Challenging teams..

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Ευαγγελία Μόσχου

    1st lol

  2. Ευαγγελία Μόσχου

    i just randomly checking my subscriptions and saw circons video yay

  3. why do u have purple teams, i know it’s a mod, but why?

  4. Glorius_scrub_lord

    Challanger gun pls

  5. echogameadventures

    Today was challenger gameplay with sarconflexes. 😛

  6. The poor panther 8.8 guy is going to see this and be surprised. To be fair, the other team had some stellar players too.

  7. Have WG secretly increased the RNG? I find that many more of my fully aimed shots are just disappearing half way to the target lately, like some of the shots in this game.

  8. Challenger is so awesome now

  9. why you do not use 17pdr gun? much better gun !

  10. I loled at “you fucking Ikea closet”

  11. 1:46 you forgot to compensate for drop xd

  12. Panther 8,8 what a tank seriously ! Love iit !

  13. Top tiers either yolo’ing to their death or camping hard? Seemed like a perfectly normal random battle to me. 😀
    The Challenger is so much better with the 32-pdr.

  14. Well will they buff the T25/2 ?
    Now the Challenger have the 32 pounder already, the title of shittiest T7 TD belong to the T25/2 again

    • I found the T25/2 to be one of my favourite tier 7 tank destroyers. Definitely rate it over the SU-152. DPM feels excellent, accuracy is rather pleasant, and it’s versatile as all hell. The only thing lacking is the penetration, though a knowledge of weak spots and the mobility given saves your ass on that one. To me, I feel the only buff a T25/2 could use is a penetration buff, but the gold rounds are ridiculous for those who can’t be bothered looking for weak spots. I dunno, I found it to be rather entertaining after I got the top upgrades. I played it as more of a medium tank with sub-par mobility than an actual kemp boosh tank destroyer. I’ll push that it’s only a personal opinion though

    • T25/2 is a great tank, I dont see a buff is needed

    • The shittiest TD title belongs to the AC46. T25/2 has a turret.

    • sai91 oh sorry i mean worst turreted TD

  15. Lol that Cromwell was funny I remember that meme

  16. This game fun weekend players. :p

  17. That panther 8.8 couldn’t just rammed the Comet to death but well he doesn’t know well the W key and the A key LUL

  18. A6-B6 is locked down!


    Cam I have the link to the penetration mod that circon uses?

  20. You must sacrifice a fatted goat at the alter of the RNG gods. lol

  21. I have a kolbanovs medal in that tank…

    From capping

  22. *And in this corner, the Challenger, taking on the ‘Challenged’…*

  23. Good thing this tank is at least mediocre instead of just bad now.

  24. So if wargaming wants to make a truck load of money off selling e25 what make the type 59 so special that they wont sell it? E25 is far more powerful at its tier then the type.

  25. What better way to end it than crushing an IKEA tank?

  26. You not yer 3 marks??? You should be ashamed Circon

  27. no sarcasm detected, carry on

  28. Saw a guy with 12k battles in a TOG II a few months ago.

  29. What a team there…

  30. Good job with the title

  31. this tank is very challenging to play

  32. Glad that e25 was there too carry, god Circ the baseline camper.

  33. The 4 down votes were in this game.

  34. What a great ending but 25k battles in a Cromwell? I’m at 8.5k games and I don’t even have a nation or tank type that I favor.

  35. Was wondering if the new gun had made the challenger any better, saw that first shot and thought “yep thats the challenger I know and… played”

  36. Personally I think the W-key is the most overpowered (in WoT as well as in WoWs) and urgently needs a nerf! Maybe you can it to the attention toWargaming……………..

  37. I once played against a guy spamming heat in his JP E100, checked his stats and…. 22k battles total and 21k battle only in his JP E100. This guy only went up the JP E100 line and only played the tier 10 for 22k battles.

  38. I had a blasting game in challenger yesterday, tier7 top tier, 9 kills, 4500+ damage in mountain pass. I think towards the end it was amx f3 and me vs 7-8 enemy. I got got while they had 22hp su-122-44 and t67 with sliver of hp (su kind of killed me without aiming i recall, i may be wrong tho). AMX ran to enemy cap and he blasted the remaining t67 which came back to kill him, and we won by cap 🙂 pity I got the wrong save and had turned off game saves for all matches so I dont have the save file 🙂 borisgrey in game, if someone has the game file plx let me know at

  39. Seems like a normal game to me mate

  40. Sometimes you’re really a dick.

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