CENTURION TANK FAIL MONTAGE! – War Thunder Tanks Gameplay

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CENTURION TANK FAIL MONTAGE! – War Thunder Tanks Gameplay

Music- http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?feels%5B%5D=Humorous&page=1


  1. Matt “TheWizardNamedMatt” S

    Lol wassup Phly xD

  2. Damn im early

  3. 14th

  4. ha first like

  5. 2nd to comment

  6. Oh yea i gave the first like?

  7. love the videos phly always make me laugh keep it up bro!

  8. sizzle sizzle

  9. If you don’t like this comment in 30 seconds, lord Gaben will majestically
    swoop down and take your moneys

  10. flay kent bit maj skor m9

  11. my name is not Max Ström

    My Grandfather drove this tank :)

  12. Phly keep up like u always do. Can you make a video if the churchill nk

  13. Phly shot first!

  14. Phly you should do a fun video playing with reserve vehicles ?

  15. hi phly

  16. great work with the vids!

  17. Hahaha I’m one of those Leo’s

  18. Panzer phlyDaily Panzerlied.
    They never fail in battle

  19. Blesh you

  20. Chile

  21. So early

  22. lol Phly, British tier 5 struggle bus

  23. Laopards are the most fucking OP tank in the game

  24. Phly is a friend of the world.

  25. orjelmort23 _infernustank

    My Best tank is leopard 1

  26. Oh now I see why you where talking about getting stuck in the snow with a
    Cent last video…

  27. leopard1 VS m60 VS centurion…..105mm battle

  28. didnt centurion have amaizing gun and turret?

  29. epic!

  30. HAHHAHA XDDDD It’s like the worst day in life pt.2 :D

  31. T44-122 Tank Request for soon please :P

  32. Marc Vicent Bautista

    Still better than Churchill GC, I mean spontaneous combustion is better
    than being one hit right?

  33. Heeey Phly great video as always.

  34. Very Honorable

  35. Dont stick your butt out first m8

  36. That tank needs a buff, it seems kinda broken at the moment. The gun either
    goes right through them or it disappears into space when you fire the
    round. It needs to be fixed.

  37. Dank LegoBrick (DankLegoBrick)

    Drunk War Thunder game like really u need to be like drunk like 3-5 beers
    and then fly a plane. And u should do some DCS world with Devildog

  38. *warthunder/gaijin fail montage!

  39. Tier V British are very disappointing. The Centurion Mk.10 is crap unless
    you use HESH and hope it gets damage. The Conqueror is slightly better with
    the larger round, but the hull is shit.

  40. he fhly take Mig 17 next

  41. 0:13 Greetings kerbonauts this is kerbal space program, I’m Bob f… wait
    wrong video

  42. I have made it as far as the canerva…campervan and 1st cent and it has
    been such a god damn struggle. Pz4 F2s all over the fucking show one
    shoting everything. And to make it worse those British guns just don’t kill
    anything. I feel like I’m poking the ammo racks of tanks with a soggy rich
    tea biscuit.

    I’m going back to playing almost exclusively OP as fuck German tanks. These
    Brits make me salty.

  43. phly you need to play the tank as a Leopard

  44. Good old leopard from ww2…

  45. I think phly just happen drinking really bad tea, that all

  46. Poor Centurian. The Brits will get their revenge once the Chieftain is
    added though. If you thought the IS-4 was hard to kill…

  47. timo ter schuur (GamingwithTimo)

    how do you zoom with a binocular

  48. It is pretty much a British Panther

  49. “welcome to stalingradeey” XD

  50. Yooo thts me at 4:07 lmaoo


  52. Glad to know that someone has bad matches too.

  53. Now apply cold water to the wound

  54. Centurion got explosive matirials in his butt! God!!!

  55. the problem with the centurian is the armour is wrong

  56. Why u got Thomas the tank music at start

  57. fancy a crumpet to ease the rage?

  58. For a 105 mm gun, doesn’t seem to do a ton of damage.

  59. why the IL2 music

  60. i think that tank should not be used as the spearhead of the attack, more
    like a support

  61. wtf why the fuck war thunder has to nerf british and americans so much but
    the briliant russians ´were the best in the war like is 2 having sabot amo
    or T -34 are invicible yes totaly fine nothing to worry about komred

  62. So does this tank just suck or did WT just fuck it up on purpose?


  64. phly, obviously you are making our home brew wrongly… no other
    explanation for this. Follow Mary Berry’s recipe for perfect tea, then you
    should get it!
    Jolly good show though, old chap!

  65. Get fuck lol

  66. War Blunder is still a the same shity game as when I left it … it’s just
    unacceptable to have such inconsistent behavior from a 105mm gun in a game
    that claims to be realistic : I’m glad I left … they should fix this
    fucking penetration and damage mechanics it’s really a joke that the game
    is so random and so frustrating … it’s like they made it like this un

  67. Wow that tank sucks you are good

  68. this is the BS i go through with everything i use -_-

  69. “Oh my fucking die wou would you go away”… That is the sound of

  70. Phly I believed its pronounced “Leh-pard” what didn’t you pass
    kindergarten? And why you gotta pick on smaller WarThunder community

  71. Phly dont get mad at how many leopards there are, its the only good top
    tier german tank

  72. juan david uran acevedo

    britain doesn´t like you u phly

  73. dont know why this is called fail… every game from me goes like this…

  74. These tanks are still in CB

  75. What is the name of the”sneaky” song?

  76. Everyone is coming to realise the steaming pile of shit that war thunder is
    at the moment

  77. can i get some fries to the salt plz? :D

  78. and then enjoy matilda ;)

  79. 1:27 centurion
    3:06 centurioff

  80. Incompetech? :D

  81. Phly you have gone mad XD

  82. 12:35
    “Yeah I dont care, DO IT DO IT
    fuck u”

  83. Don’t peek with your ass and is the fuel tanks a weak spot or is it a bad

  84. I really love your videos but this one was just amazing

  85. 8:24 and that’s how camping was born.

  86. New torpedo tank!

  87. That is why I dont like war thunder anymore, no matter how man rounds you
    put in your enemy it will always just oneshot you. Funny vidoe tho

  88. Hmmmm à New paper tank^^

  89. phllyyy fly out the hurricane mk 1 c with the 4 hispanos!!

  90. Armor is so useless in this game since they added
    Black Prince
    Tier 1 British tank that have 100mm of penetration
    Leopard (I thought this game was WW2 themed)
    T10M (why is this thing even in this game. The name it self doesn’t even
    sounds like ww2 tank)

  91. I love so much this kind of video do more of this please :)

  92. play whit conqueror

  93. Great Montage video. @ 4:08 Phly is he alive or dead? The Tiger II (H)
    gave you the best answer possible. LMAO!

  94. Cambera with cannons and Centurion Combo

  95. This is kinda the opposite of what they did with the British planes.

  96. We need a Chieftain with HEATs

  97. …Centurioff…

  98. 7:20 Hard shot ??? That was a super easy shot the tank went right in front
    of u and ur hug had tons of time to aim and the tank is shit no armour shit
    gun shit speed nothing good besides that reload but you need to shoot 3-5
    times at a 105, 105 only shoots once, the first time.

  99. phly do a conqueror and venom combo!

  100. In realistic nearly EVERYONE is playing Leopard on the german side! Only
    tank to kill the russians though…

  101. LoL what a POS tank

  102. 12:15 noob.

  103. When that king Tiger H killed you I screamed take that 7.7 bastard!!!!

  104. Centurion badly needs a buff

  105. Yo dont want to hate but most of your deaths ended up from brawling/being
    in an open field. The last clip was great as you used the terrain and
    waited a bit in cover before moving (Which is what I do in my Pershing).
    Use the terrain and be patient if you don’t have fantastic armour.

  106. I think the armor layout is wrong. Also it will explode like nothing
    compared to Russian stonk tonks…The gun is good but i think Guijin has
    screwed up the accuracy on them to balance the rounds.

  107. HA! this is like me playing the Sherman firefly.. I can’t stand watching my
    147mm penetrating round at 60 degrees bounce off the front of a T34 (any of
    them) where the armor is only 80mm thick AT 10 FKING METERS!!!!..

  108. That Tank is Shit

  109. I was just waiting for a big ole “FUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!”

  110. coolhandlukedubble99

    Is this click bait???

  111. “Ass baloney cheesecakes”

  112. +PhlyDaily oh the irony of you beefing with Orange. Just leave it out man!

  113. Centurion > Centurioff (SORRY FOR BAD JOKE) pls kill me.

  114. at least he is in the correct tier I’m tired of playing tier 4 tanks and
    going up against maus and t10m

  115. 8:32 , WTF WAS THAT!?

  116. Amazing video Phly! Can’t wait to see tank&plane Rb video though :)

  117. oh thanks for that video man its very nice to see im not the only one who
    have this 9:27 and this 4:28 kind of moments.. this game is very
    frustraiting some times but there is some moments like this 7:21 which make
    you wanna play more and more :D

  118. jesus that tank sucks

  119. made in Leyland Lancashire home of the double decker bus too. .. I work on
    the site they made them… chin up old boy

  120. phly get the p51A it gets the p51-D5 belt at BR 3.0 rank II

  121. Fucking gaijin lol I knew they’d fuck British tanks hahaha

  122. ladies and gentlemen…. The best tank gun in the world (for its time) on
    one of the most successful British tanks. One of those bad boys survived a
    nuclear test then went to fight in Vietnam!

  123. João Victor Daijó

    First time i appeared in Phly`s video yay

  124. I’m researching the caemarvon

  125. Can’t say i yell a a Screen computer or tv very often but at 12:11 i sure

  126. relajate enbarrao

  127. phly gets killed a lot here due to internet connection. Once his hit did
    not register and sometimes the enemy mysteriously shoots. Last couple of
    games this happend to me to.

  128. anyone else notice the centurion looks alot like modern day tanks

  129. Never show your fuel tanks to anything in that tank. that is how you were
    killed EVERY time.
    thanks phly love and watch all of your videos

  130. 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b

    Nice tea m8


  132. Why is he so angry?

  133. I killed 7:22 min :C


  135. My favourite tank that ever existed!

  136. Soooo…why doesn’t the Centurion have HEAT?

  137. João Pedro (Jp2000)

    we can all relate bro

  138. Phly I love your videos but dude at times you just suck at playing tanks,
    like trying to drive up a 45 degree slop from a stand still… it just isnt
    going to happen in a tank man.

  139. MadFluffyster Xaines

    I hope my fav WW2 tank isnt actually going to have this much BS happen to
    it before release :’c

  140. Arendellian Foot Gaurds

    So this is why its name is centurion it always dies 1st.

  141. just aim for their turrets and disable their gun lol

  142. to be honest there was so pretty bad plays in those games phly

  143. like the compilation, song name?

  144. Phly’s channel is pretty sh*t nowadays and the fact he started some
    unnecessary crap with theOrangeDoom just proves phly has no clue what he’s

  145. point taken – go heavy tank tree. 10/10

  146. lee christmasgaming

    wtf this game is so inaccurate. How does a 105mm shell bounce the front of
    a leopard?!? that’s absurd.

  147. Do mig 17 video

  148. It’s funny cause I have that tank of world of tanks blitz and it can’t do
    anything and can take damage very easy

  149. “Luke Skywalker has AIDS” -Phly 2k15

    best quote this year Phly. gg

  150. 2:00 worst Star Wars spoiler by far.

  151. you need to take your time and AIM your shots

  152. yes everyone plays the leo cuz the maus is total shit. and that new tank
    distory is total shit

  153. I feel like this would be able to top a T-54 fail montage, or is it just
    one of the things you dont really like to play like the F2HIV

  154. here’s what I don’t get: the Centurion had one of the best gun mantlets of
    the early MBTs (makes sense given that it was meant to be fought
    hull-down). so to see that many pen shots through the mantlet has me

  155. Man when u shot that gepard i lost it XD, what is this thing.

  156. Only a stripper shows their ass first lmao

  157. ice skating lmao

  158. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    The british are coming!

  159. Next play the bloody carnaevon it’s so bloody op

  160. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    centurion looks cool and modern, but doestn perform well.

  161. wd is full of bugs

  162. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    This is going really good so far… so far, sooo faaar, SO FAR!, SOOOO

  163. God Damn, Maus, lol. Until today, i dont know how to kill a Maus.

  164. he said my name phly

  165. Rant: You reached out to theOrangeDoom for being a sell out? This is
    outrageous when especially YOU have adds placed everywhere in your video.
    You abuse the fact that you have a bigger amount of subscribers. Oh! And
    the quality of your videos has really dropped these last couple months, it
    has become more childish. I HOPE you can improve on this, I have already
    un-subbed because this is un-acceptable

  166. they need to nerf the gun and buff the armor

  167. This tank need balanced to 7.0 is really op now

  168. I think they nerfed alot like they killed this tank in RL it is not like

  169. Dosvidanie, comrad, dosvidanie!

  170. 2nd song name pls?

  171. Last I checked, isn’t the centurions turret made out of about 10m of
    diamonds on each side?

  172. Aww poor phly :c

  173. Thank you phly for trying!!!

  174. 4 min10sec, your round dissapears…. this has been happening to me so so
    much this patch. Anyone else finding this?

  175. Just wait until the Chieftain Mk.3 gets added xD

  176. Hey Phly when are we going to see more SimplePlanes?

  177. Phly you think that was tough try the m26 it barely pens anything it faces

  178. hey phly you rude little click baiter just fishing for views as dibble
    would say

  179. Percy inglus of the gaming world on youtube

  180. The worst and the most ridiculous tank I’ve ever seen…..man….a never
    penetrate rounds…..non hit at all rounds…paper armor…one shot by the
    enemy and boom

  181. Phylying F.uck hahaha

  182. Trust me this is my every day life with this damn game

  183. Whats the “sneaky music”????

  184. Hah! I was the last guy! Thanks phly, but you really should have killed me
    with that ammo hit.
    Ps. you were more scary

  185. Oh jeez first the conquerer now this?? Better hope the chieftain does

  186. da funny gameplay

  187. Hey PhlyI don’t know whyBut everytime I watch ur vids it makes me cryBut
    not cuz of sadnessIt’s a little thing called tears cuz of happinessActually
    i dunno what i’m doingI was just watchingAnd fapping-Remove that part.But
    thanks for you’ve made an artArt of laughter for everyone, and you’ll
    remain forever in my heart.<3-------hi Phly I made a poem for u, hope u
    like it ^^

  188. best magic game in the world

  189. Best vid in a while Phly! Super funny!

  190. Panzerführer Chavez

    That’s how I feel every time I play War thunder tanks.

  191. Arturo Quirantes Ros

    What was the name of the “sneaky song?

  192. You know, I mostly hear good things about the Centurion, but this makes it
    look like a piece of shit. I will say this though, that 20 pounder sounds

  193. It’s “Leperd” not “Leo-pard”

  194. Slags other youtubers off to try and gain more respect..wow thought you
    were better than that…(see how long it takes for this to be deleted or a

  195. askjdhagyouqgw askjdhagyouqgw

    i have fallen again to click bait my world is overrrrr


  196. funny how people complain about bias, when germans rule 7.7 ^^

  197. Do not stick your butty out to show, your enemy so they can shoot that
    butty. Also learn the tank weakness so you can use it effectively.

  198. Do it !

  199. i cant find this music “talking that shitte”

  200. I think it’s like in Battlefield. Where you can shoot a round but if you
    get hit in some module that would disable your gun, the round you shot
    disappears mid-flight. It’s bullshit.

  201. If you think the Centurion is hard try the panther f at its current br

  202. Your sneeze alone made me like the vid lol.

  203. The Leopard I is either a totally useless tank or a totally overpowered
    tank. The players of War Thunder are as inconsistent as the hit
    registration in War Thunder.

  204. I think doom is but heart becouse you goat more views than him p.s love
    your vids

  205. When is the next WT custom battle?

  206. Mr Leo-pard hahah its leap-ard

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