CHALLENGE COMPLETE! Was the Bourrasque Worth it?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. After 41 hours I unlocked the Bourrasque on my Free-to-Play account – was it worth it?


World of is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents a toolbox.


  1. I have a feeling this challenge is substantially easier when you have a few tier 10 tanks in your garage, the amount of Base EXP you have to grind requires an impossible dedication and time.

    I’ve tried the challenge for around 40-50 hours with tier VI-IX and only managed to get half way on tier V. this is no fun event for the average joe on WOT.

  2. I bought Doom Eternal instead!! 😛

  3. So 41 hours to save spending 50 euro? Okay for a streamer, better for the rest of us to pull out our wallets

  4. Is it worth buying this tank if I already have the lorr. 40t?

  5. The Challenges should adjust to the players rating. Hard for unicorns and easier for each level below them.. 🤔. Don’t play that much so bought it with 60% off.
    Great videos btw. 🤘😎

  6. Took him 41 hours… meaning it would take me about 60… in 60 hours I make 1,038.. I’d rather grind in real life for 4 hours than grind 40 in a game..

    • Well, that’s not an option for everyone. When I was a student I was happily grinding 40h a week to get a premium tank. Now as employed I’d rather pay for the tank and enjoy the gameplay.

  7. Big reloaded…. 700-800 dmg in 20,8 sec ….

  8. Ridiculous that it took a great player 41 hours. Bloody wargaming taking the piss

  9. Remember, most of us live in the REAL WORLD, have real jobs, etc.

  10. I didnt like the Emil. Slow like QB said but even worse was the AP shells just bounce like crazy. Penetration is just poor. I had to use premium shells all the time. Now I can afford premium shells no problem but a tank that needs to use premium shells is not a good tank IMHO. I just wasn’t impressed with it due to that. Just my opinion anyway.

  11. So you do it you don’t have premium vehicles on your free to play account? 🤔

  12. It’s not a Burr Rask, it’s a Boo Rask.

  13. is Tawnia happy u got baquete thnx to no date night? sure she must be. now shes so proud of you. her little good gamer boy.
    ps i love your best moments videos

  14. Lol I didnt completed even stage 4 :))) I’m at 3 and I dont give a fuck about this kind of marathons anymore … you need to be unemployed to complete them and sacrifice your time with the family to get those pixels and I will never do that. Oh by the way … I will never EVER buy anyting from this game ever again !!!

  15. 9:47 is that license plate in the front plate?

  16. 10:57 oh no its a minecraft

  17. Grinding for that tank is a waste of my time, pretty much like the game with the way they designate players as losers!

  18. Like i say when it was just started, it doesnt worth and it will be a PAINFUL GRIND….

  19. The bourrasque is Just a Bc 12t on steroids

  20. I wasted 88 hours on this(had 31% winrate on the weekends and 55 during weekdays)

  21. i miss the old 430 with its out landish dpm

  22. Sad. Wot mission marathons is getting more and more about the grind and money and not about joy. And you wasted 1 week to get it? I remember when i used to do this. Simply not worth it, then you have a family. Sad.

    • TBF QB also does this for work. So it still pays off for him in some ways as he said. For the rest of us I’d say stage 7 was the good target. Cost me less than a movie so that’s “ok”.

  23. Agreed, there is an issue when a game is Pay to Win but the most when a game is “Pay in order to Win” like with WarGaming products…

  24. i just got it and i hate it

  25. davidrobertson12345

    Ain’t no tank worth 40+ hours of grinding. But to each their own I suppose.

  26. Nandakumar Chandrasekhar

    gave it up at stage 9 .. meh lost interest thanks to great MM n team mates

  27. Quackybaby can I plz have your free to play account.

  28. for me worth it
    made -90% and is a a fun tank and a decent one
    if was 3 shots on clip will be pretty op

  29. “How much concealment and view range are pay to win” – been saying this for years…

    The difference between a 50% fresh crew and a fully pimped out crew with full equipment and premium consumable is massive, and provides a hugely unfair advantage to the player with the latter.

    • That’s true. I don’t agree with the “unfair” advantage. How is it unfair? You’ve played 100h and grinded a good crew, now I buy a new tank and get 50% crew. Are you now playing unfair? Because you’ve put the time in to grind good crews and credits to buy consumables?

  30. A op premium tank again. Big surprise scamgaming

  31. I had a good time mostly grinding this and I freaking love it , the two shot is so hard hitting and the reload is still good , and it’s fast enough to reposition. It just punishes bad plays

  32. 20 players in my clan made it “4 3”

  33. Inquisitor Blizzard

    I feel the Russian double barrel tanks are more fun to play with.

  34. Berlusconi is a awful op tank. I played a few games and i dont even want to touch it. Tier 8 is so done.
    More prems than normal tanks in mm.

  35. Played till 60% discount, than get the creditcard from my wife 🙂

  36. When you compare the bourrasque to the ravioli, its when you fully understand the meaning of power creep. Tanks are getting too good, too powerful, too fast. And imo this is why battles are getting so short.

  37. Much like the Renegade challenge I only got to 80% discount while spending a lot of time playing and the final stages to get 90% or a full unlock were just not worth it for me so I spent $19 CDN for the vehicle at that discount which ain’t terrible. WOT currently is feeling like a chore or job these days and less about having fun.

    • It’s the FOMO. You should just play normally and ignore the tank. Buy it if you feel like you want it but don’t force yourself to grinding it just because WG is offering it.

  38. i give up on saturday at stage 6….this garbage matchmaking with 2:15 results and the yolo style ebrs and 3 artys ruins the fun for this game!…in my case, its not worth the time and the headache…on top, the 3.5sec aimtime!…noooo, its not my tank!

  39. just done it holy crap what slog this one crazy

  40. Not worth it 57 hours 2 much time should be a bit easier than that

  41. I’ve complete 7 stage and bought this tank. 8,9,10 mission not worth grind

  42. I just get it 3 hours before it end….YEET

  43. You are not expected to get a free tier 8 premium from wargaming are you ?
    I had enough time for 90% reduction just casually grinding from tier 1 to tier 9 Italian and without playing on the 2 weekends because I spent them with family and gf. Great deal for 6€ and definitely happy about the marathon.

  44. had to bite the bullet and paid $20 for the tank on Saturday, just couldn’t handle the grind anymore… still haven’t even been able to bring my self back to play the tank yet

  45. I can not install world of tanks

  46. No, it was not Worth it!
    41h x 9,35 Euro =383,35 euro

    So if you have taken a Part job 41h you earn in Germany 383,35 Euro with the minimum salary of 9,35 Euro and you can buy 7 Premium tanks 54,71 Euros. So this Tank is not for free. You know why? Because you need to work for it (41H) and WG is paying you 1,21 euro/h if you tank the price of premium Tank is 50 Euro. So if you want premium tank better is to get paid minimum salary 9,35 Euro then get paid from WG 1,21 Euro/h


  47. i got it with a 30 % discount because i coulnd’t play all the time and i think its not worth it to low pen with standard rounds

  48. I don’t was on you r stream becaus i managed to get this tank for free as well

  49. i farm a lot exp during this marathon thanks to my amx 13 57, i had just 5 days time to achieve it and i reach 80% in 5 days, then i took the tank for 12€ it was definitely worth it ! cause a tier VIII premium and its a good tank for such a low price its really good, better as buy it later for 50€ when it come back in premium store in the future.

  50. Ye so things had changed and I did complete the challenge…
    And three things are for certain.

    1. This “challenge” is not made for humans. It’s literally inhumane to complete this unless you’re blue+ player. 
    I feel sorry for everyone who did complete it including myself.
    2. I don’t think I’ll do it ever again unless it’ll be a tank I’d really want.
    3. I’m not touching WOT for a long time; maybe few battles per day when tank rewards will be on again.

    About the tank itself I can already say after playing few games with it that the aim time is insanely bad, turns like a heavy tank and possibly the worst thing – 190 pen.
    Do I think it was worth it?
    Hell no but at least it’s my second tier VIII premium tank.
    I just wish I’d complete any other marathon than this instead lol.
    I regret to this day that I didn’t complete the SU130 PM challenge back in the day.

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