Challenger Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

*Now with 50% added complaining!*

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  1. Thanks Irish, currently grinding through this myself and I feel your pain!

  2. It is amazing how the performance of the 17 pounder varies from vehicle to
    vehicle. It seems to be best on the AT15a and peak horrible on the A45 that
    Tonsa used in the replay.

  3. Hello

  4. Congrats on the M-badge Irish Am grinding this thing now… agree not much
    fun. And it gets really expensive to run. Definitely not a keeper, loved
    the preceding Firefly and Sherman III.

    No steam key btw.

  5. Haven’t played this line yet but it does not look like much fun until
    further up the line. Having the same prob with the t25 American td with a
    poor gun made the mistake of putting in my female crew what a waste lol

  6. I am not a fan of this Challenger, but in AW I am a big fan of that one.

  7. Glad your better, i love that tank btw :)

  8. There is 0 reason beyond history that this tank should not have the 20
    pound a barrel. The charioteer though is worth it that top gun just
    annihilates things at tier 8 and below.

  9. I was looking foward to this machine played 6 games …..gave it a chance
    then nope

  10. the problem with high pen/ low alpha guns in WOT is that, in real life, a
    penetration was likely a kill (as the round would bounce around inside the
    tank hitting soft human beings, ammunition and fuel). In wot its just 150
    hit points damage. Thus, vehicles with these types of guns, although
    effective in a real engagement are just second rate in WOT. To change WOT
    to reflect the true impact of a penetrating round would fundamentally
    change the game – games would be over much more quickly and the game would
    be less “fun” – a case of “reality sucks” as a game. So some vehicles will
    just be broken – like the challenger. I too sold mine as soon as I could
    and moved the crew into the Charioteer which is just so much better and a
    keeper…gotta love 105mm!

  11. Hielrow!

  12. I wish I could get blind kills in my arties. All I ever manage to do is
    creating golf courses.

  13. Love the added complaining! Feels like I’m getting a bargain!

  14. Congrats on the Ace, osirish, decent battle despite the Challenge(r)s.


  15. Idk, I like the challenger. They also buffed it on console and I think they
    buffed turret and hull traverse along with dispersion, aim time and
    accuracy. I have the charioteer but I’m keeping the challenger till I get
    the ace which hasn’t happened yet.

  16. Gimme dat steam key irish 🙂 nice vid I’m looking forward to this PoS like
    I’m looking forward to the next family funeral.

  17. For a tank collector to sell this one is quite telling! Thank goodness
    nobody else can play this tank well, it makes those M badges come quicker.

  18. Noticed when you saw the Chi -Ri there was a G Stock message next to it.
    What was that?

  19. Nice video and info about the tank history, I still didn’t research this
    line of td, I’m looking to get the tier8 and I hope is better than this.
    It’s the camo good on the Challenger?

  20. This thing sucks. It sucked like a Lee, for much longer!

    I played so many games where I got all of the incoming fire, like being a
    light tank and arty combined in terms of enemy focus…

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