Challenger 2.exe

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Source: Voyager

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Music: Retro – Malt Shop Bop – Kevin MacLeod
William Tell Overture (by Rossini) – Rossini


  1. Первый кк

  2. Rafael Grandin Barbosa

    I rely expect you didn’t the tutel 1:04

  3. Teatime is always exciting with Voyager.

  4. Cover photo looking awfully similar to malzi😋

  5. AABB-Anti Air Britan Bias

  6. nice to see British vehicles

  7. I’m confused about which one to watch, it all looks the same lol

  8. Thank you not using that utterly hideous remix of the British Grenadiers. Makes it unwatchable

  9. man top tier is so much fun you can’t even play tanks.

    • @tejo adi yea no, top tier is not counterable even with good SPAA, things like the MIG-27K, A7E, F16A, Tornados and top tier Helis can completely counter them with no issue, one top tier plane can practically knock out a whole team.

      At least with mid tier CAS they actually have to get close, at top tier they can literally kill you outside of an SPAAs max range.

    • Донный Адмирал

      Unplayable for onlytanks enjoyers actually
      Woh funda is not about tanks

      And you people having not played top tier cas forget about 70 points SPAAs with no gravity rockets lol with optical lock while planes are bugged to shit and helis atgms have such bad damage

    • It’s epic I love capping a zone dying then instantly getting in my drone!

    • @tejo adi yeah but you can at least shoot back with your tank. Drones and jets sit up in the stratosphere launching missiles at you

    • @tejo adi Arado and Do-335 spam: “Let me introduce myself”

  10. Challenger its tank?NO air defense machine

  11. Definitivamente, mi tanque favorito de este juego.

  12. Challenger first stage ammo rack my beloved.

  13. Thank god tutel was spared

  14. i this thing about 6 months ago and have not really used it since, same with the Phantom GR 2

  15. Lord Northumberland

    Top tier looks like such AIDS. So glad I uninstalled

  16. He he he I edited it so u don’t know what I did before >:)

  17. Bruh that last battle pure CAS lmao

  18. Le plane ate rocket

  19. the leslie neilson clip is so rare but works so well

  20. This tank and all his mod’s-trash 🚬🗿

  21. Planes and helis on toptier should be banned or their cost should be x3 multiplied becouse there are battles when you literally can’t play tanks

  22. 0:17 -1000000 social credits

  23. Patriotic_Brit1707

    Ivan aint gonna know what hit him when these show up in Ukraine.

    • Глупый Томми и его подсос Тарас не вкурсе, что это устаревшее барахло встанет в первой же встреченной луже. А ещё хуже будет если он повстречает Т-90М, не говоря уже о полевых цветочках по типу “Гераньки”)))

    • Can I get that in English please?

    • @Patriotic_Brit1707 переводи сам, я не пиндос, чтоб тебе что-то делать.

    • *1 blocked message*

    • @Patriotic_Brit1707 ха-ха, вот и кончились контраргументы. Прям как британский патриотизм).

  24. Challenger 2 TES without engine upgrade is genuine pain.

  25. sound 1:05 pls

  26. ชิ๊กกะดุดชิ๊กกะดุดตุ๊ดตุ๊ด


  27. why they got skinny dudes for a overweight female ☠️

  28. The fuck you encounter the entire Air Force like for fucks sake people come on.

  29. missiles won’t be problem when you have black knight

  30. When you try flare a Stormer missile 😂😂😂

  31. Fuck I wish I was in my Stormer HVM for that final match. One of the most busted AA vehicles in the game and it’s super nerfed compared to real life.

  32. spy when cannot found military document
    war thunder player:🗿

  33. Wait, you’re not malzi…

  34. 5:13 the absolute state of top tier rn

  35. I always feel like Warthunder never stopped being bout planes. And tanks feel largely worthless now,but playing GRB feels horrible.


  37. china was a mistake

  38. The challengers are such nice looking tanks

  39. Top US General: “Britain is no longer a top tier fighting force”.

    Britain: “Hold my Tea”.

    *The British Grenadiers music Intensifies*

  40. Алексей Чехович

    0:25 – nice out of nowhere knowledge of an enemy flanking you. Not suspicious at all.

  41. why use the hunter for cas? the harriers are much better at it and have flares (though not GR.1)

  42. British skillz

  43. Awful vehicle

  44. Of you People are angry enough to ragequit with one death, quit before a New round start cuz very annoying get like 5people less at the beginning.

  45. I still find it absolutely BS that when you destroy a helicopter and they can still shoot at you…..
    Guijin: “Target Destroyed”
    Me: Oh really? Then why are they still able TO F*CKING SHOOT AT ME

  46. Данил Диванний боець

    Lets be honest. Ussr is just unplayable without ka-50 xD

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