Chaffee Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

Ah nostalgia ….

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  1. Take the T37 and platoon with a Tier 10…back to the old times ;)

  2. Osirish, what’s your favorite tank so far?

  3. cool old footage to see for a noob like me that hasn’t been around for a
    full year of wot yet

  4. just play the t37 , its similar to the old chaffee but slower a bit

  5. i wasnt playing when old chaffee was around but i love current tank,never
    noticed bad aim time, but i hav three skilled crew so makes big difference
    i tink. love your vids man..

  6. ITS not the aim time its the BLOOM! 80% worst than in 9.2 ! 🙁
    IF you dont have Vert-stab its painful to do snap shots.
    Didnt you train your chaffee crew with chaffee races? i have a 3+ skilled
    crew thanks to the chaffee races

  7. This is actualy how the chaffee looks in real life

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