Challenge from the chat! Epic Montage

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Source: Circonflexes

Stream date: 24/June/2020

Navajo Night by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
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  1. This vid is next level, me and Elliot would appreciate if you could share this around. I think this is the most ‘watchable’ WoT content, combining the livestream highlights with edited replay shots.
    Takes A LONG TIME to make, so hope you enjoy. Follow me on twitch:

  2. 11:43 ghost sound! I would have liked moro shoots at track level! Still a very nice job and game thx you!

  3. Simply amazing content

  4. What an amazing game and video. Keep up the good work my bearded warrior.

  5. That is EPIC. The edit is superb. Got my heart pumping.

  6. Ho – Lee – Shieee – T
    That’s the best motivational video I’ve seen. I would stop trying after P44 death – that’s why I’m “above average” wimp.

  7. This is why it took some days? Holy shit, thats Epic!

  8. Awesome game and even better video edit. Would love to see this format for special games such as this.

  9. juhannussima teemukissa

    Now this, is some of the best editing and outplaying i’ve ever seen.

  10. When he said ” I’ll double it”. Everyone knew.

  11. I liked the challenge. But its over edited a bit too much and too often.
    It takes me out of the action too many times.

    Maybe dial down on the cinematic change a bit?
    Music and ambience was spot on though.

  12. One man, one beard, on a mission in a cheese wedge, the only CirGOD!

  13. jonathan Wieringa

    I could hear my frigging heart pumping the entire time…

  14. Good stuff. :>


  15. Best video of the year

  16. Circon you are just amazing…. Epic gameplay definitely gonna share and help you … You have my absolute respect …

  17. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Someone challenge Circon

    Circon: Hold my memes

  18. Holy fucking shit Circon! That was epic!!!

  19. Looool 😎😎😎

  20. Brilliant

  21. The cinematics were really nice, you’ve really upped your game last time I watched a video of yours

  22. It was mindbogglingly as watching Circon to play who wants to be millionaire at last question! 😀 GG!!!

  23. Impressive.
    Most impressive.
    (i’m sure i’ve heard that before somewhere)

    peace (from the UK)

  24. The best WOT player…

  25. I can recall that you also got double the gifted subs for every kill in this game which ads another level to this.

  26. * Waits patiently for Jingle’s commentary to this epic replay *

  27. mooi uitgespeeld Circonflexes deze is uit het boekje en de montage is ook perfect!!!!

  28. In 4 years of watching Circ play, I can’t recall a time I have ever seen him more focused than in this game. God tier.

  29. “We’re not just doing this for money, we’re doing it for a SHITLOAD of money!”

  30. OwO

  31. Yea. Those are the 1/1000 games that I play wot for. The mind games.

  32. ‘Outplayed’ doesnt quite cover it, does it?

  33. What did I just watch? OMG….gotta re-watch that again and take notes….

  34. This was an amazing match. I loved the editing too.

  35. Freakin’ beautifully played. Just wow!!

  36. Epic video !!

  37. It’s amazing despite how much Circon got fked over by the RNG he is still able to clutch that game

  38. Holy shit, what a game

  39. Man seeing this live was such a blast, this video makes it even better. Keep up the great content Circon, love to see this.

  40. Abso ”beeping” fabulous!!! Well played, this is why I still watch your Tube 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  41. Dead, Rotten ,Quickly Forgotten


  42. Simply EPIC ….. i laughed my titties off at the end 👍🤣

  43. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    That was a beauty, Circon!
    You seem to have a knack for the map:
    – The greatest game ever with the Foch 155
    – Send UDES
    – this one
    Which of those is your favourite?

  44. *”Are you not entertained!!?”*
    -boi what an adrenaline roller coaster-

  45. epic

  46. Great editing style, thanks Circon. I really enjoyed this one!

  47. Zero assistance? You had nearly 1k assistance, brother. Sick carry, and the challenge just made the game that much more exciting.

  48. Sickest video I’ve ever seen.

    You and Elliott deserved every cent of that donation. A masterpiece for a masterclass.

  49. Mr Scott engage try hard mode

  50. This video is 10/10

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