^^| Chaffee 3rd Mark Highlights Circon

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  1. hahahhaha this vid was amazing

    More of that!!

  2. Fantastic ? this is great foutage! :D

  3. cyka_mlg_pl_rng_R3KT_QQ

    I love this…keep this up SirCon

  4. Circ gets so salty whenever he gets ganked.

  5. This is like espresso version of Circon memes. Love it!

  6. John Vladimir Son

    First rule in pubs eliminate unicum/unicums/green and above
    Next, eliminate the rest of the team(bots/reds/yellows)
    Lastly, win!

  7. Song at 2:57 please el circon.

  8. Hahahah hilarious as allways :D

  9. well im broke

  10. A bit less swearing, maybe, please. Otherwise, thoroughly enjoyable.

  11. Sircon, fantastisch die YouTube Posts. Hou ze erin!

  12. Epic stuff :D

  13. I Love Purple Hazmats

    That’s why I stopped playing this game. Some people are so incredibly

  14. Love all the funny moments. This movie must have taken you a shit load of
    time to make. But absolutely loved it best yet

  15. Kristián Petrovič

    2:55 song anyone?

  16. it seems to me that circon trys to challenge the fucks per minute in
    Detroit Metal City ^^

  17. Dukes The Lan Guy

    I love these 3 mark videos.

  18. What is life? The questions a streamer has to deal with :-D

  19. Corne Doevendans

    I. Facking laughed my ass off at this compilation! Amazing work circon!
    Keep the vids coming

  20. These are great XD

  21. whyy u hatee me physics?? thank u. LOL

  22. these highlight videos are hilarious keep them coming <3

  23. i love these compilations

  24. AC 4 Experimental.

    Yes / No?

    You like look Brian Blessed. Can you say “Gordon’s alive!?” at some point

  25. rTr Norseman (Nors3man)

    Hey circon your mod pack isn’t working when it gets to login screen it just
    goes black. Any clue why or is it just due to a micro patch and needs to be

  26. you need to 3mark the Churchill GC, that would be a challenge even for you,
    groetjes van nederland

  27. this got me laughing on the ground

  28. hey circon, great vid, was wondering about your thoughts on the AC prem
    tank on sale??

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