for you.

  4. ” New ” premium

  5. The Centurion 5/1 is literally just the Centurion 1 but slightly better in every way. It disgusts me how WG has turned to crap like this for money.

    • A bit? It has almost double thickness of the front upper plate than regular centurion! The 5/1 is an insult to everyone who has bought an FV4202.

    • Maurice OConnor

      And still people with cry “OP” and “pay to win” when it isn’t last in XP against tier 10 matchmaking

    • benedikt Schmitz

      Maurice OConnor Are you actually retarded?

    • Its really a joke, as if the extra exp and credits are not enough reason to buy it, they have to make it better than the original.
      But whats really unbelievable is the price and that there are really people paying that price, its the cost of a full game on steam right now why would anyone pay 30€+ for something that is not worth 10€, its a fucking buffed skin.
      Well i spend 50€ on steam and got 3 games worth 200+ hours of playtime.

  6. Circonflexes. Single-handedly increasing the Ace requirements for us mere mortals!

  7. And here we see the centurion 5/1, a docile and curious creature, in its natural habitat.

  8. Circon I have a question, did you get pen’d at least once in the gun mantle? If not mistaken is like 300+mm nothing like the
    Cent. I

  9. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    In before fun police come in with award winning comments on gold ammo.

  10. Clemens Horsman

    Had he put his grafics down or something? His fps is pretty damn high.

  11. Yeah, 226mm standart penetration, FUCK YOU WG! Why do I have to live with 200mm standart penetration on my Rev? Because I have better armour than this british fuck? Or Because this tank is longer time in game and is cheaper?

  12. The 5/1 is an insult to everyone who has bought an FV4202. GG WG!

    • Lets be honest… the 4202 is an insult to anyone who bought the 4202. That tank is so much trash.

    • I disagree. Sure it’s not a very good tank, but it’s an “old gen” premium tank, like SuperPershing ecc they are worse than the regular ones in the tech trees. But WG decided to put in the shop “pay to win” premium tank like Skorpion, Defender, Patriot and now 5/1, that are a lot better than regular ones.

    • Exactly… its trash. Also the 5/1 doesnt evenqualify as “a lot better” it is marginally better at best. Not even the hull armor is really worth it at tier.

  13. Hey It's Franklin Hidden

    Thanks again for the enjoyable lunch break while studying

  14. What does that MOD thing mean/do above the ammo?

  15. It's not what you think

    Nice Hair Circon.

  16. Excellent match, that’s a overpower centurion, somebody knows what mod’s is circon using?

  17. circonion 5/1

  18. jonathan Wieringa

    yea. bushka from wot blitz did a livestream at tankfest 2 days ago but it was like worse than 144p. it’s still horrible

  19. E-75, top tier, zero damage…

  20. strv 74 3 mark

  21. 100K when?

  22. Hey Circon, what are the parameters you use for running food on a tank?

  23. Kv stealer stole arty shot.. hehe..

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