CHALLENGER 2 | R.I.P. Youtube Comment Section (War Thunder 1.87)

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CHALLENGER 2 | R.I.P. Youtube Comment Section (War 1.87)

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  1. Cheeky breeky trio
    Zis 30
    Russian 57

  2. Jumbo combo
    Bv 238
    High tier gameplay

  3. I’m new in War Thunder. I need some Tips and Tricks.

  4. 8:20 i was nearly cry for uk :((

  5. Egg sandwich

  6. ProcrastinatingPuma

    6:31 that Sherman Jumbo is going to have such a great day

  7. Oh the humanity!

  8. The leo 2a5 doesn’t deserve to fight stuff like this.

  9. Christopher Bennett

    Hey phly ya gotta try out the chi-nu on the channel sometime man 😀

  10. Here’s the thing it’s in factory form it’s not equipped with Dorchester plates and because the Chally 2s armour​ is a state secrets well I don’t need to say the rest.

  11. M1A1HA when

  12. Your talking is so slow, i had 2X speed and still can watch your lovely videos with ease!

  13. Wait, so if Leopard 2A5 is at least 1.0 br higher than everything else what will it verse?

  14. Spacial Sonic777

    Allo Phly daily .. remember map Afganistan, im kill 4 ennemy in mig 19 using full speed, my jet is not full and im win 63k lion >__< . Mig19 video spoted? I dont know.

  15. Lol! That Abrams taught ya!

  16. TheEvilchicken11

    No matter how you use it, that tank is just blatantly worse than the 2a5, and that’s NOT how you balance a game. Gaijin just doesn’t give a fuck about balance.

  17. if 8:10 isn’t in your 2019 funniest moments comp I’m unsubscribing.

    jk about the unsubscribing part.

  18. Germany needs help at 5.7-7.0 since gaigin thinks its all the same br, aircraft spam is cancer and the tiger 1 tanks are useless against the American T series tanks. If they could just fix their shit before adding more shit it would be nice because germany is just about unplayable in that br range in rb ( arcade really doesn’t matter because its arcade )

  19. Loving the unloved
    F2H or F2HIV

  20. He protecc
    He attacc
    But most important

    He play hardbass (with tea)

  21. Tankdaily back at it again ……

  22. 大英拯救者

  23. its very bad tank :c

  24. I’ve gone challenger hunting with the zis-30 before. Great fun in top tier

  25. They really screwed the CR2 over, getting taken out by a TAM (a Argentine/German joint project 105mm gun) In one incident a CR2 was hit over 70 times by RPGs and it was still rolling with scratches, another 1 Milan ATGM and 14 RPGS still functioning under it’s own power with just optic damage, another was damaged by a IED resulting in serious injuries to the driver and minor to another crew member but the vehicle was repairable and improvements have been made, another CR2 was struck by an RPG 29 it went through the lower plate ERA took half the foot of the Driver who was still able to drive the vehicle to an Aid point (not a good outcome obviously) but the tabj was still operable…

    The only time a CR2 has actually been destroyed was a friendly fire incident in Iraq and a Breach explosion on a training exercise…

    This tank in game should be better represented IMO not as a biased one but one that’s supported by RL incidents, also there’s no BV modelled wtf

  26. Play the Kpz-70 please

  27. Play the do 217 m1 and the jagdpanzer IV


  29. C r i p p l i n g D e p r e s s i o n

    People kinda forget this is the Dev server

  30. Yes, good. FEAR ZE KRAUT SPACE MAGIC!!!

  31. Well i hope that maybe in the future the challenger 2 will get it black night upgrades in the game

  32. Bread

  33. Nicholas Edwards

    Play pe 2 in tank realistic

  34. I knew they would nerf it.

  35. Cavidan Mədiyev

    How we can enter to the DEV server?

  36. I hope that the devs would add the new turret upgrades with the 120mm smoothbore that the challenger is getting

  37. triggerhappy1yearold

    The genius Devs think the gun mantlet is hollow.

  38. Armoredwarfare ch2 is op armor. Leo armor is also good though.


  40. Still waiting for t80u video.

  41. Next up is T80?

  42. How can a current 9.0 go up against these new rank 7s? Or am I missing something?

  43. Phly: Attention to detail.
    WT: О чем ты говоришь??

  44. Stupid bloody wankers haven’t modelled the full Armour, it’s got way more then that. Fuccin tossers.

  45. Mirza Şahinkaya

    Too slow but too weak for its speed I think this tank is useless in WT game meta even Leo2A4 sometimes became less useful than 2K because armor doesn’t matter at top tier but speed and firepower matters.

  46. So it’s the same as the previous challenges and chieftains does what the other top tiers do but just a fair bit worse in every way

  47. I just simply dont play WT at top tier. Because it’s just made up bullshit. The challenger 2 is a completely different beast from the 1st… Its records and stats speak for itself. This game is full of SHIT

  48. I hope gaijin add some low tier vehicles which are fun to play like squeezy boi

  49. Hermoáñ The Incredible

    how do people actually get to top tier?

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