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War Thunder Challenge Series Playlist!
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  1. Chris_The_Autotech

    +Phly- Do the *APCR* challenge in the M26 Pershing or the T25, your choice!
    The *APCR* challenge is exactly what it sounds like, fire only *APCR* out
    of your 90mm gun, load nothing else, marksmanship will be key, as will
    knowing the internal layouts of your targets, good luck out there Phly and
    thanks for the vids!!

  2. Get the Mig 17 in the BT-7
    Get a kill in the Mig 17 ez asf

  3. Plz fly out the P-39N-0 aircobra before I play hangman with myself XD

  4. try to bomb your self whit the 10kg bomb whit a asaultfuse and you need to
    gethit by your bombs in a hellcat

  5. U want a challenge???

    Merican Stuart M4A5 kill your team mates ALL OF THEM without dying

  6. Get a kill were you are in a fast tank you jump the tank and get a kill or
    hit on a enemy tank as you are in mid jump

  7. and it doesnt matter if its RB AB or a custom

  8. 7:58
    social anxiety

  9. Phly heres a challenge
    1.get a whirbelwind or a ostwind
    2. get a bomber set the bomb detonation to 30 secs
    3. try to drop the bomb to the wirbelwind or ostwin
    (sorry for my bad grammar

  10. Challenge: IS-2 MOD 44 with only HE shells, stronk )))

  11. Maxdavis Oparanozie

    I have an idea for a challenge, go into a top tier match and try to
    disguise yourself as ai and try to survive the whole match.

  12. xX4livesXx /EditedPanda

    Hey Phly I think you got some lucky horse shoes in you pocket, and on a
    side note I love your vids, your videos help with the stress of
    Highschool,and I wish I could be as good as you at war thunder

  13. Fly the P-47N!!!!! (attempt #6)

  14. Do a mid air crash with enemy plane?

  15. Next challenge, kill all tanks the way they were killed in ww2, eg:
    panther- bounce off the mantlet and go in ontop o the driver

  16. President Redneck

    challenge. you can only move for 1 minute and you have to stay in that spot
    when the minute is up. so pick you spot wisely.

    p.s. you can pick any tank you want

  17. kill a plane with a tank and a tank with a plane (no AAA)

  18. kill a MIG 17 with a 1.0 plane

  19. David and goliath challenge. take out a tier 5 tank in the little Tetrarch.
    It can be done.

  20. Challenge: Air kill w/ tiny tims… give it a go!!!!

  21. Get an ace with the British 20mm armored car (AC Mk. II AA I think)

  22. no shooting ramming only

  23. Philip Roudanovski

    get at least 2 captures and survive in a top tier match with a reserve tank

  24. I challenge you to get 5 tank kills with only AAA. Any country, any tier.

  25. man wtf ?? how to play u ??

  26. m22 tiger hunter, the flea the tiger can’t scratch.

  27. Take out the Pz.II dak dak best blitzkrieg tank for its BR.

  28. dude, try to kill an is-4 with the brummbär

  29. you need to do this with the m16 just bang bang bang bang

  30. Do the super hellcat

  31. My comrade, like I said last time you need to use ze Russian T-34 100

  32. Challenge: Take out the Blenheim and get as many kills as possible with the
    single wing mounted .303 offensive MG

  33. you have 4 kill at 8:29 but your say is 3

  34. play the most hated tanks and planes combo

  35. Sebastian Craenen

    challenge: take the m4a3 105 into a 8.0 game

  36. I use this tank everyday! It’s really powerful and fast but low armor!. ._.

  37. Challenge: You may only fire high explosive rounds.
    Add this with…
    Challenge: In a plane, you must destroy a ground vehicle with stealth

  38. How do you use the Binoculars again?

  39. Hey phly please play the luchs or the bt-7

  40. The m18 has never really been a good tank in WT. AAA is your nightmare and
    people can kill you just with their machine guns

  41. OS2U and the M26 Pershing in tank RB next plez. 3rd attempt

  42. the simulation nerd

    Try KV-2 air defense.

  43. what’s up with the hangers

  44. Challenge: Never use your TC and gunners periscope; Tanks only, no AA.

  45. phly what PC do you use to play warthunder

  46. challenge: try and shoot down a plane with the brummbar you did it with the
    kv2 so why not the brummbar?

  47. that_motovlogger_fan_guy_for_ever

    drive backwards in a T95 then traverse to your target, no forwards at all

  48. a new challenge for you, Phly: AAA only.
    you can just use AAA tanks and trucks with one gun mounted. You can decide
    which vehicles you use, in which BR you want to fight

  49. Use the Raketenverfer and snipe tanks. Your goal is 2km raket snipe!

  50. 1.5k rp for a 7 kill game, what a load of fucking shit.

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